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blackwater max color koi food now your fish can have the best chance at fast growth and superb color we ve negotiated a deal with one of america s top koi farms to offer this custom blend to you it s loaded with krill spirulina extra vitamins minerals and other ocean products simply giving this food to your fish for 6­10 weeks will help them become their best content 38 protein 6 fat great for other ornamental fish varieties as well five and 10-lb bags are packaged in stay-fresh resealable bags twenty and 40-lb pkgs include an empty bag for sharing or freezing use spring through fall 3-mm floating pellets suitable for fish over 5 each 3 medicated koi/goldfish food this food contains all the nutrients needed to help ornamental fish heal quickly contains four antibiotics and may help heal ulcers available in 1 5 and 10-lb bags must be fed continuously for 10 days for use on ornamental and nonfood fish not intended for human consumption chemical waiver form required 2.5-mm sinking pellet 6441 6445 6449 1 lb 5 lbs 10 lbs 11.15 31.53 46.12 bw251 bw252 bw253 bw254 5 lbs 10 lbs 20 lbs 40 lbs 14.58 24.48 49.55 70.11 13.11 22.03 44.59 63.09 6441 bw253 blackwater max koi food now you can feed your koi the same diet the professionals do we put together a deal with one of america s biggest koi farms to offer this high-quality food at a discount price to you food is 38 protein 6 fat and fishmeal-based available in medium 3 mm and large 4 mm floating pellets five and 10-lb sizes are packaged in a resealable stay-fresh foil bag twenty and 40-lb sizes include an extra bag for sharing or freezing use for other ornamental fish as well each 3 blackwater gold professional koi and goldfish food bring your fish into top condition serious koi collections deserve serious koi food blackwater gold was developed to improve nutrient uptake therefore increasing growth and luster this diet combines the best ingredients fishmeal seaweed and wheat flour with many other specialized ingredients including beneficial bacteria to aid digestion made fresh in the usa 40 percent protein 10 percent fat bwg88 bwg40 8.8 lbs 40 lbs bw255 bw256 bw257 bw258 bw41 bw42 bw43 bw44 5 lbs 3 mm 10 lbs 3 mm 20 lbs 3 mm 40 lbs 3 mm 5 lbs 4 mm 10 lbs 4 mm 20 lbs 4 mm 40 lbs 4 mm 11.45 18.70 37.26 64.06 11.25 18.68 36.71 65.78 10.31 16.83 33.53 57.65 10.13 16.81 33.04 59.20 55 179 bw44 bw255 bwg88 32 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support 407-598-1401