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deluxe koi net with telescopic handle this 25 diameter net has 3/8 polyester mesh coated to resist barb penetration and scaling shallow bag depth of 6 allows easy access a net guard surrounds the aluminum frame to prevent fish abrasion the 6 stub handle accepts the 4 to 8 telescopic aluminum handle included made in usa ship wt net-dip for fish hatcheries aquaculture labs and seafood holding establishments net-dip is one of the few epa-registered disinfectants formulated for aquariums aquarium equipment and fish handling equipment limited no rinse instructions mean that countertops and utensils need only remain wet with disinfecting solution for ten minutes then they may dry without rinsing just add .5 fl.oz of net-dip to one gallon of tap water it is highly effective for disinfecting nets filter systems diffusers tubing shipping boxes etc one gallon of net-dip will make 256 gallons of disinfecting solution ship weight for nd16 is 3 lbs ship weight for nd256 is 11 lbs nd16 nd256 16 oz gallon ko8 25 6 deep 4­8 handle 4 lbs 95.87 86.27/4 5.90 27.95 nd256 nd16 economy koi nets we have two short-handled economy koi nets the ko15 is 12 in diameter has an aluminum frame and 12 long wooden handle the net is a soft fine mesh with a 3 deep bag we also call it a racket net for obvious reasons made in china our ko9 is a 15 diameter round net with aluminum frame and 18 long aluminum handle with a bag depth of 5 made in usa each 4 virkon ® s disinfectant a highly effective broad-spectrum disinfectant for use in aquaculture facilities labs and livestock/agriculture facilities generally used for cleaning equipment instruments and for use in foot baths ideal for controlling a wide variety of viral bacterial and fungal pathogens mix at a rate of 1.3 ounces per gallon of water one gallon of solution treats 135 square feet this 10-lb container makes 123 gallons of solution solution remains stable for seven days 14412 10 lbs ko9 ko15 25.37 18.00 22.83 15.00 ko15 77.59 69.83/4 ko9 dip nets with telescopic handles extendable handles take up less storage space while still allowing a long reach the aluminum handles extend from 24 to 60 the black net is 1/4 soft polyester mesh each 4 12 ko30 ko50 12 diameter 5 deep 20 diameter 8 deep 35 44 32 41 29 39 ko30 net stand ko50 tired of having your nets rip when they hang on the wall this all-plastic storage stand is better than wood unaffected by water and easy to clean it is sturdy lightweight and requires minimal floor space stand holds up to 24 nets with handles up to 13/8 in diameter measures 18 l x 18 w x 18 h weighs 7.5 lbs n0071 28.98 25.84/3 koi sock nets sock nets are a must-have net for koi keepers we have both the net and water-holding socks each has a 12 diameter aluminum frame and 12 long wooden handle ks44 and ks45 have 40 long black socks the ks45 has a very fine mesh that will allow water to pass through the ks44 is a much tighter weave very soft and will not pass water quickly not watertight the ks46 is 24 of watertight blue sock and the bottom 16 are soft 1/8 white mesh after netting the fish pinch the mesh end closed and the fish are held within a sock of water which is much easier on them made in china ks44 ks45 ks46 42 42 42 39/3 39/3 39/3 ks44 36 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support 407-598-1401