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fish farm tm automated simple reliable low maintenance this fish farmtm can automatically remove fish waste every few hours day and night maintaining excellent water quality you don t have any fish waste to handle or waste water to haul in the basic system ff50ma the filter is washed by opening a valve for 20 seconds the pulse auto control panel ff50acp can be added at any time to automate filter cleaning and fish feeding and is recommended for heavy fish and feed loading the basic system supports up to 50 lbs of fed fish order the bioreactor sl94 air pump included add an sl56 if ordering as a retrofit to support up to 125 lbs of fish the precision autofeeder ff50af coupled with the auto control panel make a complete self-sustaining life support system five days at heavy feeding a single energy-efficient ultra-quiet air pump recirculates the water delivers air to the diffuser and cleans the filter the innovative pulse bioclarifier gently settles out fish waste captures suspended particles and acts as a biofilter select the automatic pulse wash cycle using two dialsĀ­one for time on one for time off it s simple the 400-gallon tank self-cleans through a center drain and is equipped with a float valve that maintains tank water level request the uv sterilizer ff50auv to keep water and filter clear of algae and to reduce fish pathogens the fish farmtm comes with a sturdy dome frame for hanging the precision autofeeder and for supporting the net cover included secure a tarp to the frame to exclude light or airborne pollutants all options are easy to install as retrofits components assemble in about 1 hour made in usa note all plumbing will be underground if you don t use the included stands operate several fish farmstm with one pulse controller and large air pump request an ff50a brochure to learn more ship wt ff50ma basic system w/manual controls ff50acp pulse auto control panel ff50ab3 bioreactor ff50af precision autofeeder ff50auv uv sterilizer auto control panel required 290 lbs 5 lbs 75 lbs 10 lbs 15 lbs 2,426 624 654 294 229 mount on a post or wall bioreactor option float valve post not included air pump window included filter waste flush line pulse bioclarifier ff50af ff50auv ff50acp automation option manual controls standard 4 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support 407-598-1401