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epoxy paints by sweetwater ® epoxy paint is recognized by the epa as nontoxic after curing is extremely durable and has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials whether coating fiberglass wood steel concrete or even galvanized surfaces you won t find a better paint for aquaculture simply clean and dry the surface acid-etch concrete and steel then use nonsudsing ammonia to neutralize acid residue and use pt20 concrete sealer prime steel and galvanized surfaces then mix epoxy paint parts a and b wait 30­60 minutes and spray brush or roll on recoat after about four hours if desired the curing temperature range is 55-125°f before adding live organisms let cure for seven days excellent for drinking water ozone contact fresh and saltwater aquaculture etc a 1-gallon kit will cover 250 ft 2 of smooth surface with a thickness of 4 mils 004 inch sweetwater ® epoxy is 65 to 72 percent solids depending on color and has a two-year shelf life after long exposure to uv it typically develops a chalky surface sold in 1 gallon kits only a kit is four parts paint and one part activator in the following colors pt1 clear pt2 white pt3 light green pt4 dark green pt5 light blue pt6 dark blue pt8 pt9 pt10 light gray dark gray black epoxy gel by sweetwater ® a great adhesive for crack repair that works on wet or dry surfaces this epoxy gel is not sensitive to moisture may not be applied underwater however this is great stuff for patching gap filling joining dissimilar materials and overhead work it doesn t sag run or drain into cracks excellent for use on concrete wood fiberglass and steel when mixed this two-part epoxy 1 to 1 is a gray-colored heavy paste the pot life is only about 20 minutes it hardens in 6 hours can be painted over after 6 hours but before 48 hours and reaches its final cure after 72 hours at room temperature if not painting over wash surface thoroughly with soap and water after 72 hours before adding fish acceptable for aquatic containment under usda guidelines sold in two gallon kits two-year shelf life weighs 22 lbs made in usa pt98 139 126/4 epoxy concrete primer by sweetwater ® a high-performance epoxy primer and coating for concrete more than 20 days old deep penetrating properties provide pore filling and strengthening of the concrete top layer forming a strong adhesive base for surface coating this is an excellent sealer for sweetwater ® epoxy paint will not fill large pores of cinder blocks but cannot be used over an existing water-based paint coating it may also be used on damp not wet concrete for best results acid etch rinse with nonsudsing ammonia and pressure wash before application the sweetwater ® sealer is clear consistency of water with a pot life of 8­10 hours after mixing one gallon will cover approximately 280 ft 2 with a 3 to 3.5-mil layer one-year shelf life sold in 2-gallon kit only weighs 20 lbs made in usa pt20 57.93 52.24/4 47.02/12 120.70 108.16/4 handi-foam ® pt2 white pt3 light green pt4 dark green pt5 light blue this expandable black foam is great for securing rockwork around ponds and waterfalls it can be used for filling gaps and sealing rocks so that water falls over them not between them 2:1 expansion rate and is tack-free in under 10 minutes is semisolid in one hour and typically cures in 24 hours above 68°f 20°c handi-foam ® is applied with a one-piece straw applicator included and is designed for one-time use only 12 oz can yields .6 cu.ft of cured product p10053 8.82 pt6 dark blue pt8 light gray pt9 dark gray pt10 black handi-foam ® gun foam the same black handi-foam ® as above but designed to work with dispensing guns listed below gun foam cans screw onto the gun allowing for high flow and easy placement of foam they can be used multiple times as long as the can stays attached to the gun the rugged steel dispensing gun will withstand the rigors of pond construction the plastic dispensing gun is lower in cost and intended for limited reuse handi-foam ® polyurethane cleaner screws on like the foam cans and should be used to keep units clean each 6 note paint color shown is an approximation of the actual color do not use the color shown as a guide for purchases where exact color is a critical factor sorry by law no paint product may be shipped via air transport unless prior arrangement is made at considerable expense we recommend shipping all paint products ground or motor freight p10295 p10083 f61030 f61400 gun foam 31 oz handi-foam ® cleaner 12 oz steel dispensing gun plastic dispensing gun 29.52 14.82 92.77 53.19 26.41 13.59 ez-poly multi-mender patch fill or glue almost anything even underwater two-part polyurethane-based multi-mender forms strong bonds even underwater fix pipes molds hydroponic flood tables leaky fish tanks even ponds with fish in them twenty-minute working time is plenty to do the job right conforms to almost any shape works like putty and once cured can be sanded and painted not an epoxy clean up with soap and water no fumes or toxic vapors comes as a 6-oz two-part spak-pak mm6 p10295 p10083 f61400 p10053 10.08 9.07/6 40 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support 407-598-1401