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wave vortex chamber filters up to 150 gpm vortex swirl separators are popular solids filters for use with koi ponds and fish tanks they are very good at removing heavy particles and wastes you can gravity-flow water from a bottom drain or pump it to the vortex chamber these stand about 51/2 ft high with the 2-ft high base all connections are 3 slip sturdy double-wall base support three outlet ports allow body to be connected in any direction · domed lid keeps it clean · coned bottom allows complete drainage · rubber connections eliminate the need to precisely align filter with pipes · comes with drain valve rubber couplings bulkhead lid body and base we recommend using the wls2 pump trap listed below if pumping to the filter ships motor freight or ground at 70-lb rate each in two packages from factory one-year warranty on body · · wlt24 goes great with ship wt each 3 wlt24 wlf36 wlf36f wls2 vortex tank 24 vortex tank 36 vortex tank 36 body lid only pump trap 130 lbs 140 lbs 120 lbs 9 lbs 600 1,037 662 75 571 1,002 637 69 wls2 skimmer filter this sturdy pond skimmer is made of heavy molded plastic polymer the structure resists warping will not bend and is big enough for large submersible pumps up to 22 in diameter and 31 tall a thick nonskid cover has security lock-nuts a large internal leaf basket traps floating debris an integrated filter mat with removable frame provides finer filtration a unique one-click locking weir allows isolation of the pump for cleaning and winterization these skimmers also permit single or dual 25-watt uv clarifiers optional for exceptional water clarity faceplates required sold separately below order size by pump or pond size uv light is 115v/60 hz with a 6 power cord pumps are not included five-year warranty ship wt each living pond filters for ponds to 5,000 gallons these pond filters have a built-in settling cone with a bottom drain for easy cleaning sturdy injection-molded housing will not warp or collapse the large 3-cu.ft filter chamber is filled with springflotm biofilter media included that provides 180 sq.ft of surface area for biofiltration a top filter mat polishes the water before it is gravity fed back into the pond the waterfall model has a 22 wide weir that creates a waterfall or stream and 11/2 oulet the versatile model has a 2 fnpt outlet that can be attached to a pipe or tubing for direct pond or stream discharge both filters have 11/2 fnpt inlets 11/2 bottom drains for ponds with heavy debris or heavy fish loads one unit per 3,500 gallons is recommended maximum flowrate is 140 gpm lid will support 200 lbs five-year warranty max flow ship wt each s15012 4504 4505 4503 s15013 s10116 rs003 skimmer 6 faceplate 8.5 faceplate 16 faceplate 25-watt uv repl filter mat repl leaf basket 43 lbs 1 lb 1 lb 1 lb 4 lbs .3 lb 425 35 35 35 243 15 36 27.75 4500 4501 4508 waterfall filter versatile filter repl filter mat 5,000 gph 3,000 gph 50 lbs 50 lbs .4 lb 499 499 18 4500 sturdy nonskid cover with locknuts strong injection molded housing 24.25 30 4501 polymer housing resists warping settling cone collects debris 22 30.5 19.38 s15013 22 faceplate size max pump flowrate max pond area build it in new or as a retrofit if you have built a pond without a surface skimmer or without adequate filtration you can fix both shortcomings with an easy-to-install skimmer filter just position its inlet weir at the water surface then install a submersible pump and outlet hose to a waterfall stream or back to the pond to induce current 6 8.5 16 58 gpm 83 gpm 130 gpm 500 sq.ft 900 sq.ft 1,200 sq.ft 8 order online aquaticeco.com toll free orders 877-347 4 788 free tech support 407-598-1401