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arbor and the progressive path the `08 collection represents 12 years of exploration into the advantages of environmentally friendly natural materials we offer it as further proof that solutions to today s most difficult design challenges can and should be green we believe this line sets a benchmark on the progressive path that more and more brands are choosing for arbor that path is about creating a higher level of relevance for an increasingly conscious riding community since day one we have been replacing standardized environmentally harmful components with ecologically based alternatives these ecotechnologies are not just green elements but upgrades that significantly improve a snowboard s performance and style this approach to design has allowed us to develop an independent voice and arrive at today s fusion of green innovation and expanding environmental awareness through it all arbor has remained a rider owned and operated company a collective of individuals who are

freestyle mystic sizes 55 58 61 the mystic is a freestyle powerhouse for the committed pipe/park junkie its exclusive design amplifies return and maximizes durability expect fatter ollies spring-loaded initiation and reduced swing weight the mystic drives through transitions releasing cleanly into any pipe trick with a geometry that opens the door to those afternoon all-mountain expression sessions westmark sizes 55 59 the westmark is a progressive mid-wide that was developed for deep multi-dimensional freestyle performance it s a true do-it-all park machine with an exclusive core design that magnifies return for massive pop and initiation a postmodern flex adds spin and nose press functionality rock the pipe attack big park floaters manage any backcountry kicker hippy jib your way to nirvana draft sizes 48 53 58 63 the draft is a new school true-twin for park-bred jibbers who use the whole mountain an exclusive flex matrix delivers a softer more buttery feel around the tips while

allmountain elementsizes 44 52 55 58 61 65 the element is a technically advanced all-mountain board for riders who readily transition from one terrain snow condition or riding style to another its balanced design provides the versatility needed for the true ride-it-all experience the element was designed to freely initiate into any spin or line alteration and holds a solid edge at speed in the steeps and through the pipe wasteland sizes 55 59 63 the wasteland is arbor s new all-mountain mid-wide this solitary machine was designed to perform in any terrain feeding the ride-it-all addiction with powerful return and versatile performance out in the park powder trees steeps and backcountry the wasteland delivers improved spin and edge-to-edge initiation a light floater-style ride and true lone wolf reliability altsizes 55 58 61 the alt is a bamboo top version of the legendary element series as such it s an advanced allmountain board for riders who freely transition through mixed

freeride abacus sizes 60 64 enjoy the results of our exploration into the limits of shape calculation the abacus is a new-breed tapertail for fluidic backseat surf-style riding its shape was designed to deliver all-aspect performance knowing that there are few pure pow-only days in mixed conditions and across varied terrain this powder stick is your true form-follows-function mountain machine a frame sizes 54 58 62 66 70 the a-frame is a freeride-specific carver for riders who want more on-edge performance it s designed to lock into and hold a deeply cut line provide tight control in the steeps generate on-demand stability and deliver effortless performance the a-frame s powerhouse tail creates the landing platform and edge-to-edge torque of a true big-mountain gun roundhouse sizes 59 63 67 the roundhouse has been reborn as an advanced big-mountain floater a freerider that s built wide to support larger feet while specifically designed to provide an energetic narrow-board feel the

women specific push sizes 48 52 56 freeride the push is a true-to-form freerider for women who surf mountains it s designed to deliver energetic initiation reliable control and the ability to express a clean line in all conditions a lively flex makes the board ideal for powder natural hits trees steeps groomers and more the push provides all the freedom and performance you ll need to reach the limits of your big-mountain chi cadence sizes 46 49 52 56 all-mountain the new cadence is a versatile all-mountain board for women who take a park-inspired vibe and solid set of skills to the whole mountain its shape and flex support spin tricks rail sessions and slope-style cruisin look for a super-fun disposition with an approachable flex light-touch initiation lively return and real-world durability find none of the standard preconceptions r mirjam seip p andrea

eco technology full length wood topsheet all ecotechnologies are accessed from environmentally friendly sources additional features warranty two-year warranty arbor guarantees to the original buyer that the arbor snowboard is free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of two-years from the date of purchase static electricity reduces acceleration and speed both elements also conduct heat from a base improving the friction ratio and further increasing speed in all types of snow detailed die-cut structurn finish structurn is an advanced base finish that builds structure into a board s running surface significantly increasing turn-ability and acceleration the structurn finish works like stone grinding it prevents a vacuum from forming between the board and the snow unlike stone grinding a structurn finish creates a smoother more effective riding surface with a consistent scientifically proven pattern factory wax the abacus a-frame crossbow element wasteland and cadence are

tip/tail/length sidecut radius effective edge stance range inches tip/waist/tail width set back international freeride abacus 60 abacus 64 a-frame 54 a-frame 58 a-frame 62 a-frame 66 a-frame 70 roundhouse 59 roundhouse 63 roundhouse 67 crossbow 54 crossbow 58 crossbow 62 crossbow 66 push 48 push 52 push 56 160.5 164.6 154.0 158.0 162.0 166.0 170.0 158.5 163.0 167.0 154.0 158.0 162.0 166.0 125.0 128.0 122.7 123.6 127.8 130.8 132.5 120.5 123.0 129.0 122.7 123.6 127.8 130.8 10.3/9.4/10.3m 10.5/9.6/10.5m 8.8/7.9/8.8m 9.1/8.2/9.1m 9.5/8.6/9.5m 9.6/8.7/9.6m 9.8/8.9/9.8m 8.7/7.8/8.7m 8.9/8.0/8.9m 9.7/8.8/9.7m 8.8/7.9/8.8m 9.1/8.2/9.1m 9.5/8.6/9.5m 9.6/8.7/9.6m 7.3m 7.4m 7.6m 30.9/26.0/29.1 31.2/26.3/29.5 28.9/24.4/28.9 29.0/24.6/29.0 29.3/24.8/29.3 29.9/25.2/29.9 30.0/25.2/30.0 31.0/26.6/31.0 31.3/26.8/31.3 31.5/27.0/31.5 28.9/24.4/28.9 29.0/24.6/29.0 29.3/24.8/29.3 29.9/25.2/29.9 27.8/23.6/27.8 28.1/23.8/28.1 28.9/24.3/28.9 23.0/16.0 23.3/16.0 16.5/14.8 17.7/16.7 17.8/16.4 18.2/17.0

arbor apparel make sure to visit the site and check out our apparel especially the line we re making from bamboo-based fabrics there is nothing like bamboo for spring riding streetwear or lounging at home thebenefitsof bamboo the first real alternative to cotton bamboo fabric provides · a softer feel · lasting durability · improved breathability · increased uv protection · dryer performance drawing perspiration from the skin · natural anti-bacterial anti-fungal properties that reduce odor underarm discoloration and skin irritations · freedom from anti-microbial chemical additives · the first functional environmentally friendly ultra renewable option bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants known to man once harvested bamboo s root system immediately sends up new shoots this growth rate and self-propagating nature make bamboo an extremely renewable resource in addition bamboo cultivation does not require fungicides pesticides herbicides fertilizers aerial spraying