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arcam has spent more than a generation building some of the finest high fidelity products the world has ever seen in recent years we have invested massively in research development and design to perfect and integrate our audio and video capabilities this work has produced the groundbreaking diva series we are passionate about providing music and movie lovers with systems that deliver sensational performance this commitment to excellence is your guarantee of an exquisite level of reproduction that will delight you your family and friends for many years to come arcam ­ bringing music and movies to life

a world-class dvd player with a cracking picture also plays cds incredibly well a superb all-rounder what hi-fi on arcam s dv79 dvd player diva disc playback arcam was among the first companies in the world to develop dvd players for true high performance and now enjoys an enviable reputation for excellence in the field it is recognized as one of the few specialist manufacturers to design and manufacture its own players from the ground up dv137 dvd player the new generation dvd player from arcam the dv137 has a brand new platform featuring sacd dvd-a dvd and cd playback with high quality all digital connections while continuing the classic performance of the award-winning dv79 dvd player established as one of the most successful specialist dvd players ever produced although many disc players offer playback of a wide variety of discs the dv137 has the unique ability to extract the best performance from all types whether listening to an orchestra in full crescendo or the subtlest

powerful flexible arcam s latest processor power amp package boasts a fine measure of musicality too hi-fi news diva home cinema amplifiers the avp700 has been designed for home cinema enthusiasts who insist on products that deliver superlative performance on both movies and music the diva avp700 builds on arcam s impressive history as a leader in high performance av products and together with its natural partner the diva p1000 power amplifier forms the heart of a truly spectacular multichannel sound system avp700 the avp700 has been designed for home cinema enthusiasts who insist on products that deliver superlative performance on both movies and music the inclusion of a separate preamp processor 6 enables the use of a power amplifier or connects straight to an active speaker setup the avp700 incorporates hdmi switching for use with today s high performance screen and tomorrow s high definition set top

the back of the avr350 avr350 receiver in recent years the arcam av receiver range has captured the imagination of a whole new generation of movie and music enthusiasts for the first time these products successfully bridged the gap between stereo music systems and multi-channel receivers delivering the perfect balance between performance and features building on this success arcam introduces the avr350 the company s highest performing receiver to date all units available in silver or black avr250 receiver the entry-level avr250 is a high performance 7.1 channel home cinema receiver featuring at its heart the avr350 is a high performance 7.1 channel home cinema and music receiver offering sound quality far beyond that of ordinary mass market products the avr350 will thrill even the most discerning listeners arcam has long delivered innovative features in its products and the avr350 continues these traditions adopting two-way hdmi switching for automatic selection of digital video

high fidelity terminology explained power watts per channel ­ wpc loudspeakers require high levels of electrical power to generate sound although in general the more power an amplifier has the better all amplifiers are not created equally while an amplifier with a larger power supply will tend to control a loudspeaker more efficiently it must also have other attributes such as low distortion and low noise floor to sound good cables because systems can vary widely in terms of quality and installation there are few standards for interconnection cables cables can affect the sound quality quite considerably and should be considered as much part of the system as other components when buying seek your dealer s advice and listen to them as much as any other component cable length should be kept to a minimum and try to avoid coiling any long interconnect speakers your dealer can recommend and demonstrate the loudspeakers that would most perfectly complement arcam products speakers from most

all units available in silver or black cd192 cd player the cd192 is built around arcam s state of the art upsampling multi-dac module the player excels at bringing out low-level detail from the music and has a wonderfully deep and stable soundstage used in conjunction with a top quality amplifier such as arcam s outstanding a90 the cd192 can deliver a stunning musical performance to satisfy the most demanding listeners cd73 cd player the cd73 is arcam s most affordable cd player and has a wonderful sound with a performance broadly equal to players that might cost twice as much from other brands this multi award-winning player delivers music in a way that will captivate all who listen

the p90 delivers a presentation of almost supernatural scale what hi-fi power and delicacy diva power amplifiers p90 amplifier designed to match the a90 integrated amplifier the p90 is a superb power amplifier in its own right the p90 power amplifier uses the most advanced circuit design to produce a specification that not only is technically excellent but delivers a sound quality that really enhances the power and the glory of the world s favourite music the p80 is based on the a80 integrated amplifier 16 adding a p80 to an a80 or other arcam integrated amplifier such as the a65 plus is one of the most cost effective upgrades you can make to a hi-fi system that incorporates bi-wireable loudspeakers the p80 incorporates a number of features that make it one of the most flexible power amplifiers available for custom installations including those that feature multi-room audio

technical data dvd players [p.6 output level 2.2v rms for 0db signal 4.4v rms for hdcd discs frequency response 20hz to 20khz 0.1 -0.5db thd <0.005 for 1khz 0db signal measured 20hz-20khz unweighted signal to noise ratio 105db measured 20hz-20khz unweighted digital audio output pcm/dolby digital/mpeg/dts pass through on gold plated phono coaxial and toslinkoptical supported sampling rates up to 48khz/24 bit toslink 96khz/24 bit coaxial disc types replayed dvd-video kodak photo cd/jpegs cd video svcd cdaudio inc cd-r cd-rw with pcm hdcd wma or mp3 encoding most dvd-r dvdrw dvd+r and dvd+rw discs additionally dv137 dv79 dvd-audio dolby pro logic dolby digital 5.1 dts 5.1 with comprehensive bass management on all of these speaker crossover frequency 50-150hz in 10hz steps additionally dv137 sacd v 1.3 mp2 mp4 divx avi mp4 mp4-nero ogg hdmi dv137 dv79 only 19-pin hdmi connector supported video formats are 720 x 576p 720 1440 x 576i 720 x 480p 720 1440 x 480i,all with basic audio dv137

acceptable sampling frequencies 44.1khz 48khz and 96khz digital output level/impedance 0.5v/75 trigger outputs output d.c voltage level 12v ±1v excl rgb status allowable load 30ma max min 400 remote inputs and output signal modulated 36khz carrier coding philips rc-5 general size w/d/h mm inc feet 433x420x145 power consumption maximum 1200va weight net 16.2kg measurement bandwith avr250 analogue audio inputs line input sensitivity 0.5/1/2/4v rms 2v rms normal overload margin +2db input impedance >22k analogue audio outputs level at 0db gain 2v rms maximum level 3.5v rms impedance 600 signal/noise ratio analogue input 100db unweighted 22khz signal/noise ratio digital input 100db unweighted 22khz thd+n analogue input 90db 0.003 22khz thd+n digital input 90db 0.003 22khz frequency response 20hz ­ 20khz ±0.25db headphones impedance 390 power amplifier continuous power output 4 or 8 any 2 channels driven 90w 20hz ­ 20khz 0.2 thd all 7 channels driven 70w 1khz 0.2 thd thd at 80

power amplifiers [p.18 frequency response 0.2db 2hz 50hz -1db at 1hz and 100khz residual hum and noise ref full power -110db a weighted or 100db ccir voltage gain user selectable a x31.5db b x29db c x26db input impedance 22kin parallel with 180pf output impedance 50mat 20hz 1khz 80mat 20hz general wxdxh mm incl feet 430x400x133 power consumption max 2.2kw max weight 18kg measurement bandwith p90 continuous power output per channel all channels 8 20hz-20khz 90w single channel 4 1khz 165w distortion 8 80 power 1khz 0.008 inputs input sensitivity 700mv input impedance 22k signal to noise ratio ccir 112db general power consumption max 800va size w/d/h mm inc feet 435x340x100 weight net 9.5kg p80 continuous power output per channel all channels 8 20hz-20khz 65w single channel 4 1khz 140w distortion 8 80 power 1khz 0.008 inputs input sensitivity 610mv input impedance 22k signal to noise ratio ccir 112db general power consumption max 650va size w/d/h mm inc feet 430x330x75 weight

arcam pembroke avenue waterbeach cambridge cb5 9qr england sp389 issue 4 fax 44 0 1223