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Accessories 2009 by Arctic Cat

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Catalogue: Arctic Cat Accessories 2009
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covers premium le 5639-015 `09 f series z1 models 5639-016 `09 t series est sle s notees it offer the b he road cat nly do nt both o covers d not o ion possible e premium s h t protec he garage t d by the sun ook t l e and in ren t affect ld that cool t lors a ays and ho e life swee co lr tir harmfu out their en hrough t arctic cat 5639-001 `09 bearcat 570 5639-002 `09 bearcat 570 xt bearcat z1 xt 5639-003 `09 crossfire 5639-004 `09 crossfire w 2-up seat 5639-005 `09 f series z1 models 5639-006 `09 f series z1 models w 2-up seat 5639-105 `09 crossfire r models 5639-007 `09 m series 5639-008 `09 t series 5639-009 `09 120 94 our manufacturer s suggested retail prices exclude freight handling and installation prices package quantities specifications and materials may change without notice

a c b a suspension blocks -durable heavy-duty blocks resist damage during preload changes -universal sold in pairs 4639-853 black 4639-854 green 4639-855 silver b brake lever all `07 09 models 4639-797 black 4639-798 green 4639-799 silver -heavy-duty lightweight aluminum design c recoil handle -heavy-duty billet aluminum -offers custom look -universal 4639-850 black 4639-851 green 4639-852 silver 109 call or visit your local arctic cat dealer for more information for a dealer near you call 1.800.3.arctic or visit

ha cksa w tm cobra tm -excellent on hardpack -ripsawtm derivative features superior handling from crescent profiles -recessed tips and cutting edges slice into hard snow -scales for excellent traction and grip while providing ample float in loose snow -offers improved powder performance from a unique lug shape and pattern -free-wheeling track from single-ply technology requires much less horsepower ripsa w tm power cla w tm -versatile and aggressive with angled profiles for a wide variety of conditions -outstanding forward and lateral bite for superior handling/acceleration -phenomenal lightweight deep powder performance from a 3.0-in pitch -excellent sidehill grip from 2.25-in stagger-set curved forward paddle towers -longer useful track life as it won t fold over and take a set -snow-cupping outside paddle angles -free-wheeling track from single-ply technology requires much less horsepower ice tech series -phenomenal traction from camoplast s ice control enhancement technology -light is not a reseller or dealer of Arctic Cat.

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