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covers premium le 5639-015 `09 f series z1 models 5639-016 `09 t series est sle s notees it offer the b he road cat nly do nt both o covers d not o ion possible e premium s h t protec he garage t d by the sun ook t l e and in ren t affect ld that cool t lors a ays and ho e life swee co lr tir harmfu out their en hrough t arctic cat 5639-001 `09 bearcat 570 5639-002 `09 bearcat 570 xt bearcat z1 xt 5639-003 `09 crossfire 5639-004 `09 crossfire w 2-up seat 5639-005 `09 f series z1 models 5639-006 `09 f series z1 models w 2-up seat 5639-105 `09 crossfire r models 5639-007 `09 m series 5639-008 `09 t series 5639-009 `09 120 94 our manufacturer s suggested retail prices exclude freight handling and installation prices package quantities specifications and materials may change without notice

a b inside view c d a handlebar muffs -water and wind-resistant nylon outer -warm soft quilt-insulated interior -easy-attach velcro straps 5639-046 universal c passenger hand muffs 4639-722 `08 09 t series -water and wind-resistant nylon outer -easy-attach velcro straps b pro muffs d liner bag -warmth without the weight -easy on easy off -must have hand guards then just slide over and strap to handlebar 4639-895 models with handguards -a water-resistant bag for clean underseat storage 5639-045 `08 jr `07 09 f series `09 z1 models 99 call or visit your local arctic cat dealer for more information for a dealer near you call 1.800.3.arctic or visit

a with b es ugh the g ised at npotformance disleut you rage thsrhoielded c s er n s seriou hese beautie our suspensio iceberg l t y colors hile keeping the occasiona a nd ps w ks bum cks stic from ro omber b prem iu m b airshox guards fox float airshox 4639-135 green 4639-136 orange 4639-044 black above and beyond the standard arctic cat gear you ll find utmost in sled performance and convenience here specially engineered accessories bring out your sled s absolute best potential with a noticeable side effect jealousy tons of jealousy from anyone you happen to run across bet on it -extra investment protection for all fox float airshox -sold in pairs a fox float® airshoxtm -improved ride quality from quick-adjust fox® load optimizing air technology -variable settings minimize everything from trail chatter to deep mogul impacts -up to 6 lbs lighter than conventional coil-over shocks for better handling and damping efficiency -unreal front suspension performance from a scraper lip that

cu s tom 107 resisting the urge to trick your sled out to maximum coolness is futile at best and besides it s a huge part of the fun a big reason we offer a ton of custom accessories that protect enhance performance and above all look super sweet in a way only arctic cat can making riders of lesser sleds quietly pull to the trailside bow their heads and admit defeat cold chilly defeat call or visit your local arctic cat dealer for more information for a dealer near you call 1.800.3.arctic or visit

e f cu s tom g h h intake screens -prevents snow from plugging intake -maximizes engine performance -installs over intake vents 4639-896 `07 08 jr `07 09 f series liquid-cooled 08 09 t series `09 z1 non turbo models 5639-169 05 09 m series 06 09 cf `09 cfr models 5639-170 09 z1 turbo models 5639-048 `09 bc xt models i i wear strips e headlight covers f a-arm deflectors -stops snow spray -sold in pairs `07 08 jr `07 09 f series `08 09 t series `09 z1 models 4639-897 black 4639-898 green 4639-899 orange -rugged high-density polyethylene construction -sold individually -protects valuable headlights from damage -easy-to-attach with velcro fasteners -sold in pairs `07 08 jr `07 09 f series `08 09 t series `09 bc z1 models shown 4639-586 chrome 4639-587 green 4639-588 smoke `05 09 m series `06 09 cf `09 cfr models 3639-792 chrome 2639-596 green 2639-598 smoke note some states and municipalities may prohibit the use of colored headlight covers please check with local and state laws

u tility a passenger footrests 5639-168 09 bc 570 models a -provides a comfortable platform for passenger s feet -sold in pairs b warn® portable winch kit -boasts 1,500 lbs of pulling power -hooks to load quickly during free-spool mode -custom durable storage bag included -includes 50 of 5/32 diameter rope -weighs just 15 lbs 4639-138 models with standard battery bbbcc cargo sleds -reliable ultradurable high-impact flexible polyethylene -heavy duty swivel hitch -straight-tracking bottom ideal for hauling heavy loads -available in medium and large sizes added freight charges may apply 4639-125 medium 65 l x 32 w x 17 d 4639-126 large 74 l x 38 w x 17 d d cargo sled cover -snug heavy-duty canvas -protects contents from loss 4639-129 fits both models d e cargo sled runner kits 4639-130 medium 4639-131 large -protects bottom with bolt-on 1/2-in wearstrips -track true e 116 our manufacturer s suggested retail prices exclude freight handling and installation prices package

mou n ta in fghif m series rack -durable lightweight aluminum -ideal for securing fuel or cargo -adjusts to desired size `09 m series 4639-975 green 4639-976 orange 4639-977 unpainted g crossfire rack -small detachable rack with quickrelease pins is perfect for your cross-country needs -requires hitch kit 5639-166 see page 101 `09 cf cfr models 5639-155 green 5639-156 orange 5639-157 unpainted h rack strap -strong heavy-duty nylon straps -quick-release buckle -offers easy securing of gear and gas cans 4639-978 `09 m series cf cfr models shown 3639-579 `05 08 m series `06 08 cf models i rack pad -protects the tunnel while adding style -trim to desired size 4639-988 `09 m series 120 our manufacturer s suggested retail prices exclude freight handling and installation prices package quantities specifications and materials may change without notice

tra ction con trol stud placement · do not use studs that are longer than recommended · do not place studs in line with the heat exchanger or tunnel protector strip and factor in the amount of suspension travel to avoid tunnel damage · studs must not extend more than 3/8 in beyond the rubber track lugs · verify adequate clearance between the track tunnel and heat exchanger to avoid serious damage · confirm that your machine has adequate tunnel protection before installing studs · use only arctic cat-approved stud templates shown on page 129 · the length of carbide and number of studs must coordinate to result in balanced handling and proper control caution · to protect the tunnel from possible damage from the studs it is recommended that a tunnel protector kit be installed on those models not so equipped · a reverse snowflap is required when installing studs on f series jaguar and z1 models see your dealer sticking a turn at speed requires a delicate balance between your

arctic ca t tra ction by s tud boy a spttm 80° carbide 5/16-in thread 15/16-in head -proven durable and thoroughly-hardened for higher strength -excellent value -offers lightweight performance -excellent durability -track-trapping head design c power point stainless steel 60° carbide 5/16-in thread 1-in head -includes identical features of power point 60° carbide -offers additional corrosion resistance power point plus 60° carbide 5/16-in thread 1 1/8-in head -required for `09 cf f series sno pro models with a single-ply track b power pointtm 60° carbide 5/16-in thread 1-in head power point traction kits includes studs backer plates nuts template stud drill and track marker see your dealer for specific part numbers and applications abcde ad so ick long ro co ditions t cat noedes t turns hills worn sslfor seriously toughityntraction ou e icy clear on-trail traffic mak with stud boy qual no mistake elf for the long haul b m y yours it s the bo read rctic cat made for a ake

fuel injector carburetor cleaner -provides peak performance -helps clean dirt and other contaminants from vital fuel system/injectors -greatly helps avoid repairs 0436-904 12 oz arctic cat low-temp grease 4639-365 14.5 oz tube 1056-053 throttle cable lube .5 oz -increases cold-temp bearing gear and pivot point performance -quality lithium 12-hydroxy stearate formula fuel de-icer hi-temp brake fluid 0436-908 12 oz -prevents system failure at the coldest of temps -safe on internal parts -water-absorbing isopropyl blend 0436-906 12 oz -combines low viscosity and low compressibility for firm quick response fuel stabilizer 0436-907 8 oz -prevents fuel breakdown jet clogging and corrosion -suggested for use on stored sleds cat cleaner -removes oil grease and grime from vinyl metal and paint -sprays on and wipes off quickly -designed specifically for belly pans do not use on hood or other painted surfaces 4639-371 22 oz engine storage preserver 0436-888 12 oz -protects internal engine parts

lasts longer than a snowball in your icebox built to strict cat engineering specs that make them far superior to tired aftermarket belts these extended-life belts are precisely designed for reliable powerful torque transfer and above all they just last longer that means less maintenance when you could be riding and a tough belt that s not about to leave you stranded 30 miles from a trailhead without any cell reception fact making any call for help just ain t cool belts spark plugs a belts b spark plugs cat notes operation will the first 20 miles of ting under 50 mph during know how tough put keeping your speed your belt though we maximize the life of shot you won t regret it significantly be give it a limits on your ride can a belts -custom fit to match each arctic cat sled and specific use -better contact with clutch surface and faster acceleration from double cogs -increased belt life by running 15° cooler than aftermarket belts -reinforced with aramax® aramid fibers for huge