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white led h 210 mm direction light max lamp light lamps halo led e27 feeding t 750 b 750 physiology 400 f artemide

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gople lamp rwb human physiological perception 350 400 450 500 vegetable light simulation 550 feeding human 600 650 700 750 350 400 450 500 550 feeding nature 600 650 700

gople lamp rwb technology the right wavelenght feeding mind feeding nature patent

feeding the

gople lamp feeding the rwb mind warm direct light rwb dynamic light color temperature indirect light 3000 k neutral

gople lamp e27 universal

gople lamp handmade glass blown in

max 2000 mm 420 mm ø 155 mm ø 210 mm ø 92 mm materials aluminum body blown glass diffuser colours cristal glass with white gradient transparent with silver metallization transparent with copper metallization dimensions ø210 mm x 420mm pill lamp rwb led direct total power 21w delivered luminous flux 1100lm pill lamp white led 3000k indirect total power 39w e27 lamp 150w halo o 1x21w led delivered luminous flux