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2 the markers 1 option 1 page 5 all products full size tolomeo design michele de lucchi giancarlo fassina 1987 2013 compasso d’oro adi 1989 base desk fixed support clamp twin support 50 option 2 product pages one product reduced size scan this page to see all the products in full size tolomeo midi scan the big “red eye“ logo to see the augmented reality of all the products in full size see page 5 scan the full pages marked with the small “red eye“ logo to see the augmented reality of the product in reduced size 3 place the catalogue in the location you want to see the product around your house or

ipparco design neil poulton 2012 40 led ø21 base x ø17 head x 51

nesso design giancarlo mattioli gruppo architetti urbanisti città nuova 1967 76 e14 ø21 base x ø54 diffuser x 34

metacolor mwl design ernesto gismondi 2006 112 infrared remote control included fluo tosd ø35 base x ø20 x 207

tolomeo basculante lettura design michele de lucchi giancarlo fassina 2006 149 e27 s d d ø23 base x max 85 x max 108 height diffuser

after dark parete soffitto design carlotta de bevilacqua 2013 led after dark parete 20 x 20 x10 depth after dark soffitto 20 x 20 x13

cosmic rotation parete/soffitto design ross lovegrove 2010 221 fluo o Ø70 x 18

float soffitto circolare lineare design james irvine 2000 258 topaz filter blue filter fluo float soffitto circolare ø56,5 x 11 height float soffitto lineare 103 133 x 23 x 10,5

lesbo design angelo mangiarotti 1967 392 e27 o s d ø18 base x 52 diffuser x 37

diffuser optical element transparent or opaque able to diffuse its incident light rays in the surrounding space diffusion phenomenon whereby the spatial distribution of a beam of radiation changes when the beam is deflected in multiple directions by a surface or a medium without changes of frequency in its monochromatic components dimmable light fittings that can adjust their light intensity direct lighting lighting by devices that distribute the light intensity in such a way that 90-100 of the luminous flux goes directly onto the work surface assuming that this surface is not infinite dmx dmx512 often abbreviated dmx digital multiplex is a communications protocol used mainly to control scene lighting [and for control from computers or central units of complex lighting systems with moving or conventional lights each dmx512 cable can transmit up to 512 8-bit values between 0 and 255 so that a cable can control up to 512 separate devices since dmx only supports 512 channels there may be

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