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series y white black silver 01 04 05 diffuse direct emission length w cri 1120mm 36 w 90 ip20 flux 2537lm cct 3000k 2670lm 4000k white black silver red yellow 01 04 05 08 15 accessories undimmable code ay000 01/04/05 ay005 01/04/05 suspension kit code ay50000 intermediate suspension kit ay51000 end cap ay600 01/04 05/08/15 joint end cap ay610 01/04 05/08/15 4341lm controlled direct emission length w cri 1120mm 36 w 90 4000k flux 2376lm cct 3000k 2502lm 4000k controlled direct emission batwing indirect emission length cct w cri flux 1120mm 55 w 90 3962lm 3000k 4000k 89 89 joint with cable undimmable code ay010 01/04/05 ay015 01/04/05 dimmable dali code ay060 01/04/05 ay065 01/04/05 x 2 modules code ay700 01/04 05/08/15 x 3 modules ay710 01/04 05/08/15 x 4 modules ay720 01/04 05/08/15 1120 89 89 4170lm dimmable dali code ay050 01/04/05 ay055 01/04/05 88 diffuse direct emission batwing indirect emission length cct w cri flux 1120mm 3000k 55 w 90 4124lm 88 1120 joint without cable x 2

discovery for further information on discovery visit “discovery translates innovation in emotion and perception an immaterial and transparent element becomes present through light and a completely uniform emission perfect for workplaces.” ernesto gismondi 36

calipso for further information on calipso family visit 54 calipso is a fractal form that brings back the irregular beauty of nature and defines a perfect emission for workplaces it is a combination of optical and aesthetic intelligence

calipso calipso linear system neil poulton 2017 calipso calipso linear l=1200 mm wall ceiling suspension stand alone celing xf 45° 55 w 2884 lm xf 45° 55 w 2884 lm xf 45° 46 w 2640 lm xf 45° 69 w 3960 lm xf 45° 46 w 2640 lm linear system l=600 mm linear system l=1200 mm linear system l=1800 mm xf 45° 46 w 2640 lm xf 45° 69 w 3960 lm • macadam 3sdcm • cri=90 • ugr<19 • ip20 the fractal shape of the small circle works as an optical grid and defines a comfort emission round version is available in one diameter 526mm suspension and ceiling wall linear version are available in two lengths 1200 and 1800 mm suspension and ceiling system version available in three lengths 600 1200 and 1800 mm suspension and ceiling can be composed in line or with 90° right or left angles materials matt white technopolymer body and aluminum structure linear l=1800 mm linear l=1200 mm linear l=1800 mm stand alone suspension xf 45° 69 w 3960 lm

a.39 typologies and lighting emission 90° angle 303 x 303 mm linear sharping 1184 2368 mm linear diffused 1184 1480 1776 2368 2960 mm 118

a.39 recessed diffused emission 04 05 trimless length 1184 mm w 33w cri 80 1482 mm 41w 80 1776 mm 49w 80 2368 mm 63w 80 2960 mm 81w 80 flux 1981lm 2069lm 2476lm 2587lm 2971lm 3041lm 3962lm 4139lm 4952lm 5174lm cct 3000k 4000k 3000k 4000k 3000k 4000k 3000k 4000k 3000k 4000k undimmable code at00100 at00300 at00500 at00700 at02100 at02300 at01100 at01300 at01500 at01700 dimmable dali code at00000 at00200 at00400 at00600 at02000 at02200 at01000 at01200 at01400 at01600 cct 3000k 4000k undimmable code at30500 at30700 dimmable dali code at30600 at30800 angle elements w 17w cri 80 flux 1043lm 41w 80 1776 mm 49w 80 2368 mm 63w 80 2960 mm 81w 80 cct 3000k 4000k 3000k 4000k 3000k 4000k 3000k 4000k 3000k 4000k cri 80 flux 1043lm cct 3000k 4000k undimmable code at300 01/04/05 at301 01/04/05 opal diffuser in polycarbonate recessed length 1184 mm 2368 mm 2960 mm 10000 mm roll 25000 mm roll 50000 mm roll 134 undimmable code at131 01/04/05 at133 01/04/05 at141 01/04/05 at143 01/04/05 at151 01/04/05

smart office carlotta de bevilacqua 2016 • led 37 81 w • cct 3000/4000/tw • macadam 3sdcm • beam xf • cri 80 • ugr 19 • ip20 dedicated office suspension ensuring top performance with utmost formal simplicity available with controlled or diffused emission highly uniform light performance without multiple shadows or spots innovative optical system the light emitted is controlled by a mixing chamber before its emission through a lamellar optical unit or diffuser two lenghts available direct indirect emission xf extra flood 45° 104

eggboard giacobone roj cmr project 2014 • led 16w direct 23w indirect • led 31w direct 40w indirect • 2626 lumen direct 4234 lumen indirect • 1313 lumen direct 2117 lumen indirect • macadam 3sdc • beam xf • cct 3000k 4000k • cri=80 min • life=l70 6k 60000h • ugr<19 • ip 20 direct emission xf extra flood 45° 120 suspension appliance with sound-absorbing properties ensured by an unusual sinusoidal cross-section design of the lower surface and the use of a sound-absorbing material acoustic efficiency is ensured within a limited space by positioning at approximately one meter above the head of the speaker and listener direct emission a board with a high number of low-voltage leds ensures maximum lighting comfort reflectors can be rotated for single or counterposed double desk it complies with workplace regulations ugr<19 available in 3 colours white grey green and 2 different sizes 1600x800mm 800x800mm

138 139 artemide showroom via manzoni milan italy