ABLOY PROTEC2 by Assa Abloy

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patented features in keys and cylinders assure that the installations will be protected for many years to come abloy® protec2 worldwide patents are valid until 2031 secure level has been further improved in abloy® protec2 by a new disc controller and key design this patented disc controller structure requires a moving element in the key to mate with the cylinder internally in order to function thus raising the difficulty of any attempt to copy an unauthorised key reaching a new higher level of security professional design makes abloy® protec2 cylinders virtually pick proof and bump proof dbs disc blocking system is a patented feature that stops attempts to manipulate the discs superior master keying features are offered based on our vast number of different key combinations in abloy® protec2 locking systems different products can be keyed into the same master system with all products being operated with a single key ultimate high security features can be further enhanced by integrating the intelligent cliq technology with the mechanical abloy® protec2 master key system to utilise both mechanical and electronic identification communication is encrypted cylinders and keys can record the audit trail of their use adding and denying access rights is easy flexible and secure durable design without springs and pins provides reliable function in severe environments sophisticated abloy® software provides a user friendly tool to facilitate the easy administration of the locking system extensive product range of abloy® protec2 means that we can secure numerous applications from door environments to industrial applications and equipment abloy® protec2 offers a global solution products are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed requirements of several international national and customer specific standards longevity is further reinforced with our new patented feature aws anti wear system which is a mechanism in the abloy® protec2 key and cylinder that prolongs the life cycle even in extensive use applications controlled distribution abloy® protec2 key blanks the use of different security levels profiles ensures the highest level of control tailored to your exact needs of and and key practical planning of your master key system is possible along with the ability to incorporate multi level systems each with unique access rights for different user groups expandable locking systems can be designed to cover large and extensive facilities upgradeable system may combine a mechanical master key system with electromechanical functions.