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a history of racing glory a future inspired by the thrill of competition racing is the lifeblood of aston martin from a motorsport debut at the french gp in 1923 to the dbr1’s famous le mans 24 hour race victory in 1959 this formidable arena has always been our passion inspired by the great victories of drivers such as sir stirling moss at the nürburgring 1000km or roy salvadori at le mans aston martin continues to strive for success that determination can be seen and heard at racetracks across the world as aston martin racing cars fight for victory at the fearsome nürburgring le mans and countless other circuits across the globe from club level right up to the prestigious world endurance championships our cars thrive in the heat of competition they always have we wear our racing colours with pride 6

passion for perfection the people who bring our cars to life are inspired by a shared pride in representing aston martin and energised by a common determination to create the most beautiful cars in the world possessing a unique collective skill set time-honoured artisan techniques and advanced technology are intricately woven together as each car is created our team’s dedication to push beyond accepted standards of perfection to achieve an unheralded level of dynamic and aesthetic precision is truly unique 10

we create sculptures at aston martin living pieces of art and design they portray dynamic motion even when they are static marek reichman design director timeless lines extraordinary vision beautiful design starts with the simplest stroke of a pencil before growing and evolving as that first spark of creativity is brought to life all aston martins are initially sculpted by hand shaping each line measuring each dimension precisely and working to create perfect aesthetics that human interface engenders our cars with perfect proportions athletic confidence and the finest attention to detail every line must work in harmony every surface flows seamlessly into the next it is this simple purity so difficult to achieve that sets aston martin apart it is the art of aston martin 12

v8 vantage db9 gt rapide s – sports – grand tourer – four-door luxury the most beautiful cars in the world v8 vantage s – sports 14 v12 vantage s vanquish – sports – ultimate grand tourer

v8 vantage s – coupe roadster v8 vantage – coupe roadster v8 vantage engine v8 v8 vantage s capacity 4.7 litre top speed 180 290 mph km/h torque 470 nm peak power 420 426 bhp engine 0-60 mph 4.7 v8 seconds ps the v8 vantage is a cutting edge sports car with classic ideals and athletic beauty the cornerstone of the vantage family its perfect proportions are timelessly beautiful yet the surfaces have a sculptural muscularity that conveys the dynamism of the driving experience potent charismatic and endowed with exceptional agility v8 vantage has taken another evolutionary stride forwards 4.7 litre top speed 190 305 mph km/h torque 490 peak power nm 430 436 bhp 0-60 mph 4.6 seconds ps focused on pure excitement boasting breathtaking dynamics thanks to the latest ami ii infotainment system v8 vantage delivers a poised immersive driving experience that can be enjoyed every single day the pure drama of its v8 soundtrack startling precision and innate balance embody the very

v12 vantage s – coupe roadster scorching performance a force of nature by combining the compact agility of the vantage chassis with the scintillating response of our immense 6.0-litre v12-engine a new icon has emerged the v12 vantage s is shot-through with aggression blessed with delectable poise and balance and incorporates the latest ami ii infotainment technology performance is startling – 205 mph potential and 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds – but it is the control placed in the hands of the driver that makes the v12 vantage s a completely immersive experience the seven-speed sportshift iii paddle-shift transmission gives instant access to our most powerful engine three-stage adjustable dampers help prime the car for any road or mood and carbon-ceramic brakes ensure that the v12 vantage s offers absolute consistency and assurance even at its limits available as a coupe or roadster this extraordinary car is uniquely visceral and endlessly addictive this model is not

engine v12 capacity 6.0 litre top speed 183 295 mph km/h torque 620 nm peak power 540 547 bhp 0-62 mph 4.5 rapide s db9 gt – coupe volante db9 gt seconds ps four-door luxury grand tourer db9 gt’s richly indulgent 6.0-litre v12-engine now produces 540 bhp in effortless style its vast breadth of performance and soaring power delivery remains unique the immense potential is hinted at by subtle new black detailing for the rear diffuser headlamp surrounds and a graphite finish for the sonorous sports exhaust the gt is the most stylish continental express the most majestic sports car and represents the very best of db9 engine v12 capacity 6.0 litre top speed 203 327 mph km/h torque 630 peak power nm 552 560 bhp 0-60 mph 4.2 seconds ps sensational performance supreme refinement the sublime four-door sports car the art of timeless elegance the db9 is the heart of aston martin and beneath its athletic but seductive form lies a unique personality that melds effortless gt and

vanquish – coupe volante we dreamt of the ultimate gt then we built vanquish ultimate gt the aston martin vanquish is the climax of an extraordinary determination to create the ultimate grand tourer by combining soaring performance meticulous craftsmanship and effortless luxury with unprecedented breadth of ability possessed of 568 bhp 576 ps sculpted from carbon fibre and enhanced with the all-new highly sophisticated eight-speed touchtronic iii automatic transmission vanquish is the ultimate gt realised vanquish engine v12 capacity 6.0 litre top speed 201 323 mph km/h torque 630 peak power nm 568 576 bhp 0-60 mph 3.6 seconds ps

performance specification v8 vantage coupe v8 vantage roadster v8 vantage s coupe v8 vantage s roadster v12 vantage s coupe v12 vantage s roadster db9 gt coupe db9 gt volante rapide s vanquish coupe vanquish volante engine 32-valve 4735 cc v8 32-valve 4735 cc v8 32-valve 4735 cc v8 32-valve 4735 cc v8 48-valve 5935 cc v12 48-valve 5935 cc v12 48-valve 5935 cc v12 48-valve 5935 cc v12 48-valve 5935 cc v12 48-valve 5935 cc v12 48-valve 5935 cc v12 maximum power 313 kw 420 bhp/426 ps 7300 rpm 313 kw 420 bhp/426 ps 7300 rpm 321 kw 430 bhp/436 ps 7300 rpm 321 kw 430 bhp/436 ps 7300 rpm 421 kw 565 bhp/573 ps 6750 rpm 421 kw 565 bhp/573 ps 6750 rpm 403 kw 540 bhp/547 ps 6750 rpm 403 kw 540 bhp/547 ps 6750 rpm 411 kw 552 bhp/560 ps 6650 rpm 424 kw 568 bhp/576 ps 6650 rpm 424 kw 568 bhp/576 ps 6650 rpm maximum torque 470 nm 346 lb ft 5000 rpm 470 nm 346 lb ft 5000 rpm 490 nm 361 lb ft 5000 rpm 490 nm 361 lb ft 5000 rpm 620 nm 457 lb ft 5750 rpm 620 nm 457 lb ft 5750 rpm 620

where dreams become reality choosing your own aston martin is often the realisation of a dream we want that moment and the process that follows to be perfectly aligned with your vision and intuitively matched to your tastes q by aston martin is our unique personalisation service that encourages your imagination to run free and allows us to create a car that is truly yours in every sense q can take you on a journey of inspiration through the world of art design and craft to distant lands or favourite places soaking up the character of objects materials colours and textures – translating them all into key elements of your own car you are transported into a realm of endless opportunities that has no limits but those of your imagination your unique vision created in collaboration with our skills and expertise welcome to the world of q let your imagination run free to find out more information visit www.astonmartin.com/q or please speak with your preferred aston martin dealer 26

contacts and special notice pictures and word mark the cars illustrated in this brochure may include additional options not featured in this brochure or that are only available at extra cost the bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the bluetooth sig inc and any use of such marks is under licence updates aston martin lagonda limited is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification design and production of its cars and alterations take place continually whilst every effort is made to produce up-to-date literature this brochure should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current products options accessories or specifications nor does it constitute any offer for sale of any particular car product option accessories and/or services or combination of the same this brochure is merely an indication of the kinds of aston martin products and services which may be available from time to time the contents of this brochure represent aston martin lagonda limited’s business