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the power of luxury the art of aston martin

performance — rapide s offers impeccable performance serene and smooth one moment then sharp and responsive the very next the power of luxury meets the scintillating response of a thoroughbred

performance twelve to the power of eight the highly advanced eight-speed touchtronic iii has a comprehensive skill set – capable of shifting gears in as quick as 130 milliseconds for ultimate response but simultaneously improving refinement and economy eight ratios ensures that the 6.0-litre v12’s innate qualities are fully realised short low ratios unleash powerful acceleration while the relaxed gait of ratios seven and eight reduce revs for near-silent cruising capability peak power touchtronic iii features four driving modes drive drive-sport paddle and paddle-sport it also features adaptive drive recognition that allows it to intelligently adapt to a driver’s inputs and driving style the result is totally intuitive and highly efficient front engine configuration with touchtronic transaxle provides superb balance and progressive dynamics 552 bhp — torque 630 nm — torque tube linking engine to touchtronic iii transmits minimal noise to the interior

at the rear the tailgate features an aggressively upswept ‘flip’ to create a dynamic profile and increase aerodynamic stability at high speed below an aerodynamic diffuser has been integrated into the rear valance to better manage the airflow exiting beneath the rear of the car and to mirror the boldness of the overtly sporting frontal treatment

the rapide s a harmony of style and functionality main controller a prominent and easy to use dial which allows you to access all features in the main menu with ease volume now more easy to access one short press will mute the system and one long press will lower the screen source easily allows you to switch between media sources with the touch of one button radio now with dab and sirius dazzling driving dynamics are perfectly complemented by intuitive controls in rapide s the elegant new waterfall fascia is intelligently engineered to incorporate the latest technology capacitive switches feature subtle but informative haptic feedback to acknowledge requests and the highresolution retractable screen heightens the clarity of the experience adding to the intrinsic sense of peerless quality 40 this bold design statement is the perfect centre piece to a magnificent interior space and can be customised in a range of materials from warm luxuriant wood veneers to the smooth understatement of

colour trim interior colour palette alcantara® carpet seat belts alcantara® – primary alcantara® – contemporary cirrus grey arctic blue bitter chocolate blue haze chancellor red diamond perforation red duotone perforation ivory light tan ice mocha obsidian black grey blend white duotone perforation vertex quilting tailor’s grey pure black moon shadow alcantara® is a suede-like material that embodies a perfect balance of technology and tradition an italian product of excellence it is durable and stain-resistant with a highly tactile and luxurious feel 56 special finishes hand finished to your exacting standards rapide s seats can be tailored with a choice of duotone or quilted leather finishes meticulous embroidery and contrasting seat inserts choose from striking duotone perforated leather options an indulgent quilted leather or alcantara® finish for the elegant sweep of the

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