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the power of luxury the art of aston martin 4 5

take the best and make it better the rapide s was created to a simple but exacting brief take the best and make it better beauty elegance and proportion are all essential qualities that every aston martin has to possess the original rapide was a triumph because it took the aesthetic blueprint from our rakish two-seater coupes and created an indulgent four-seat four door sports car that was every bit as cohesive and every inch an aston martin since its introduction in 2009 no four door car in the world has come close to replicating the rapide s breath-taking style until now that is with the new rapide s it was of vital importance to us that in giving the rapide s a more assertive look we also preserved its magical purity of line and proportion now whether you view it from the front rear or in profile the rapide s unquestionably has a more forceful presence yet maintains that all-important subtlety and restraint free from embellishment and visual clutter it s this immaculate

so immersive you will forget you are in a four-seater sports car one of the truly unique qualities of the rapide s is that while it pays close attention to the needs of its passengers it never forgets that an aston martin is a car for drivers with perfect alignment of seat steering wheel and pedals and an inspiring view down that long swooping bonnet the driving environment is every bit as special as that of our more focussed sports gt and super gt models clear design tactility and a sense of connection are paramount and from the moment you slip behind the steering wheel you feel in total command of the car intuitive ergonomics fine visibility and the sensory satisfaction of materials such as glass switches are thoughtful and satisfying completing a driving experience so immersive you will forget you are in a four-seater sports car 18 19

heavenly body devilish details a perfect marriage of form and function while remaining faithful to its predecessor s elegant and perfectly proportioned lines the new rapide s has been given a stronger and more confident look thanks to an assertively styled new full-face aluminium grille set within a re-profiled front bumper the rapide s has a newfound confidence and tremendous presence yet remains instantly recognisable as an aston martin at the rear a new tailgate features a more aggressively upswept `flip to create a more dynamic profile and increase aerodynamic stability at high speed below an aerodynamic diffuser has been integrated into the rear valance to better manage the airflow exiting beneath the rear of the car and to mirror the boldness of the overtly sporting frontal treatment 24 25

four doors four seats a coupe without the compromise the shape might shout sports car but the rapide s is as much about function as it is about form with a quartet of swanwing doors that sweep up and out from the door apertures for optimal ingress and egress four adults can be accommodated with impressive ease in the front multi-adjustable seats provide total support for the driver and front passenger while in the rear the cleverly sculpted headlining and front seat backs maximise available head and knee-room within the beautifully designed and appointed rear passenger compartment 30 31

concert hall and movie theatre the best seats in the house for the ultimate `in-flight experience look no further than the optional rear seat entertainment system featuring individual screens mounted in the back of the front seat head restraints they take a feed from the 6-disc in-car dvd player wireless headphones and remote control ensure maximum convenience and viewing pleasure the rapide s also features a 1000 w bang olufsen beosound audio system as standard featuring 15 optimally placed speakers for sparkling acoustics and immersive listening pleasure 36 37

pace and poise precision and pliancy mature performance to suit every journey it is not just the outright pace of the rapide s that makes it so impressive but the way it is deployed developed to fully exploit and perfectly complement the tremendous reserves of accessible performance the rapide s advanced suspension and braking systems are paragons of control power and precision when driving alone you will love the way the new 3-stage adaptive damping system ads can be configured to deliver true sports car handling yet when comfort is a priority it effortlessly assumes the role of the consummate luxury car huge disc brakes deliver progressive consistent stopping power while a 3-stage stability control system provides a reassuring safety net that does not inhibit your driving enjoyment optional lightweight forged alloy wheels reduce unsprung and rotational masses to further improve ride and steering response 42 43

designer s choice take inspiration for your perfect rapide s with this selection of both sporting and luxury colour and trim combinations volcano red amethyst red selene bronze morning frost white sporting statement ­ bold combination of volcano red exterior aggressive 10-spoke wheels and black leather with duotone highlights leather obsidian black stitch red seat inner duotone red perforated leather centre stack facia piano black pack brake caliper red carbon-fibre exterior pack wheels 20-inch 10-spoke alloy gloss black painted wheels with diamond-turned finish confident contrasts ­ the richness of amethyst red bright 20-spoke wheels and the neutrality of winter wheat leather leather winter wheat headlining ivory stitch iron ore centre stack facia piano black brake caliper silver wheels 20-inch 20-spoke alloy wheels with polished finish contemporary opulence ­ the modernity of selene bronze complimented by the luxury of bitter chocolate leather and dark mahogany trim leather

unmistakable inimitable irresistible the aston martin rapide s 54 55

emphatic design enduring appeal a truly special aston martin 60 61