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past present and future in a single aston martin 12

nothing is more complex than achieving simplicity purity of design precision execution and exquisite quality are some of the key themes that drive the new vanquish range and the smooth sculpted carbon-fibre curves of its outer skin embody those very qualities fusing the aesthetic with the functional ­ crucial in a car of the vanquish s performance potential ­ requires a meticulous approach every line is agonised over every shutline scrutinised to ensure it enhances 20 the visual flow and contributes towards aerodynamic balance transferring the visual tension of the coupe into volante form was an exciting challenge for the aston martin design team with patience and by adopting new engineering techniques the volante is as captivating and homogenous as the coupe it exudes a scintillating dynamism with the roof up or in the stowed position when an aerodynamically optimised tonneau panel flows down to the `aero duct bootlid the multi-layer fabric roof is offered in a wide range of

true luxury a world of comfort and indulgence designed to cosset you in unrivalled comfort and crafted from the finest natural materials vanquish offers a uniquely relaxing driving environment striking a perfect balance between intimacy and spaciousness the cockpit connects you completely with the car yet isolates from fatigue like only this super gt knows how supple leather cool metal and smooth glass provide delightful visual and tactile contrasts that could only be aston martin a particular highlight is the leather upholstery 28 the seats are supplied by bridge of weir and are available in luxmill or optional semi-aniline finish they feature complex welts while contrast stitching intricate hourglass quilting and a near-limitless choice of further personalisation options are available vanquish volante s deeply insulated multi-layer fabric roof retracts in just 14 seconds at driving speeds of up to 30 mph 48 km/h bringing an added dimension and creating a truly boundless luxury

exquisite and intuitive a world of precise harmony gracefully bisecting the cockpit is an elegant centre stack distinctive and functional featuring a large pop-up display screen along with controls for the transmission climate control and infotainment systems this intuitive interface is the nerve centre of vanquish some elements such as the docking station for the `ecu emotional control unit glass starter module and glass `prnd gear selection buttons are familiar aston martin features however for vanquish these elements are incorporated into a new and unique aluminium facia panel with cutting-edge technology which provides a supreme sense of quality ami aston martin infotainment and the climate control systems are manipulated using new touchsensitive switches taking inspiration from the latest smartphones and tablet devices these capacitive switches emit `haptic feedback by delivering a subtle vibration to provide sensory confirmation that the system recognises your instruction

hidden intelligence beneath vanquish s muscular skin is a super-strong super-stiff skeleton of bonded aluminium this structure ­ known as the vh architecture ­ has been subject to a comprehensive programme of re-engineering to achieve new levels of performance refinement responsiveness and safety the primary objective has been to increase the torsional stiffness of the vh body structure as improvements here yield tangible gains in ride handling refinement and safety by examining and evolving every component and introducing carbon-fibre into the structure itself our engineers have simultaneously achieved an increase in torsional stiffness a reduction in weight and a lowered centre of gravity transforming the architecture s inherent dynamic qualities the vanquish has 25 greater torsional stiffness than the dbs while the volante achieves a 14 uplift the vanquish range s inherent balance poise and predictability allow you to always feel in calm control however thanks to a suite of

command and control 52

w hen you become an aston martin owner you acquire so much more than a fabulous car you join a global family of passionate like-minded individuals united by an appreciation of the inimitable style and inherent class that distinguishes an aston martin from any other car -dr ulrich bez aston martin life this passion is shared by all of us at aston martin and by our dealer network we re proud of our heritage and of the fact that more than 85 of all aston martins ever built are still in existence and being enjoyed by their owners our expanding global network of dealerships ­ 148 and counting in 42 countries ­ provides an unmatched service for current and prospective aston martin owners staffed by the most knowledgeable and highly-trained sales teams and technicians our dealerships are on-hand to deliver the expertise service and peace of mind you deserve at every stage of your aston martin ownership above all we want you to enjoy driving your car which is why we also host a fabulous

q by aston martin the ultimate personalisation design service aston martin offers engaging design skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail as standard on all of our models furthermore to allow customers to express their individuality and personal sense of style an extensive palette of paint leather and trim finishes and a wide range of options are available however for some that is not enough so to satisfy those who desire only total freedom and want to indulge their imagination completely there is q by aston martin ­ our ultimate personalisation service with the help of our q by aston martin team virtually anything is possible perhaps you would like personalised interior detailing or a unique colour matched to a favourite item of clothing or accessory from the smallest request to complete one-off projects q by aston martin can help you to realise your perfect and unique vanquish or vanquish volante to find out more information visit or please