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essence of a sports car

v12 vantage s magnificent maverick created for the most ardent thrillseekers the new v12 vantage s has taken a potent recipe and turned up the heat blessed with race-bred genes and crackling with attitude it takes the vantage to a whole new level of performance and excitement its scintillating new engine and seven-speed sportshift iii transmission fuse explosive performance with total control while a top speed of 205 mph 328 km/h makes it the fastest series production aston martin ever

perfectly balanced the product of brilliant minds innovative engineering and an exhaustive development programme the aston martin vantage is a driver s car in the truest sense of the word built around our acclaimed `vh vehicle architecture that forms the core of every aston martin model the vantage adheres to an uncompromising engineering philosophy both v8 and v12engined vantage models have their engines set as far back in the chassis as possible for maximum steering response and handling agility the aluminium structure itself follows principles and employs technologies prevalent in the aerospace industry for an impressive balance of strength and lightness to achieve optimal weight distribution the gearbox is mounted at the rear in the form of a transaxle not only does this 52:48 balance ensure the vantage has immaculate on-limit behaviour it also maximises traction for greater stability and user-friendly performance our development and durability testing is amongst the most

v8 vantage unmistakable style unforgettable performance the perfect introduction to the aston martin range award winning looks standard-setting dynamics and pulse quickening desirability make the v8 vantage an excellent choice with a muscular and musical v8 engine all aluminium construction and a high level of hand-craftsmanship it has the same inherent quality and integrity as all our cars and with a choice of coupe and roadster body styles manual or automated paddle-shift transmissions and virtually limitless scope for personalisation there s a version to perfectly suit your individual taste and driving style

dream drive we know that for many of you a vantage is the realisation of a long held dream that is why our designers and craftsmen have worked tirelessly to ensure its interior has the same bewitching blend of style luxury quality and unmatched sense of occasion found in every aston martin

sculpted by speed the v8 s is distinguished from the regular v8 by exposed carbon-fibre detailing including the stability enhancing front splitter and dramatic rear diffuser with a sports exhaust fitted as standard the v8 s has a rousing aural signature to perfectly match its sharpened looks and performance

natural born thriller every element of the v12 vantage s has been carefully matched to ensure it is the ultimate in performance and capability this harmony can be found in the fact we have paired our most potent production engine with our most powerful carbon ceramic matrix braking system likewise the agility and directness of its precisely honed steering and suspension has been complimented by traction stability control and abs systems that are perfectly in tune with the car s heightened responses

extreme sports a thoroughbred sports car with a racer s edge the v12 vantage s demands respect in return it delivers unmatched satisfaction on the road this means huge reserves of performance high levels of mechanical grip and the reassurance of finely tuned multi-stage traction stability and anti-lock systems to maintain a high yet non-intrusive safety margin on a racetrack you can fully exploit all 565 bhp 573 ps and 620 nm and experience the intense uncensored rush of adrenalin that makes the v12 vantage s one of the most remarkable cars in our 100-year history

v12 s options exterior interior 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10 1 3 2 3 1 19 10-spoke forged alloy graphite painted wheels with diamond-turned finish standard 6 exterior carbon-fibre pack comprising mirror caps side strake and lamp infills side strake illustrated 2 19 10-spoke forged alloy liquid silver painted wheels 3 19 10-spoke forged alloy gloss black painted wheels with diamond-turned finish 8 black side window trim surround 4 19 10-spoke lightweight alloy silver painted wheels 5 19 10-spoke lightweight alloy satin black painted wheels 1 carbon-fibre paddle shifts 2 black pedals 7painted carbon-fibre grille with black meshes 9 silver headlamp bezels 10 black textured tailpipe finisher 3 bang olufsen infotainment system coloured brake calipers 1 grey 2 red 3 yellow 1 2 3 personalised sill plaques

genuine passion assured professionalism unequalled service with 148 dealerships in 42 countries aston martin has a global presence to match its reputation as maker of some of the world s most coveted and recognisable cars all our showrooms and service centres reflect the prestige and exclusivity associated with the aston martin brand ensuring your ownership experience begins as soon as you enter the showroom staffed by passionate highly trained salespeople and technicians all your needs are catered for from expert guidance through the specification and ordering process to the unique peace of mind that comes from having your cherished car meticulously maintained by skilled specialists our dealerships are at your disposal one of the most valuable services our dealerships provide is helping you create an aston martin that s a true reflection of your own taste and personality with a wide choice of paint colours from classic silvers greys and bronzes to contemporary reds blues greens and