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Catalogue: Athena Technologies Audio Components
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200 watt 4 ohms 50 watt aux input cd changer with power amplifier cd r cenet ipod interface clarion audio systems components and its function dome tweeter components four disc cd changer maps of clarion navigation system mos fet amplifier satellite receiver satellite receiver amplifier sirius satellite radio touch panel touch panel ipod touch screen touch screen monitor 7 touch screen multimedia system tv tuner tv tuner switch tv tuners type touch panel controller

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technology that revives your musical passion human and machine as one h.m.i information and access in our multimedia controller touch hear and see the future today the optimedia display on clarion s dxz865mp responds to commands with almost effortless human touch displaying color images on the vivid 4.2-inch screen packed with useful features like mp3/wma music file playback and cenet connectivity this unit has the foundation you need for a great system centerpiece when information and control features reach new plateaus the max675vd multimedia station is the result imagine all of the popular source components such as am/fm cd/dvd ipod satellite radio cd/dvd changers and hdd navigation available and controlled through one single unit this is the heart of the clarion s newest multimedia addition the max675vd an onboard am/fm tuner and multiformat disc player allows playback of all traditional sources including dvd-video and recordable disc media with encoded mp3 or wma files the unit

source units clarion s drz9255 source unit takes you into the recording studio conventional cd players can only reproduce frequencies up to around 20 khz 96 khz sampling d/a converter the spiral pattern on cds represents numbers digit means number these numbers represent measurements of an audio signal and other data when a digital recording is made measurements can be made 44,100 times each second per channel at that sampling rate frequencies up to around 20 khz can be recorded so the frequency range of conventional cd players barely extends over 20 khz high-frequency harmonics add richness and depth to sound why can t conventional cds encode data for frequencies over the limit of around 20 khz because the people who set the cd standard believed that no one could hear those high frequencies if such frequencies were on a conventional cd the filters in a conventional cd player would remove those frequencies furthermore analog filters can cause phase distortion of the signals that

rock your boat marine audio clarion s 7 sport series coaxial speakers utilize a 1.2 titanium dome tweeter for crisp and accurate high frequency reproduction and with its unusually large design these speakers reproduce the mid-bass response often lost by the roar of the exhaust or the still of the water rounding up the sport series is a 10 subwoofer worthy of the name clarion this subwoofer offers flexible installation possibilities to overcome the obstacles often associated with marine installs cm1635 6 1/2 2-way water resistant component speaker system 130 watts of maximum music power 6 mica-injection polypropylene woofer cone sanoprene rubber surround 1 titanium coated dome tweeter meets salt/fog and uv exposure standards astm b117/d4329 high impact centrex 814 grill frame liquid drainage system rubber insulated tinsel leads gold plated speaker terminals stainless steel mounting hardware rubber mounting gasket cmcx7.1s sport series 7 coaxial 2-way water resis is not a reseller or dealer of Athena Technologies.

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