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1w power amplifier 200 watt 4 ohm 4 ohms 50 watt 6 band graphic equalizer analog converter audio technology subwoofers aux input band graphic equalizer car audio tv tuners car tv tuner cd changer with power amplifier cd r cenet ipod interface clarion audio systems clarion car audio clarion car audio tv tuners components and its function digital audio dome tweeter components dome tweeters dual voice coil dvd remote control dvd remote control united dvd satellite navigation system entertainment system four disc cd changer hard disc in car dvd ipod integration lcd front panel low pass maps of clarion navigation system maps of navigation system dvd mos fet amplifier satellite receiver satellite receiver amplifier sirius satellite radio subwoofer on off switch surround sound surround sound audio system touch panel touch panel ipod touch screen touch screen for cars touch screen monitor touch screen monitor 7 touch screen multimedia system touch screen radio tv tuner tv tuner switch tv tuners type touch panel controller you get in the car

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technology that revives your musical passion human and machine as one h.m.i information and access in our multimedia controller touch hear and see the future today the optimedia display on clarion s dxz865mp responds to commands with almost effortless human touch displaying color images on the vivid 4.2-inch screen packed with useful features like mp3/wma music file playback and cenet connectivity this unit has the foundation you need for a great system centerpiece when information and control features reach new plateaus the max675vd multimedia station is the result imagine all of the popular source components such as am/fm cd/dvd ipod satellite radio cd/dvd changers and hdd navigation available and controlled through one single unit this is the heart of the clarion s newest multimedia addition the max675vd an onboard am/fm tuner and multiformat disc player allows playback of all traditional sources including dvd-video and recordable disc media with encoded mp3 or wma files the unit

multimedia true ipod integration audio control and charging clarion s latest ipod integration into the vrx765vd allows complete on screen viewing and control of all third-generation and newer ipod units including photo nano mini and fifth generation ipod with video clarion introduced on-screen ipod emulation in 2005 and is the first to introduce ipod video integration in 2006 the embedded interface in the vrx765vd provides a familiar touch sensitive control interface full preamp level audio integration and ipod charging directly from the unit intuitive easy to navigate control menus the 7-inch fold-away touch screen monitor of the vrx765vd is the hub for all control functions information display and of course viewing any of the connected video source components the simple and intuitive control menus allow the user effortless navigation of the vrx765vd functions without losing focus on the task of driving true 2-zone media distribution clarion s 2-zone entertainment feature achieves ne

mss430 source commander multi-zone a/v switcher multi-source switching of 4 audio/video source with up to 3 different zones monitors 4 rca composite audio/video inputs 3 rca composite audio/video outputs 3 individual wired control stations rear camera reverse trigger input allow simple switching among dvd vcr tv rear vision camera or gaming system leverage the power of technology into your daily driving routine within 3 seconds of destination selection clarion s advanced nax970hd hdd navigation system has you moving in the right direction mapping covers the entire us with the added bonus of coverage for canada there is literally almost nowhere in north america the nax970hd can t take you and it will do so with precision and punctuality whether it s a long trip or just local errands with its ultra high speed processing capabilities crystal clear imaging multiple routing alternatives and installation height just over 1 28mm this is the way to get between points a and b as

source units if you ve experienced clarion s sound you ve experienced the future of car audio the drz9255 combines cutting-edge technology usability and safety in a compact 1-din source unit this high-end model captures the essence of clarion s pure audio concept technology that emphasizes true sound reproduction the dxz865mp is another superior source unit it is equipped with clarion s ground-breaking optimedia display which shatters out-dated preconceptions based on obsolete user interfaces all of clarion s 2006 source units feature functionality and performance to meet the needs of a new era these units offer a new generation of drivers the futuristic experience they want source units 2006 true sound technology allows accurate sonic reproduction that re-creates the excitement of a concert in 1996 clarion s drx9255 source unit became legendary because it faithfully reproduced the digital signals encoded on cds the new high-end drz9255 carries on the tradition of the drx9255 it is

thanks to the high-definition 16-tone scale full-dot vfd 728-variable color brilliant key illumination text and graphics are vividly projected onto the dxz665mp allowing you to feel each item s clear individuality the motorized sloping console is designed in consideration of space-saving and overall car interior design along with the smart control keys which allow touch-control volume control or track changing the dxz665mp features added fashion and operability and crystal clear high-definition sounds all within the stylish 1-din source unit stylish collaboration of light and sound this receiver has a usb port for mp3 and wma files plus z-enhancer and more source units exceptional design features and sound are the hallmarks of clarion s db365usb source unit as suggested by its model number it has a usb port so you can take your favorite mp3 and wma files directly from usb digital music players not only can this receiver handle a multitude of formats but it features unique audio techn

d for design f for fantastic z for z-enhancer 675 is the secret code for this striking 2-din receiver and mc stands for music catcher the dfz675mc is no ordinary source unit its sharp and striking front panel is illuminated by clarion s 728-variable color led its sd card slot and front panel aux input makes it compatible with portable digital audio players its music catcher ii technology gives you four-times high-speed recording ability and it lets you select from four different equalization curves a for analog d for digital b for beautiful 340 is the second secret code and mp means that the 2-din adb340mp can handle everything from analog cassettes to mp3 digital audio two receivers that can light up the night with crystal-clear music dfz675mc 2-din cd/sd/mp3/wma receiver/cenet control 728-variable color music catcher ii cd recorder and sd slot digital z-enhancer magna bass ex dynamic bass enhancement 18fm/6am presets 200 watt mos-fet amplifier 50 watts x 4 channel

marine audio making waves with top-notch audio entertainment clarion marine audio there s nothing like a day on the water friends family food drink and some tunes it inspires a feeling you can t get anywhere else clarion has pursued this feeling for years creating great sounding components designed and built specifically for the marine environment our dedication to this growing category has made clarion the number one selling brand of marine audio components in the world marine audio 2006 take control of your music anywhere on the boat conceived around the human-machine interface philosophy clarion s marine remote controls add a new dimension to the marine environment these remotes provide full control and operation of the cmd4 and m455 marine source units driving sound that s never watered down today clarion boasts the industries most complete lineup of marine speakers our flagship line the innovative sport series includes a 7 coaxial speaker and a 10 subwoofer both utilize durable p

amplifiers subwoofers speakers amplifiers/subwoofers/speakers powered to perform created to overwhelm your amplifier and speaker systems are the interface between audio signals and your senses so the quality of your components will have a direct impact on the quality of sound you experience from crystalline highs to thundering lows clarion amps and speakers deliver the sound of satisfaction clarion amps feature high performance new for 2006 is an amplifier line that does it all jaw-dropping power stunning sonic performance industry leading features and all at prices that will revolutionize the industry how was this achieved the latest technologies were combined with classic designs for benchmark performance and stunning reliability our new dpx11500 and dpx1800 amplifiers feature a combination of class g and class h power supplies and output stages not just a simple class d design this allows these amps to produce more power 1500w and 800w respectively clarion subwoofers a new b

subwoofers clarion offers a full line of subwoofers for every installation situation and value proposition exemplifying the special applications in this family of innovative subwoofers is the massive 15 pxw1552 cast frame dual voice coil monster subwoofer and the ultra cool pfw1051 shallow depth composite cone subwoofer the pxw1552 dual voice coil arrangement gives you maximum flexibility for wiring the sub to extract maximum power from the amplifier with 1500 watts of maximum music power handling this sub will leave even the heaviest bass heads satisfied the shallow mounting depth of the pfw1051 subwoofer allows low profile enclosure dimensions that make it perfectly suited for false floor trunks behind truck seats and rear side panels in suvs so that both cargo space and great bass are maximized the proprietary die cast aluminum baskets on these models provides a robust mechanical structure and doubles as a heatsink to quickly dissipate any spl robbing heat in the moving parts of the

asia_p.49 usa_p.53 asia_p.50 usa_p.53 speakers phaze 1 speakers eu_p.49 asia_p.46 usa_p.52 srr1646 srr1636 srs1326 srs1326 170 142 25 55.5 90 123 170 142 25 55.5 90 123 5 1/4 2-way component speaker system 15 /mm /mm 156 134 20.5 46 46 15 33 .5 -6db 200w input max 80 112.5 46 40 200 watts of maximum 56 music power 5 1/4 titanium metallized /mm mica-injection polypropylene woofer cone 1 pei balanced drive tweeter powerful strontium magnet for dynamic bass response in-line 6db/oct crossover network custom fit tweeter brackets included flush surface 18 8 eu_p.49 asia_p.46 usa_p.52 t srr1646 6 1/2 multiaxial 4-way speaker 280w input max srr1646 asia_p.49 usa_p.53 t srr1636 6 1/2 multiaxial 3-way speaker .5 46.5 srr1636 asia_p.50 usa_p.53 230w input max srs1326 srs1326 80 112.5 90 123 /mm 56 18 8 /mm /mm srs1626 srs1626 6 1/2 2-way component speaker system 15 srs1326 -6db srr1646 src6836 srr1636 9.5 60 140 srr5736 90 123 usa_p.52 15 156 134 20.5 46

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