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brown lemur in andasibe national park andasibe national park perinet andasibe covers an area of montane rainforest at altitudes between 930 metres and 1,040 metres it is the best park for the indri the largest lemur and two of the 62 resident groups have been habituated making them easy to see there are eight other species of lemur in andasibe and the most commonly seen include the grey bamboo lemurs brown lemurs and woolly lemurs there are some wonderful chameleons in the reserve including the two-foot long parson s chameleon and the tiny nose-horned chameleon frogs are plentiful and birding highlights include madagascar blue pigeon coral-billed nuthatches and the madagascar long-eared owl all exploring is done on foot along trails that weave through the forest expeditions can vary in length from one hour to five walks are particularly rewarding in the early morning when indri calls sounding rather like a weird forest whalesong echo through the air vakona forest lodge andasibe vakona

crowned lemur amber mountain national park amber mountain national park is situated in the far north of madagascar 40 kilometres south of diego suarez whilst diego can be hot and dry amber mountain is always cool and fresh with mist hanging over the trees there are huge strangler figs quinine trees and enormous birdsnest ferns the park is rewarding for walkers with several beautiful trails threading through the forest two trails lead to waterfalls the cascade d antomboka and cascade sacrée on foot you have the chance to discover all the smaller wildlife such as the leaf-mimic chameleons tree boas leaftailed geckos butterflies and pill millipedes which curl up into perfect balls there are seven lemur species in the park including the crowned lemur and sanford s brown lemur and hikers usually see at least one if not two of the diurnal species domaine joffreville de fontenay domaine de fontenay domaine de fontenay is a colonial property owner-run by karl-heinz and his wife marie-jose

rainforests and island hideaways start by relaxing on the beautiful island of ile sainte marie combining days on the beach with delicious seafood meals at boraha village after three days fly back to antananarivo and drive through farming villages and rice paddies to andasibe national park walk in the rainforest to view chameleons frogs indris and other lemurs return to antananarivo for a night then fly to madagascar s northern tip to explore the beautiful waterfalls of amber mountain national park end with five nights at nosy komba relaxing in your hammock as pirogues and dhows drift slowly past day 1 days 2-4 anjajavy from the air days 5-6 fly from the uk to antananarivo via paris arrive in antananarivo fly to ile sainte marie three nights at boraha village fly to antananarivo drive to andasibe national park two nights at vakona lodge drive to antananarivo one night at the royal pallisandre day 7 days 8-10 fly to diego suarez and drive to amber mountain national park two nights at

village in the central highlands ranomafana national park ranomafana national park is part of the lush chain of rainforest that runs down madagascar s east coast the steep hills are covered in thick vegetation occasionally broken by waterfalls and mountain streams the park s star attraction is the golden bamboo lemur often found grazing amongst the bamboo thickets eleven other species of lemur include diademed sifakas that leap through the canopy during the day and brown mouse lemurs who race up and down tree trunks by night heading deep into the park you may hear the calls of cuckoo rollers catch a glimpse of a leaf-tailed gecko or stumble across the graves of the tanala `the people of the forest it is well worth spending a few days hiking around this enchanting park setam lodge ranomafana national park setam lodge comprises a handful of clean and simple bungalows built into the hillside of ranomafana the lodge has spectacular views over the park so each day guests awake to the

eastern madagascar explorer this exciting trip ventures up the remote pangalanes canal start with two days in andasibe national park for your introduction to the madagascan rainforest from here drive east to the pangalanes canal and board a small boat for a cruise north stay at the palmarium private reserve and enjoy close up photography of crowned lemurs continue your boat trip up to the top of the pangalanes canal and then fly to ile sainte marie for a relaxing five nights on the beach day 1 days 2-3 fly from the uk to antananarivo via paris arrive in antananarivo drive to andasibe national park two nights at vakona lodge drive to the pangalanes canal boat trip to the palmarium private reserve two nights at the palmarium hotel boat trip up the pangalanes canal to tamatave one night at the sharon hotel isalo at sunset days 4-5 day 6 days 7-11 fly from tamatave to ile sainte marie five nights at princesse bora lodge day 12 hoopoes relais de la reine day 13 fly to antananarivo fly to

ring-tailed lemurs in berenty berenty reserve one of madagascar s best known wildlife reserves berenty is set on the banks of the mandrare river strolling through the gallery forest you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the english countryside ­ though a flicker of movement in the canopy or a rustle amongst the leaves will soon prove you wrong troupes of ring-tailed lemurs race along the dappled pathways happily fearless of their human guests verreaux s sifakas leap from tree to tree occasionally descending to earth to triplejump arms raised high across the sand redfronted brown lemurs have been introduced into the forest and can easily be spotted eating fruit and leaves bird watching even without binoculars is excellent here look out for flashes of blue on the faces of giant couas and the long tails of paradise flycatchers alongside berenty s deciduous woodland a small area of spiny forest is excellent for night walks as moonlight filters through the twisted fingers of

madagascar s islands m 12 adagascar is fringed by a number of beautiful islands nosy be is the best known a find deserted beaches with soft sand and clear water ghost crabs scuttle across the sand and particularly in the north frigate birds can be seen soaring overhead many of the islands have villages on or nearby and you become accustomed to the daily sight of dhows sailing past filled with thatching palms grain and cows until they float just inches above the water in villages breadfruit trees shade bamboo huts and zebu cattle graze in the fields the islands are perfect for relaxing after the adventurous experience of madagascar s rainforests flights go regularly from antananarivo to ile sainte marie while even more fly to nosy be from where boats reach nosy komba tsarabanjina and nosy iranja once on the islands days can be spent snorkelling and diving pottering around on a bicycle or just lying on the beach relatively developed place with a number of boutique hotels though you

pirogue off ile ste marie la crique beach girl on ile sainte-marie ile sainte-marie ile sainte-marie is a sleepy island off madagascar s east coast ringed by deserted beaches with soft sand and palm trees traditional fishing villages and just a handful of small lodges the island is renowned for its seafood and is the best place on madagascar to eat crab if you are brave you can also sample the island tipple ­ coconut milk enlivened by a large measure of pastis ile sainte marie is about 60 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide and has a colourful history through the 17th and 18th centuries it was a popular base for the indian ocean s pirates there is one town ambodifotatra with a couple of cafés a large church and a busy market numerous villages dotted around the island have bamboo huts fat ducks crossing the road and geese swimming in rainfilled potholes mango clove cinammon and breadfruit trees line the roads that never get far from beaches where pirogues are moored in the shallows

pirogue at sunset nosy be nosy be lies off the northwest of madagascar and has a near-perfect climate ­ sunshine with brief showers that are often at night the soils are fertile and sugar pepper and ylang-ylang are all grown for export there is one busy town hell-ville where the roads are packed with ancient renault taxis zebu-carts bicycles and pedestrians tourist shops jostle for space with local stalls that sell everything from chilli peppers to mangrove crabs caked in mud north of hell-ville the road winds around the west coast where a few hotels cluster around sandy beaches nosy be s beaches are not ideal for swimming as they shelve gradually staying shallow for miles out to sea but they are peaceful and hassle-free with pirogues lying abandoned in the sand and dhows floating past offshore nosy komba nosy komba is a beautiful island a few kilometres away from nosy be placed on the map for its population of habituated black lemurs hills fold dramatically into the water creating

coral reef nosy iranja tsarabanjina island the nosy mitsio archipelago the nosy mitsio archipelago lies 70 kilometres north of nosy be and is only accessible by boat skimming over the water you often glimpse bottle nosed dolphins and green turtles but the arrival is even more breathtaking as you slow amongst tiny tropical islands lush with tropical vegetation and necklaced with powder-white beaches few parts of madagascar suffer from any light pollution and this is no exception at night the stars glitter brightly over the water the archipelago is made up of about a dozen islands la grande mitsio is the largest island with the small farming villages of antakarana and akalava tsarabanjina is beautiful with volcanic rocks palms and badamier trees and four gently shelving beaches nosy ankarea is surrounded by coral reefs while les quatres freres is made up of four imposing silver basalt rocks covered by hundreds of nesting seabirds including brown boobies northern gannets frigate birds

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