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sultan qaboos mosque muscat climate broadly speaking the regional climate is one of hot summers and mild winters much of the region is desert where temperatures can reach well into the forties celsius during the summer however the heat is nearly always a dry heat so for those who can tolerate higher temperatures it should not pose a complete barrier to travel winters in much of the region do get a certain amount of rainfall although it tends to be short sharp showers rather than prolonged drizzle the mediterranean and atlantic exert a moderating influence on the coastal climates and the mountains especially in morocco are considerably cooler than the rest of the country even experiencing significant snowfall in the winter in general spring and autumn are the best time to travel right across the region international four and five-star chain hotels which are very comfortable and have plenty of facilities nods are made towards traditional architecture although they are not imbued with

the high atlas mountains the atlas mountains the atlas mountains are in fact three distinct ranges that divide the interior of the country into strips of lower lying land the middle atlas are the furthest north whilst furthest south are the anti-atlas that almost cut the desolate western sahara off from the rest of the country it is the high atlas that is the most dramatic containing north africa s highest peak the 4,167 metre jebel toubkal as well as countless berber villages terraced onto inaccessible ledges and perfectly preserving a tenacious culture trekking is easily arranged and can be anything from a day s walk into the foothills to a trek lasting several days the ascent of toubkal is a favourite requiring no technical expertise but a good level of fitness the high atlas are easily accessed from marrakesh about 40 minutes away and offer a wonderful mountain retreat kasbah du toubkal high atlas kasbah du toubkal high atlas located at the base of jebel toubkal this remote

musician ouarzazate the southern oases valleys stretching south and east from ouarzazate the valleys of the southern oasis circuit are arguably the most beautiful area of the country towering gorges steep canyon sides verdant palm plantations and crumbling kasbahs dominate the landscape a loop can be made heading out to the erg chebbi along one series of valleys and making your way back along an alternative valley this is a journey through one of the more untouched areas of morocco and will provide some of the best memories of your trip the draa valley the broad gravel plains of the draa river bed are planted with palms stretching as far as the eye can see protected by a network of pisé walls and kasbahs now gracefully melting away the valley peters out near the settlements of zagora and tinfou where a lone sand dune sits puzzlingly in the middle of a vast gravel plain shadowing a sign saying tombouctou 51 jours fifty-one days that is by camel a measurement dating from the time

audley in egypt egypt is a simple country to visit with most of the key places of interest lying along the line of the nile and easily connected by logical itineraries travel across larger distances is by scheduled flights whilst local travel and sightseeing is easiest with a private driver and guide at certain sights local guides are employed for their specialised knowledge of a particular monument nile cruises are the most popular way to visit egypt s greatest archaeological treasures around luxor and aswan and include guided excursions along their routes these are in groups of around 20 with professional english-speaking guides for the more adventurous desert excursions with 4wd vehicles on a private or small group basis can allow you to discover lesser-known sites and attractions certain dates such as the holy month of ramadan when most of the country fasts during daylight hours may affect your travel plans and we will always ensure such factors are taken into account

the great desert circuit the desert circuit is an ideal itinerary for those who wish to explore these lesser known yet remarkable and stunning regions of egypt the desert is a place of harsh vistas and strange landscapes softened by the odd oasis where a traditional lifestyle persists and offers a very different egypt to the tourist trail day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 fly from london to alexandria spend two nights in alexandria tour of the city including the national museum and pompey s pillar early drive to siwa with optional visit to el alamein day at leisure to explore the amazing old town day at leisure for a dune excursion drive to bahariya famous for the discovery of the valley of the golden mummies after breakfast depart for farafra en route explore the black desert and the white desert rock formations visit to local art museum set off for dhakla where you can explore the old town and pottery factory head east to kharga for the final oasis on this route leave the desert

coral reef red sea the red sea the red sea offers miles of wonderful coastline from the developed shores of sinai around sharm el sheikh to exclusive resorts on the western shores near hurghada as well as the chance to recuperate on a beach time can also be spent snorkelling and diving on the legendary coral reefs or exploring nearby sights of interest time at the red sea is easily incorporated into an egyptian itinerary and is a great way to unwind at the end of a trip from upper egypt you can travel overland to hurghada or catch a flight to sharm el shiekh sharm el sheikh for many years sharm as most people call it has been a magnet for tourists seeking beaches and fantastic diving and snorkelling as a result the town itself is very much geared towards massmarket tourism with the full array of shops restaurants night clubs and package tourists however many of the hotels are self-contained resorts and you need never experience downtown sharm if you do not want to there are also areas

the citadel amman amman the capital of jordan is a modern bustling place most of the architecture is concrete and steel circa 1960 but there are the odd dramatic exceptions such as the king abdullah mosque the city is not entirely the product of the late 20th century and remnants of its history are a pleasant surprise to stumble across such as the roman amphitheatre and attendant odeon found at the heart of downtown amman the citadel sits atop a hill overlooking the amphitheatre and is a patchwork of archaeological digs of roman byzantine and islamic remains amman has several excellent museums such as the jordanian archaeological museum on the citadel but perhaps one of the most interesting is the much less visited royal automobile museum a fantastic collection of the late king hussein s cars the amman marriott the marriott is located near jebel hussein one of the city s most popular shopping districts with easy access to the shops and markets that form part of amman s attractive

oman c lichés like jewel of arabia are hard to avoid when describing oman because it spine riven by sheer canyons that drop dizzyingly away revealing the contorted inner strata of the rock while the golden dunes of the wahiba sands give way to narrowing wadis river beds that carve steep walls hiding deep cool pools of water untouched white-sand beaches fringe the indian ocean and some offer the rare privilege of seeing nesting turtles oman has looked after its heritage well and the old forts have been expertly restored modern development is encouraged to mirror this style and to remain low-rise which makes even the cities easy on the eye the omani people eagerly display the hospitality famed in this part of the world and are always ready with a smile national dress is still very common-place and the flowing white robes of the men and colourful headdresses of the women are both attractive and exotic a metaphor for the country itself is the country that mirrors most people s images

classic oman taking just over a week this comprehensive itinerary demonstrates how compact and accessible the major sights of oman are most touring itineraries in oman will be based on this outline a circuit taking in muscat the forts and wadis of the batinah plain the interior town of nizwa in the shadow of jebel shams the serried dunes of the wahiba sands the nesting turtles at ras al jinz and the stunning drive along the coast between sur and muscat day 1 day 2 fly from the uk transfer on arrival to your chosen hotel muscat city tour including the grand mosque bait al zubair museum old muscat and the al alam palace set off along the batinah coast visit seeb fish souq drive through date palms and visit nakhl springs and nakhl fort continue to the village of wakan to see the terraced fruit farming and enjoy an exhilarating drive through wadi abhyad spend the night in a coastal hotel en route to nizwa today you visit rustaq fort and cross over the northern edge of the hajar mountains

audley in libya tourism may have taken off in libya in the last two or three years but it is still very much in its infancy however thanks to strong italian links there is a good amount of experience around and things will certainly improve traditionally people have travelled to libya on organised group tours partly because visas were until recently only available for groups rather than individuals we provide both group and individual travel to libya individual travel particularly to the desert is more expensive as the cost of guides and 4x4 vehicles is being shared by fewer people however individual travel does offer the greatest flexibility and the best chance to bond with those libyans accompanying you on your trip travel is either by coach minibus saloon car or 4wd and you will always have at least a driver and a guide with you for trips to the desert there will also be a cook climate the climate of tripoli and the northern coastal region is mediterranean with hot dry summers cool