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penguins boulders beach climate south africa has three major climatic zones and austral seasons so their summer corresponds to our winter and vice versa the cape region and garden route have a climate very much like that of the south of france summer runs from october to april and is warm with some rain and more wind in cape town late summer is a very pleasant time cooler but quite dry and less windy winters from may through to september are cool and traditionally wetter although this is getting harder to predict in kwazulu-natal a sub-tropical climate ensures hot humid summers along the coast with more rain than in the winter which is pleasantly warm during the day and cooler at night the wild coast has a milder version of the same climate a few degrees cooler and not as humid the lowveld around the kruger park and the highveld plateau that dominates much of the rest of the country experience hot summers with short spectacular storms and pleasant winters with gentle daytime

experience south africa m odern south africa is a dynamic cosmopolitan place that retains pockets social history the colonial heritage of the dutch and british notably their architecture and conflicts will form a core part of most trips to south africa but apartheid and its legacy are perhaps the one aspect of south africa known to every visitor in museums like robben island and district six you can learn about the recent past and township tours whilst never comfortable experiences give you a more direct insight what you will find is that increasing numbers of those you meet in your hotels lodges and restaurants are friendly young black people who harbour remarkably little resentment and are making the most of the opportunities now afforded to them it would be wrong to suggest that there is no tension left but the amazing thing is just how well south africa is managing the transition from apartheid to an integrated cosmopolitan society of very traditional rural life it is a place of

kirstenbosch national botanical gardens nr constantia the winelands a loose geographic region encompassing the principal wine production areas of paarl stellenbosch and franschhoek the winelands is a place of alpine mountains corralling picturesque valleys largely under vine venerable estates produce their vintages from whitewashed cape dutch manor houses people shop eat and relax in compact pretty towns and bathing it all is the warming sun that makes the area so conducive to the production of grapes the winelands is not a place for ticking off sights and monuments rather it is a place to step back and enjoy life for a few days indulging yourself with good food great wine and beautiful scenery constantia although closer to cape town than any of the winelands towns constantia is where vines were first planted by the original cape governor simon van der stel and some of the most august estates are to be found here it is also one of the most desirable places to live in the cape town

the overberg klein karoo somewhere to break your journey it is well worth visiting on its own merits many itineraries and visitors bypass the region heading straight for the better-known attractions of the garden route the resultant lack of tourists in the area is a significant part of its appeal a real highlight is the coastal de hoop nature reserve which is unknown s andwiched between the cape region and the garden route this area is not just even to most south africans and a place of wild tranquility grassy dunes are cropped by zebra and antelope numerous bird species speckle the sky and whales glide serenely by off the beach route 62 winds its way north through ever more arid landscapes and golden sandstone hills linking small towns with an unhurried frontier atmosphere it begins near montagu a pretty town surrounded by hills crisscrossed with well-marked trails a real hikers paradise the greater intensity of the sun here means you move from wine to port territory as you head up

surfing dolphins plettenberg bay knysna at the heart of the garden route knysna is the town most geared towards tourism it sits on the edge of a lagoon that meets the surging sea in tempestuous waters between the buttress-like sandstone cliffs of the knysna heads behind the town thick forests cover the hills and there are a number of well-marked walking and hiking trails while you can get up close to the small herd of resident elephant at the knysna elephant park driving over the seven passes road from george is a great way to approach knysna getting you in amongst the dramatic scenery plettenberg bay plettenberg bay towards the eastern end of the garden route is a playground for south africa s wealthy holidaymakers many have summer homes here and the town has a prosperous feel as a result located largely on a spur of high ground jutting out into the bay there are wonderful views of the long sheltered beaches the inland lagoons and the surrounding mountains with a huge variety of

kwazulu-natal d rama is probably the word that best defines kzn as the province is known run preserves the best of the scenery heritage and wildlife as well as making it available to a wide range of visitors areas like the midlands offer a sedate contrast with rolling hills genteel stud farms and an extensive array of local arts crafts and produce on offer whether you choose to indulge yourself in a gourmet hideaway in the mountains or stay in a luxury battlefield lodge or a simple selfcatering chalet in a wildlife reserve kzn caters for all conveniently many of the attractions of the province fall into a logical circuit more than enough to constitute an entire trip with durban as a well served hub and the proximity of many of the major sights to the airport making it easy to pick one or two of the highlights to include in a country-wide itinerary kzn has become increasingly and deservingly popular locally there are the drakensberg mountains daunting and inspiring the battlefields of

isandlwana battlefield the battlefields for varying reasons of geography and politics the northeastern corner of kwazulu-natal has seen clashes between numerous armies including british boer and zulu there are names that resound in the psyche of all three peoples isandlwana rorke s drift spioenkop and blood river to name just a few there are numerous lodges in this area and all offer tours of these battlefields the guiding is amongst the best you will experience anywhere in the world and as you listen to expertly recounted tales of how a hundred british soldiers held off some 4,000 zulus at rorke s drift or how ghandi paul kruger and winston churchill were all involved in a desperate struggle for the desolate summit of spioenkop you will be engaged informed and greatly moved entrance to isandlwana lodge isandlwana lodge isandlwana isandlwana lodge can be found in the heart of the battlefields carved into the nyoni rock on which the zulu commander stood during the battle of isandlwana

wildlife safari offering good quality safaris that you now have the option of incorporating a safari into your trip no matter where in the country you may be travelling one of the joys of this is that you can now enjoy a multiple-centre safari entirely within south africa visiting several different reserves each with hugely diverse scenery habitats and wildlife light s uch has been the growth in the number size and variety of conservation areas aircraft transfers are a quick and exciting way to link one reserve with another the range of activities available is also ever-growing from the traditional game drives to walking safaris microlighting bushcraft lessons and sleepouts in treetop hideaways some of the parks are now so large that they are bigger than countries the kruger is the size of wales and the addo elephant national park is expanding to cover 3600 square kilomeres making it considerably larger than luxembourg over the years fences farmers and hunters changed the landscape

mankwe dam pilanesberg the pilanesberg national park overshadowed by many of the other game reserves of south africa and by its famous neighbour sun city the malaria-free pilanesberg is a real hidden diamond it is certainly one of the prettiest parks with ancient volcano calderas linked by verdant valleys the scenery feels ancient and you almost expect to round a corner and be confronted by a dinosaur instead you are more likely to see an elephant or rhino or perhaps a herd of charismatic zebra the park also has its stock of predators and the sound of a lion s roar echoing across the remarkable landscape certainly adds to the atmosphere dams such as the mankwe dam are excellent for bird-watching and hides are provided for this purpose there are also incredibly rare wild dog in the park and a glimpse of these cunning durable hunters is an amazing privilege location feels very exclusive the rooms are large and simply decorated sharing the same dramatic views as the public areas much of

jamestown st helena st helena st helena is perhaps best known as the site of napoleon s final exile and the isolation that made it ideal for this purpose defines the character of the island today almost uniquely in the world it is a sizeable community of nearly 4,000 people still not served by aircraft and with no natural harbour landings from the boat are made by dinghy the saints are descended from the various peoples who have found themselves on the island over the years workers for the british east india company the africans and chinese who served them and the vessels that used the island as a victualling post boer prisoners of war and british colonial administrators jamestown is the capital and spills down a steep-sided gully running to a narrow seafront which is where you will enter and leave this fascinating island rms st helena off jamestown r.m.s sthelena the rms st helena is rather unusual being a working ship that serves as the principle link between the island of st helena

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