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photography we would like to thank the following photographers and organisations whose excellent work appears in this brochure anthony cassidy jamie marshall john carr paul medley alan ward alamy eye ubiquitous bruce coleman collection simon heyes john fowler andrew prossin for peregrine polar star explorer ii quark expeditions and the audley latin america department complementing our brochure is our website which offers additional information such as exclusive offers travel advice photographic galleries and travel ideas there is also the opportunity to register to receive our e-news updates meet our team of specialists and submit a detailed on-line itinerary and quotation request travel in south america whilst south america is a fascinating and rewarding place to visit it is a developing region of the world to this end a flexible attitude regarding aspects we would perhaps take for granted is required when travelling the continent as a whole has a relaxed

market in the sacred valley around cuzco leaving cuzco you can travel by road to some of the fascinating surrounding towns and villages the sunday market at chinchero sees a colourful array of goods with traditionally dressed women selling fine handicrafts you will have an opportunity to see threads being dyed and woven in one of the local houses plus visit the remains of the royal manor of the ruler tupac inca yupanqui the unusual circular inca terraces in moray are still used for farming today and in maras you can see the busy salt workers extracting the mineral in a way unchanged for generations since legend has it the sun god sent down a hail of salt on the people of maras as a punishment for rebelling against the incas the different salt pans create a strange and impressive sight with the mountainside a patchwork of browns and whites which you can walk amongst novotel cuzco hotel monasterio cuzco built as a monastery in 1592 and converted in 1995 into an opulent hotel which is

la paz la paz high up in the andes the earth suddenly falls away to reveal a huge bowl-shaped canyon with a city spread across its floor and clinging to the steep sides la paz will quite literally take your breath away with its glorious location overlooked by the snow-capped peak of mount illimani it is a bustling and friendly place that is fascinating to wander around aymara women dressed in voluminous skirts and bowler hats with children swaddled in multi-coloured blankets tied on their backs fill the cobbled streets with their market stalls your purchases here could be anything from local handicrafts to coca leaves to mysterious potions from the witches market adventures around la paz chacaltaya is a ramshackle lodge that proudly claims to be the world s highest ski resort perched on a clifftop at 5,600 metres the breathtaking views include that of the regal huayna potosí skiing is not recommended here but mounting a bicycle and descending over 3,000 metres in 55 kilometres into

avenue of volcanoes hacienda pinsaqui hacienda cusin hacienda san pedro hacienda pinsaqui near otavalo an audley favourite this former hacienda located just north of the town of otavalo is steeped in 300 years of history constructed in 1790 the estate was once a textile producer employing up to 1000 local weavers and spinners amongst its early guests was the liberator general simón bolívar who often stopped here on his trips to and from bogota nowadays the 20 spacious and stately rooms with huge fireplaces look out over courtyards with trickling fountains or beautifully maintained gardens hacienda cusin near otavalo this exclusive early 17th century hacienda is now owned by an englishman who has been careful to preserve the hacienda s heritage whilst developing a welcoming retreat set in seven acres of land with views to the snow-capped mountains the garden boasts 58 plant species attracting 49 species of bird there are 25 guestrooms within the main building a couple of secluded

santiago snow-covered andean peaks provide santiago s backdrop but today they compete for dominance on the skyline with sparkling skyscrapers the capital of chile is a modern metropolis but a charming one with many landscaped parks and peaceful hilltop sanctuaries offering calm amid the chaos the historic civic heart of the downtown area is home to the museums churches government buildings central plaza and cathedral and the modern and fast-paced commercial centre of providencia hosts the majority of the shops and restaurants on a tour of the city you will explore both areas as well as the arty bellavista district from where the cable car ascends to the summit of san cristobal hill affording fantastic views over the city to the andes ritz-carlton santiago proud to be the first ritz-carlton to be opened in south america this elegant hotel has its own distinct chilean character the floor tiles in the lobby are made of lapis lazuli a bright blue gemstone quarried in the chilean andes and

argentina vibrant diverse and intoxicating argentina succeeds in being quintessentially latin surprisingly cosmopolitan and completely individual contained within its boundaries are a heady array of landscapes and sights from windswept patagonia to the tumbling waters of iguazú falls through the snow-capped volcanoes and emerald waters of the 44 lake district to lush wineries cactusspiked gorges and penguin-filled shores but argentina is far more than its natural beauty it is a place of its people the gauchos working with speed and skill as they herd their cattle in the pampas a couple entwined in a heartfelt tango and the welsh-speaking communities of northern patagonia it is the home of world-famous icons including che the heartthrob revolutionary evita the political diva and maradona the controversial footballing hero fiercely proud patriotic and partisan the people of argentina are also warm open and welcoming a key part of the appeal of their vast beautiful and unique

iguazú falls iguazÚ falls the most dramatic waterfalls in the world tumble over the cliffs at the border of argentina and brazil it is said that argentina provides the show and brazil enjoys the view and certainly the more panoramic walkways are on the brazilian side however a visit to the argentine side is a must as it is here you can get up close and personal with the falls nature is showcased at its fiercest in the foaming cauldron of the devil s throat where several falls join together to hurtle down a sheer drop a dizzying view is provided from your catwalk vantage point the falls also showcase nature at its most beautiful as green jungle and blue sky combine with white water and rainbows to ensure that your walks along the twisting paths above and below the falls provide a photo-opportunity at every turn yacutinga lodge this lodge and its surrounding nature reserve are part of a sustainable eco-project which protects the subtropical rainforest it offers its visitors an

falkland islands huge skies the purest of fresh air peace and tranquillity warm hospitality and penguins curiously inspecting your shoelaces all parts of the experience of visiting these wild and rugged islands situated just one hour s flight off mainland south america consisting of two main islands east and west 60 falkland as well as numerous outlying islands scattered close by in the south atlantic seas one of the main reasons to visit is for the outstanding wildlife viewing opportunities however the fabulous bird and marine life is just part of the islands charm it is a wonderful destination for those with an interest in farming the military history of the region or if you wish to learn about the pioneer spirit of islander s ancestors or for those who simply want to walk draw photograph or fish in glorious isolation a visit to the unique starkly beautiful falkland islands is a rich rewarding

iguaÇu falls the border between brazil and argentina is home to one of the world s greatest natural phenomena in the midst of a subtropical nature reserve the earth seems to open up and 275 separate falls crash over a horseshoe-shaped precipice nearly five kilometres wide and 90 metres high spectacular all year round we recommend two days here to fully explore the falls on both the argentinian and brazilian sides the network of walkways on the brazilian side provides some wonderful panoramas of this powerful show probably framed by rainbows the surrounding vegetation of the park is also home to a rich diversity of wildlife species and so marvelling at the breathtaking views can be interspersed with close encounters with the array of birdlife and mammals which includes tapirs capuchin monkeys and the coatamundi a relation of the racoon other activities include a boat safari which powers up the river to the foot of the falls and sometimes beyond tropical das cataratas iguaçu the only

venezuela vast and little-visited venezuela stretches from the snow-capped andes of the west down to the vast jungles of the orinoco delta from the flat-topped `lost world mountains of the south to palm-fringed beaches along its caribbean coast the north of the 76 country is where the majority of the population lives most of the rest of the country sees nature in charge venezuela has south america s largest lake third-largest river the world s highest waterfall and the world s longest snake overlaying this magical land are the venezuelans themselves a vibrant exciting people warm and friendly unused to visitors but delighted by the attention this country of beauty queens and beautiful beaches tabletop mountains and remote jungle tribes never fails to

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