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Home theater and residential guide to products and services that delve into acoustics combined with aesthetics.

1 x 1 black and white tile black and white tile product guide acoustic energy acoustic ceiling acoustic panel ceiling tiling ceiling tile ceiling grids ceiling tile grid sound isolation mdf base corner panel home theater subwoofer wall panel clip home theater rooms studio monitor fiberglass insulation room layout setup home theater home theater receivers tan brown dimensional tolerance art prints isolation feet recycled rubber consumer electronics property design wall and floor adhesive wall system concrete to wood 35 to 5 inch reducer 2016 obsidian color ez guide 250 symbol guide adjustable angle guide center guide acoustic bass impal floaters hta floater s floater m224 henna s48 s36 b224 rlx madonna d48 d36 rc boats bamboo tool vibration decoupler mounts

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ht cinema series these high-quality absorption panels are built to your specifications to refine the aesthetics while helping your system sound its absolute best see the diagrams on the next page panel size options emerald ruby diamond 1-800-959-3343 -4 sapphire s total sound control® sapphire

subdude-ii™/subdude-ht™ subwoofer isolators features • improves the sound of your subwoofer • decouples your subwoofer from the floor • reduces coloration and muddy resonance • improves your sub’s clarity and extends its perceived low-frequency response • diminishes structural vibrations for less resonance • reduces sound transmission to neighboring spaces the auralex® subdude-ii™ and the larger subdude-ht™ are lower profile versions of our original subdude the subdude-ht’s expanded size accommodates popular larger-footprint home theater subwoofers the design based on an auralex patent features a functionally inert 3/4” velour-covered mdf platform supported by a 1” base layer of sturdy auralex platfoam™ that is an effective isolation boundary to decouple the subwoofer from the floor underneath this combination of materials dramatically diminishes structural vibrations and resonances

propad™ propad™ xl monitor isolators propad™ propad™ xls are a premium version of our current best-selling mopads™ propads™ are designed to work with most standard-sized nearfield monitors using 5 .25” 6.5” or 8” woofers propad™ xls are formatted to be compatible with many larger twin woofer horizontally oriented nearfield monitors the new design features a ¾” melamine-wrapped mdf base covered with a thick layer of iso-plate™ the same isolation material as our hoverdeck™ iso-pucks™ which are made from 100 recycled rubber propads and propad xls are sold separately visit us online for more great sound isolation products features • propad™ 8” wide x 13” long 2.125” thickness • propad™ xl 19” wide x 13” long 2.125” thickness • angle adjustable auralex® platfoam™ base layer • durable melamine finish •

sonicprint™ artistic acoustical panels as the technology of consumer electronics continues to evolve sound control solutions need to meet greater acoustical demands while maintaining aesthetic appeal sonicprint™ offers a customized look to go perfectly with the decor of your home to create sonicprint we have combined our absorptive fiberglass core with a printing process that allows the fabric to remain acoustically transparent while maintaining the vivid color of the image sonicprint panels help control excessive reverberation and echo that are caused by hard surfaces like drywall concrete or wood they offer the same acoustic benefit as our propanels™ with a customized aesthetic strategically placing sonicprint panels on the walls will help absorb unwanted sound energy so you can hear your music and movies as they were intended orders for sonicprint can be made through any authorized auralex® dealer if you need assistance locating a dealer please contact us at

auralex® sonosuede™ panels sonosuede panels are great-looking acoustical treatments that are perfect for so many environments that would benefit from accurate sound control sonosuede panels have the same absorptive core and thus the same superior acoustic performance as our propanels™ the sonosuede panels can be mounted directly to the wall or offset one or two inches using available mounting hardware this yields an appealing 3d visual effect that also increases acoustical performance sonosuede pro panels sonosuede trapezoid panels sonosuede corner traps • 16” x 48” x 1” • reverse mitered edges • impaling clips included • 16” x 48” x 1” • trapezoid shape left right • impaling clips included • 16” x 48” x 2” • reverse mitered edges • corner impaling clips included available colors tan brown due to the variances among different computer monitors and printers

sonolite™ acoustical absorption panels features • wall mounted acoustical absorption panels • reduce unwanted acoustical reflections • tame chaotic reverberation • affordable absorption solution for professional residential settings • available in stylish black or tan velour fabric • ez-stick pro mounting tabs included auralex’s sonolite panels are fabric-wrapped studiofoam® acoustical absorption panels that provide excellent broad band frequency control the sonolite panel can be used for wall or ceiling applications and the bass trap panel can be installed in either vertical or horizontal orientations where walls ceilings meet auralex studiofoam pro is used in the sonolite panel to maximize absorption performance in it’s 1” thickness auralex studiofoam is used in the 3” thick bass trap panel to optimize low frequency performance resulting in highly effective control preventing bass build-up and cancellation that

sustain™ series bamboo sound diffusors • acoustically engineered diffusion properties designed to reveal the true purity of sound in your space • simple installation drops into ceiling grids or easily mounts to walls and ceilings • environmentally friendly bamboo is sustainably grown and harvested — virtually no waste sustain waveprism™ 23.75” x 23.75” x 3” the auralex waveprism eliminates flutter echoes and other acoustical anomalies without removing acoustical energy from the space this design disperses sound evenly to create a more consistent listening or recording environment sustain wavelens™ 23.75” x 23.75” x 3” the auralex wavelens scatters and redirects acoustical energy and can be an effective alternative to absorbing reflections the wavelens can be beneficial in numerous applications creating a “large sound” in a small room optimizing absorption panels by redirecting energy so that

progo™ moveable freestanding acoustical panels shown above in sandstone progo-44 4’ wide x 4’ tall x 4” deep shown in sandstone rubber isolation feet included optional locking caster kit shown available standard fabrics obsidian sandstone 1-800-959-3343 16 total sound

t-coustic™ ceiling tiles many commercially available “acoustic” ceiling tiles are actually fairly reflective features at low mid and high frequencies so they’re not very good absorbers auralex® • improves speech intelligibility t-coustic™ ceiling tiles use a 1” absorptive core that offers 20-45 higher • reduces unwanted reflections nrc ratings than standard tiles our acoustical ceiling tiles reduce unwanted • tames room reverberation • can improve any space reflections in the room by reducing the amount of reverberation present the result is a noticeable improvement in speech intelligibility sized to fit standard 2x2 and 2x4 ceiling grids they’re perfect for sound-critical spaces such as offices conference rooms or basement environments t-coustic ceiling tiles 2’x2’ t-coustic ceiling tiles 2’x4’ overall nrc 0.90 overall nrc 0.90 fire rating class a fire rating qty minimum 12

construction/isolation products auralex® acoustics offers a variety of construction materials to acoustically isolate any room isolation is achieved with increased mass and decreased structural vibration mineral fiber • nrc 1.00 • r value 4.35 per inch of thickness • 2” 4” thickness available • 8 pcf density • higher burning point than most fiberglass insulation sheetblok™ • stc 27 • mounts directly to sheetrock subflooring • available in 4’ x 10’ and 4’ x 30’ rolls • sheetblok plus sheetblok with a pressure sensitive adhesive pre-applied for ease of installation rc-8™ resilient channel • decouples room surface from support studs • reduces structural vibrations • wall ceiling applications u-boat™ floor floaters • decouples floor beams from supporting structure • reduces structural vibrations • can be effective down to 40 hz

how do i fix my room the room layout express app from auralex is the fastest way to select the best acoustical treatment for your space it’s free at rlx.auralex.com free personalized room analysis have an auralex application specialist assist you in diagnosing acoustical issues recommending products and product placement based on an acoustical model of your space it’s free at