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154 chemicals paints cleaners waxes max-gear® is recommended for use in truck motor home rv and automotive front or rear differentials manual transmissions and lower gear units of marine engines that specify use of an api gl-5 or gl-4 fluid it is an ultra-tough high performance gl-5 automotive gear oil designed to provide maximum protection to heavily loaded gears while maximizing power output throughout the drive train it outperforms other gl-5 gear oils be01300 01303 cause it combines the highest quality synthetic oils with royal purple s proprietary synslide® additive technology this product makes gears run smoother quieter cooler and longer without overhauls all viscosities of this product are formulated with hypoid friction modifiers necessary for use in clutch or cone type differentials no additional additives are necessary 1 qt 75w90 01300 ea 18.95 85w140 01303 ea 16.95 royal purple max-gear® oil heavy drip-chek sealer ­ gray heavy rubber-based sealer specially designed for use on vertical seams weathers well does not crack or deteriorate in sunlight excellent adhesion to metal paint glass rubber etc resists gas and oil 5 oz tube 08531 ea 10.95 3m structural adhesive ­ gray two-part general purpose structural adhesive that may be used for bonding metal glass and plastic may be used for trim fiberglass and flexible body parts repair easy mixing sets up quickly spreads smoothly cures to an extremely strong bond two 2 fl oz tubes kit 08101 kit 19.95 lucas® power steering stop leak this power steering fluid additive stops all seal leaks compatible with all power steering fluids when power steering reservoir is low refill it with lucas® power steering stop leak until leak stops usually one or two bottles renews worn rack and pinions controls slack squeals hard spots and tight steering 12 fl oz 10008 ea 8.95 excellent adhesive for plastic repair and emblem application may be used for interior or exterior bonding used for bonding metal emblems rigid plastic parts taillight lenses and vinyl trim strips strong and quick drying one surface application 5 oz tube 08061 ea 9.95 3m clear plastic and emblem adhesive lucas® transmission additive this transmission fluid additive stops leaks slipping and hard shifting polymetric film renews worn bands to stop slipping renews worn transmission fluid compatible with all transmissions and transmission fluids 24 fl oz 10009 ea 10.95 lucas® engine oil stabilizer this engine oil stabilizer stops thermal breakdown and extends engine life eliminates dry starts the #1 cause of wear in new engines seals worn cylinders to slow oil consumption contains no teflontm sulfur or chlorine keeps old engines alive and new engines new 32 fl oz 10001 ea 8.95 designed to be used for a variety of interior applications transparent and low odor with xenol 7tm masking agent this spray adhesive is very effective when bonding to such surfaces as carpet side panels and speaker boxes will also bond well to wood fabric paper and plastic this adhesive is not designed for high temperature applications not recommended for headliner installation or repair contains no chlorinated solvents please read all directions and cautions before using 16.5 oz aerosol hu98090 ea 9.95 heads uptm ultra griptm super duty interior adhesive lucas® fuel treatment this fuel treatment is a tune-up in a bottle it is an upper cylinder lubricant and injector cleaner treats one tank up to 25 gallons gasoline or diesel fuel increases power and fuel economy decreases pinging dieseling emission and hesitation cleans and lubricates carburetors injectors valve seats and rings for longer cylinder life environmentally friendly 5.25 fl oz 10020 ea 4.95 82019 trim adhesive 3m08031 recommended for installation of carpet headliners upper quarter trim panels hood insulation trunk mats etc also recommended for repair of sun visors or anywhere you need a good adhesive available in either aerosol or by the tube 16 oz aerosol 82019 ea 9.95 fast tack 5 oz tube 3m08031 ea 9.95 white lithium grease long lasting will not freeze or melt protects and lubricates auto parts machine tools farm equipment recreational equipment etc 10 oz aerosol wg16 ea 3.95 b laster® corrosion stop water-resistant spray grease a versatile product that can be used in automotive industrial and agricultural applications it penetrates and leaves a protective film on metal surfaces also resists water and displaces moisture preventing further corrosion while simplifying future maintenance can be used on anything that rust such as stored automotive frames stored parts wheel bearings driveshaft bolts and lug nuts please read all directions and cautions before using 11 oz aerosol 16csp ea 6.95 high quality black adhesive strong flexible and rubbery can withstand vibration and extreme temperature variations can be used to hold automotive weatherstripping and is a great adhesive for holding paper cork or rubber gaskets in place during installation recommended for weatherstrip installation except windshield weatherstrip 5 oz tube 3m08008 ea 6.95 weatherstrip adhesive non-hardening water-resistant medium-bodied product use for sealing auto body seams and between windshield rubber and the car body can also be used to seal around mouldings and to attach door water shields remains permanently soft and pliable to absorb movement in the auto body cleans up with a dry cloth use with a caulking gun 10 oz cartridge 3m08509 ea 14.95 auto bedding glazing compound ­ black order toll free 1 800 228 7346