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157 plasti-kote® anti-rust spray enamel chemicals paints cleaners waxes use this enamel in the engine compartment or for any lowgloss black application this paint resists rust and corrosion when used over anti-rust primer can be used on interior and exterior is super-durable and you can re-coat anytime officially licensed by nascar 12 oz semi-gloss black 361 ea 6.95 a moisture-cured non-porous paint-like product that bonds to corroded metals like no other coating rockhard and will not crack chip or peel impervious to gasoline lacquer thinner salt and most acids can be painted directly over rusted surfaces it s strengthened by exposure to moisture will seal concrete grout and porous tile like no other product can be sprayed rolled or brushed includes disposable gloves and valuable product information sheet see miracle solvent previous column for easy clean-up and thinning qt gal black mirqt-blk ea 34.95 silver mirqt-slv ea 31.95 clear mirqt-clr ea 31.95 black mirgl-blk ea 99.95 clear mirgl-clr ea 94.95 miracle paint ppc® phix here is a corrosion treatment for all your auto body repair needs phix is fast and safe it won t harm paint plastic fiberglass chrome or rubber increases paint adhesion 18 oz f05-016 ea 12.95 an excellent product to remove all paints in a fraction of the time it takes with regular strippers this clear spray on liquid will not damage glass chrome rubber fiberglass or aluminum it will remove all paints enamels urethanes lacquers varnishes and marine finishes no brushing necessary easy clean up complete with special spray bottle gal ea 29.95 pr-5001 miracle non-aerosol spray-type paint remover and stripper chpt-01a super black chassis paint chpt-03 miracle rust remover and metal prep the very best product on the market for removing rust not only will this liquid product safely and quickly remove rust but it will leave a gray phosphate coating on the metal to provide an excellent base for painting and welding conductivity can be sprayed or applied to areas normally impossible to remove rust from before etches aluminum brass copper and chrome rrrrplate to prep for painting removes nickel plate 1001 1000 yet will not harm painted surfaces non-flammable non-toxic biodegradable one step process for brush spray or dip application reuseable 20 oz spray rr-1000 ea 19.95 gal rr-1001 ea 44.95 the finest chassis undercarriage and underhood paint absolutely unmatched by anything yet made withstood a 550-hour salt spray test with no visible breakdown semi-gloss finish spray or brush application 16 oz aerosol chpt-01a ea 15.95 gal chpt-03 ea 69.95 empt-03 empt-15 1,600º stainless steel exhaust and manifold paint empt-16 made from stainless steel powder this fine finish is made to withstand 1,600º f will impart a pewter gray look to your manifold highly resistant to weather and temperature changes pt ea 24.95 empt-03 miracle non-flammable rust inhibitor strip now paint later sandblast or strip all of your parts now without having to worry about them rusting before you paint them after stripping or sandblasting spray on a light coat of our miracle rust inhibitor and your parts will be safeguarded against rusting you can then paint as many or few parts as you wish when you wish to do them parts can be sprayed or dipped easily washed off with water non-flammable non-toxic and biodegradable comes with special spray bottle gal ri-2001 ea 21.95 space age 1,800º exhaust and manifold coating the only finish of its type that will withstand 1,800º f extremely weather salt and moisture-resistant brilliant aluminum pt empt-15 ea 24.95 16 oz aerosol empt-15a ea 14.95 black pt empt-16 ea 24.95 miracle solvent made specially for thinning and cleanup of miracle paint this all purpose solvent can be used thinning most nonlatex paints excellent for cleaning brushes and general clean up work where a petroleum based solvent is required qt mir-4 ea 10.95 cleaners luster microfiber cloth by luster lacetm this microfiber cloth is wonderful for detailing your car or truck it was made for fine surfaces removing swirls and lifting dirt this cloth is lint free lm20223 ea 4.95 www.autokrafters.com