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144 books videos super tuning and modifying holley® carburetors by david emanuel this book covers performance street and off-road applications it shows how to select install tune and modify all popular holley performance 4/b models 4150 4160 4165 4175 4500 4360 and the 2300 2/b has over 300 b&w photos sftbd 144 pgs b4089283 ea 19.95 how to build big-inch ford small-blocks by george reid this book shows readers how to increase displacement of their engines and get bigblock power from a small-block with the information in this book you will be able to tailor your heads cam intake manifold carburetor and exhaust system to get the most out of the extra cubes this book is a definitive guide for building a big-inch ford small-block complete with four engine buildups ranging from 331 to 408 cubic inches 300 b&w photos sftbd 128 pgs b4089836 ea 19.95 ford engine buildups edited by evan j smith this book features 20 chapters compiled by the expert tech editors and writers at muscle mustangs and 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