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Catalog 66-77 Early Ford Bronco parts and accessories 2011 part 2

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63 drive shaft yokes continued transmission clutch e0az-6375a 5036 5037 flexplates ­ automatic transmission 69 76 289 302 c4 157 teeth bolt circle 101/2 28.2 oz balance weight note this flexplate is for street use only not sfi certified 50236 ea 89.95 69 74 302 a/t except t/e control system 76 77 302 a/t from serial #c25,001 14.23 o.d 28.2 oz 164 teeth aftermarket e0az-6375a ea 59.95 302 c4 164 teeth bolt circle 117/16 28.2 oz balance weight note this flexplate is for street use only not sfi certified 50237 ea 89.95 a b c d e f length from center or u-joint hole to end of shaft 73/4 outside-to-outside length of u-joint 31/2 o.d of shaft 11/2 i.d of shaft to spline 17/16 i.d of spline 63/64 25 splines uses an outer lock ring c3dz-4841a ea 89.95 69 77 77 flexplate bolts and washers includes 6 bolts and 6 washers 7/16 ­ 20 × 13/16 6711 set 13.95 royal purple max-gear® oil max-gear® is recommended for use in truck motor home rv and

68 suspension steering power steering component rebuilds call our rebuild department to place an order and for any questions concerning rebuilds these premium remanufactured units carry a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle we will repair or replace any remanufactured steering component found to be defective due to failure of material or workmanship in our judgement this warranty does not cover operator negligence misuse accidents improper installation changes in adjustments or disassembly if you do not have a unit to be rebuilt call our rebuilds department for availability of rebuildable cores please allow three to four weeks plus shipping to rebuild the unit core fees are in addition to the price of the unit and are refundable in three to four weeks after receiving a rebuildable core all cores must be returned complete within 60 days to receive a full refund note there will be an additional cost for

7 brake brake hoses ­ rubber continued ft04 7705 7707 brake line sets includes master cylinder lines please add ss to end of part number for stainless steel complete sets original stainless ft03 front ­ disc brakes 76 77 lh 77015 ea 32.95 rh 77017 ea 32.95 standard drum 67 75 76 77 ft1014 199.95 249.95 ft1029 199.95 249.95 ft1013 199.95 249.95 standard disc rear ­ drum brakes 66 75 c6tz-2282b ea 29.95 power disc 76 77 brake hoses ­ braided stainless steel ft604 c6tz078ass-bk c7tz078bss-cl ft603 ft609 master cylinder line sets dtz-078css front ­ drum brakes 66 70 requires 2 per vehicle black coating c6tz-2078ass-bk ea 34.95 clear coating c6tz-2078ass-cl ea 34.95 center with connector from valve block to axle requires 1 per vehicle black coating c7tz-2078bss-bk ea 42.95 clear coating c7tz-2078bss-cl ea 42.95 requires 2 per vehicle black coating d1tz-2078css-bk ea 34.95 clear coating d1tz-2078css-cl ea 34.95

76 hardware column gear shift lever and transmission shift arm clip reproduction 66 76 with column shift requires 4 per vehicle 379620s100 ea 3.50 c6tz-97939 66 77 c6tz-97938 vent window handle brackets door panel clip 66 77 standard av8206 ea .30 lh c6tz-9722939 ea 14.95 rh c6tz-9722938 ea 14.95 vent window pivot spring reproduction 66 72 b5a-7022926a ea 6.95 door window handle screw kit c3az-695br door latch rod retainers 66 75 requires up to 12 per vehicle concours quality reproduction with correct metal clip c3az-6221952br ea 6.95 replacement c3az-6221952a ea 2.95 c3az-695a 66 77 4-piece kit does all 4 inside handles phillips head ak466 kit 1.25 window roller includes clip 66 77 3135a ea 1.25 typical sport mirror assembly 67008r 65008r door latch-area repair plates used to repair fatigue stress cracks around door latches 66 67 68 77 6522008r pr 29.95 6722008r pr 29.95 c9tz-7b73a remote control sport

8 starter solenoid voltage regulator mounting screws set of 4 66 77 ak266 set 1.00 hardware ak5 wing nuts 66 77 73 74 ak4 carburetor return spring bracket 66 68 289 2/b before 5/8/68 c7oz-9741a ea 9.95 air cleaner wing nut and thumbscrew 8-cylinder ak225 ea 1.25 200 ak241 ea 2.50 thumbscrew universal throttle spring 329013 ea 2.50 cab-765a ak universal throttle spring kit triple chrome plated use the dual springs for additional return response needed with any high performance carburetor 4700 kit 8.95 windshield washer bag bracket and screws bracket 66 67 66 67 c1ab-17651a ea 14.95 ak122 pr .65 screws universal throttle return spring bracket triple chrome plated designed for multiple mounting points and easy to install for springs see part #4700 above 4708 ea 6.95 d0az-0756a c5az-078a battery hold-down hardware 66 77 66 77 clamp import c5az-10718a ea 7.95 j-bolts requires 2 per vehicle d0az-10756a ea 2.50

85 amk guide to ford fasteners 955­73 features the majority of 1955­73 ford car and truck threaded fasteners as well as hose clamps and many other common non-threaded fasteners the book s primary purpose is to assist the ford restorer in identifying original equipment fasteners found on their vehicles includes 10,000 items history finishes measuring grades refinishing sftbd 274 pgs 9657662 ea 32.95 paintucationtm dvds these instructional dvds are training guides designed for the hobbyist or professional automotive painter host kevin tetz offers an in-depth approach to every aspect of the refinish procedure from cleaning and inspection all the way to the final buffing and polishing of the finished project the technical aspect of the videos is offset with kevin s sense of humor making them entertaining as well as informative books videos body shop basics introduces you to the world of paint and body work professional and current techniques are broken down such as tool selection

89 hi-lift jack can be used for lifting stable loads clamping or spreading stretching wire hoisting or winching loads and lifting vehicles rated load 4,660 lbs 2113.7 kg clamping rating 750 lbs 340.19 kg winching rating 5,000 lbs 2267.96 kg maximum lift height at nose 38.63 98.12 cm minimum lift 4.5 11.43 cm note there is a $10.00 handling fee for this item due to its weight hl484c ea 69.95 accessories portable air compressor by superflow® includes a 16 coil hose easy-to-read gauge rubber anti-vibration feet ball inflator needle large and small raft adapter 8 power cord with battery clamps and carry bag maximum psi 120 mv50 ea 79.95 jack strap handle holder fits high lift style off-road type jacks this device holds loose and noisy jack handles it is made of hyper-flexa polyurethane and is virtually indestructible its thru-hole design makes for a secure fit mounting on most bumpers rails and beds also intended to stay on the jack all the time and allows the handle to

94 chemicals paints cleaners waxes miracle non-aerosol spray-type paint remover and stripper removes paint in a fraction of the time it takes with regular strippers this clear spray-on liquid will not damage glass chrome rubber fiberglass or aluminum it will remove all paints enamels urethanes lacquers varnishes and marine finishes no brushing necessary easy clean-up complete with special spray bottle gal pr-5001 ea 29.95 600º stainless steel exhaust and manifold paint made from stainless steel powder this fine finish has recently been ungraded to 1,600º f will impart a pewter gray look to your manifold highly resistant to weather and temperature changes pt empt-03 ea 24.95 miracle aerosol paint remover and stripper an incredible product for small and detailed jobs dispenses a thick gel that sticks fast to what it is sprayed on and will not run even on vertical or inverted surfaces works fast and clean the only aerosol paint stripper and remover of its kind on the

98 glossary /b or /v 2 barrel carburetor 3/t or 3/s/t 3 speed transmission 4/b or 4/v 4 barrel carburetor 4/t or 4/s/t 4 speed transmission 4wd 4 wheel drive a/c air conditioning aftermarket not original made after the marketing of vehicle alt alternator anodized plated aluminum apron inner panels under the hood a/t automatic transmission a.t.c automatic temperature control autolite ford s service division in the 70s b/w borg warner battery apron front right-hand panel passenger side where the battery is mounted beltline also known as fuzzies antirattlers dew wipes window felts refers to the beltline mid-section of the vehicle bezel finish cover rim or outer cover brake proportioning valve used on front disc rear drum brake vehicles not used on 4-wheel drum vehicles not to be confused with a distribution block c4 c5 and or c6 types of transmission cfm cubic feet per minute of air cid cubic inch displacement c/m cruise-o-matic composite brake drum cast metal

auto krafters is your source for classic ford parts and accessories since 1978 we have helped ford enthusiasts across the for only $49.95 per year 79.95 for two years you will receive such benefits as · free shipping on all orders a $9.95 order processing fee per order will be added some exceptions apply see note · priority order handling shipped the same day on in-stock items for orders placed before 1 p.m et · 10 discount on internet orders over $100 excluding shipping special shipping rates may apply see note · 10 discount and free shipping on any order over $2,500 includes truck freight items except bronco fiberglass see note · liberal return policy on items in sellable condition see note 3 · price match guarantee on any currently advertised competitors prices see note 4 · program is available for continental usa shipments only world maintain their vehicles ­ from show cars to favorite drivers we are proud to offer you the opportunity to become a member of the auto

po box 1100 new market va 22844-1100 www.autokrafters.com prsrt std us postage paid permit no 317 fond du lac wi water pumpscontrolarms sunvisors hardware quarterpanels overdrive we now offer the performance automatic® line of transmissions and parts including aod conversions for your bronco harmonic balancers weatherstrip kits your ride clothing · flexplates · aluminum transmission pans · bellhousings · dipstick and filler tubes · c4 aod aode fuel lines cleaning products emblems upholstery wheels models windshield wiper arms steering wheels leaf springs master cylinders flywheels accessories door panels brake conversion kits moulding replacement engines the name s the game see a list of parts offered by performance automatic® on pages 61­62 shop manuals seat foam transmissions brake lines water pumpscontrolarms sunvisors hardware quarterpanels we have grille letters emblems and tailgate decals for your classic bronco see pages 32­33 for our selection of exterior emblems and