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86 transmission clutch hardened input shaft 70 73 a hardened input shaft made of 4340 non-twist steel it s able to handle an extremely fast rate shear-load c4 with 26 splines pa26405 ea 160.00 fw345 68 68 69 fw1600 flywheels ­ manual transmission continued 302 with 10 101/2 or 11 clutch universal fit 164 teeth 141/4 o.d fw345 ea 149.95 390 replaces oem #s c5az-6375k and c5az-6375l drilled to fit both 11 and 111/2 clutch pressure plate patterns 184 teeth fw292343 ea 149.95 289 2/b or 4/b with 3 or 4-speed all with 101/2 clutch 157 teeth 28 balance sfi approved fw1600 ea 199.95 pa26403 pa26404 with this deeper pan you will be able to hold more fluid for more efficient cooling its aluminum construction makes it stronger than stock steel pans aluminum also promotes faster heat dissipation for further cooling of your transmission includes pan gasket drain plug and attaching hardware 7 wide × 9 long × 4 deep features pa logo c4 case fill pa26403 ea 120.00

92 suspension steering c6oz-3020a c9oz-3020 c2oz-5a486a front sway bar end link kits 67 73 67 73 k8097 upper suspension rubber bumpers i see diagram on previous page mounts on outer shock tower coil spring cover requires 2 per vehicle 67 69 70 73 c6oz-3020a ea 7.95 includes nut c9oz-3020 ea 8.95 polyurethane c2oz-5a486a kit 15.95 rubber requires 2 per vehicle k8097 kit 12.95 c4dz3388rr c4dz3388a 54935/8 sway bar mounts without brackets rubber 67 73 67 73 54937/8 k5227 upper arm spring seats and bushings j see diagram on previous page bolts to upper control arm 67 73 67 73 reproduction gold-anodized with red nitrile rubber bushing and insulator c4dz-3388rr ea 39.95 import c4dz-3388a ea 29.95 with 5 8 bar 54935/8 pr 14.95 with 11 /16 bar 549311/16 pr 14.95 with 3 /4 bar 54933/4 pr 14.95 with 7 8 bar 54937/8 pr 19.95 with 15 /16 bar 549315/16 pr 19.95 with 1 bar 54931 pr 14.95 with 5 8 to 11 /16 bar k5227 pr 10.95 typical

98 suspension steering front of rear spring bolt with nut d 68 73 f120434 ea 3.50 c7sz-3517c f23z-3517b steering column bearings genuine ford 67 72 67 72 with tilt wheel 11 /16 i.d 11 2 o.d 1 /4 thick c7sz-3517c ea 44.95 67 with fixed wheel 67 71 with tilt wheel 72 with fixed wheel 3 /4 i.d 13 16 o.d 1 /4 thick f23z-3517b ea 27.95 rear leaf spring anti-squeak pad 67 73 requires 4 to 8 per vehicle c0aa-5586b ea 2.50 fs772 fs769 rear shackle kits e 67 70 71 72 requires 2 kits per vehicle includes 2 shackles 4 bushings and 2 nuts fs772 ea 39.95 requires 2 kits per vehicle includes 2 shackles 4 bushings and 2 nuts fs772 ea 39.95 includes the shackle with built-in bolts 4 bushings and 2 nuts with rubber bushings requires 2 kits per vehicle fs769 ea 14.95 with midolyne bushings requires 1 pair per vehicle fs769m pr 49.95 rear suspension g h e c b d a f b c6oz5741a rear spring insulator f 67 73 c7wy5705a typical cougar rear suspension

104 brake c5zz-2a487b parking brake lever link spring retainer 72 73 c4uz-2a787b ea 3.95 d1zz-2a487b c6oz-2a487a brake pedal pad trim d stainless 69 70 71 73 c9zz-2454a c6oz-2454a parking brake pedal pads c9zz-2a487c c9zz-2454a ea 6.95 c6oz-2454a ea 9.95 c9zz-2454a ea 6.95 67 67 73 68 73 a/t c5zz-2a487b ea 6.95 m/t d1zz-2a487b ea 19.95 a/t c6oz-2a487a ea 14.95 parking brake pedal pad trim stainless steel 69 71 73 c9zz-2a487c ea 9.95 c9zz-2a487c ea 9.95 bag6123 brake pedal pads bag6121 e made from 6061-t6 aluminum with a brushed finish features black rubber inserts for traction matches accelerator pedal assembly on page 22 67 68 67 70 69 70 a/t bag6123 kit 59.95 m/t includes clutch pedal bag6121 set 79.95 a/t bag6125 kit 59.95 typical 67 68 brake pedal assembly f d c brake pedal pads c a21185 a21184 c7zz6501508c brake pedal assemblies use with drum drum and disc disc brake power brake combinations note will work with 67 but may

110 hardware ak490 372719s100 bumper bolt wave washer 67 70 c5zz-17a924 ea 1.00 rear valance hardware screws ak1003 bumper bolts 67 68 69 70 73 2.50 ak490 set av8626 flat style set of 11 67 70 end bolt kit 67 68 with nuts plated to prevent rusting 4-piece kit 2.95 372719-s100 kit headlamp hardware requires 8 includes nut ak1003 ea 2.50 requires 8 7 16 ­ 14 × 7 8 stainless steel head av8626 ea 1.00 requires 8 includes nut ak1003 ea 2.50 fo198 ak425 67 68 69 ak470 front and rear bumper bolt kits 67 68 headlamp door screws and nuts 6 of each ak425 set 3.50 does all 4 lamps 4.00 set of 10 ak470 set 67 68 mounts bumpers to brackets includes 8 bumper bolts 8 bumper bolt washers and 8 bumper bolt nuts 24 pieces fo198 kit 20.95 mounts brackets to frame includes 4 each of bumper bolts and washers 4 each of frame bolts and washers and 4 each of body bolts and washers 24 pieces fo199 kit 29.95 headlamp ring mounting screws stainless steel set

116 hardware clutch equalizer parts continued 1508bush clutch pedal support repair kits bushing kit 2478kit c0az-7526b bushing c9zz-7523a at clutch release idler lever reproduction 67 71 67 68 69 70 c0az-7526b ea 2.95 289 302 c3dz-7523c ea 12.95 302 351 c9zz-7523a ea 9.95 includes 2 plastic bushings 2 snap rings and 2 metal sleeves 67 70 kit 19.95 1508bush 2478kit kit 29.95 clutch release lever rod retracting springs shaft kit 67 clutch equalizer parts retainer at equalizer shaft bearing genuine ford 67 72 requires 2 c1dd-7a629a ea 2.95 clutch release lever parts clutch release lever anti-rattle spring 67 all c6az-7562a ea 9.95 c6zz-7591a c1dd7543kit clutch equalizer bar repair kits includes 2 felt washers 2 nylon ball bushings and 2 clevis clips kit c1dd-7543kit also includes 1 metal washer 67 70 14.95 small-block c1dd-7543kit kit 390 428 c1aa-7543kit kit 15.95 c9zz-7591a c1aa7543kit clutch release lever retracting springs 67 68 69 71 289

122 books videos shop manuals ­ cd-rom these informational cd-roms contain the factory shop manual and master parts catalog including illustrations sales brochures and other historical vehicle facts and historical fact for the year search for parts using categories such as brakes sheet metal and more view part locations from the master parts catalog print reference pages as needed requires microsoft ® windows not returnable 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 39.95 cd67cg/cm/mt set cd68cg/mt set 39.95 mercury cars cd69mccar set 39.95 mercury cars cd70mccar set 39.95 mercury cars cd71mccar set 39.95 mercury cars cd72mccar set 39.95 mercury cars shop manual and wiring diagram cd73fdcar set 39.95 mp330 mp332 mp307 dealer facts and features 67 68 69 70 reprints of factory sales literature that was used by the salesmen at ford dealerships mp330 ea 8.95 mp332 ea 8.95 mp307 ea 8.95 mp239 ea 8.95 small instructional booklets found in the glove compartments 67 68 69

128 accessories car covers budge litetm semi-custom® car cover made of spun-bonded polypropylene and is strong lightweight and breathable provides resistance to moisture mold and mildew caution water resistance doesn t mean waterproof includes a stortm budge lite age bag and has grommet holes on both sides to material allow tying down with either rope or cable lock also includes antenna patch for cars that do not have retracting antennas 73 b3 ea 49.95 typical car cover miscellaneous 11930 11308 polished chrome license plate embossed with the mercury logo includes hardware and anti-theft caps 11930 ea 34.95 license plate frame solid brass frame plated in chrome with black mercury engraved in factory font 10308 ea 39.95 car covers multibond® this cover is approximately 16 to 171/2 long multibond® uses 3-layer polypropylene construction for better moisture and dust resistance and the fibers are treated for extra uv resistance this us made fabric offers good basic

134 chemicals paints cleaners waxes vht® chrome plus spray paint vht® brilliant metallic paint is a unique quick-dry formulation that produces a metallic appearance on metal glass or wood surfaces 11 oz aerosol sp525 ea 7.95 sp285 sp228 sp205 215 plasti-kote® cast finish enamel this rebuilder s cast finish is a fast-drying enamel that resists oil brake fluid and gasoline recommended for master cylinders engine blocks idler arms and brackets strut rods pitman arms and spindles withstands heat up to 500º f 12 oz aeorsol sp285 ea 8.95 genuine ford spray paint used to refinish splash pans and other argent silver-colored metal body parts argent silver 13 oz aerosol d7az-19000a ea 19.95 plasti-kote® engine primer chemically bonds to metal and will not burn off chip or peel it is gasoline and oil resistant resists temperatures up to 500º f 16 oz aerosol gray sp228 ea 6.95 cleaners nitrile industrial disposable gloves latex-free powder-free disposable gloves for use with

photos of your 67 73 mercury cougars wanted here is a way to get some money back from your restored mercury cougar we need color pictures of our customers cars and trucks for inclusion in our catalogs promotional items and our web site here s what s in it for you a $25.00 gift certificate for each photo we use on a cover to be used for a future purchase with us what we need from you · clear color photos with good contrast lighting and pleasing backgrounds · watch those shadows and light spots that wash out the color of the vehicle overcast days are usually best for shooting outdoors · try to choose a location away from objects that may reflect in the vehicle s finish · no individuals or animals should be in the photo · stock or near-stock vehicles are preferred over heavily modified ones · three-point an angle with three sides of the vehicle visible shots are preferred take a look at our covers for examples · digital photos are preferred over prints digital photos

po box 1100 new market va 22844-1100 prsrt std us postage paid permit no 317 fond du lac wi water pumpscontrolarms sunvisors hardware quarterpanels harmonic balancers weatherstrip kits floor pans or trunk floors shop manualssay clothing fuel to lines goodbye panels with quality sheet metal from auto krafters dents and rust models windshield wiper arms emblems upholstery wheels cruise in style to create that special look seat foam transmissions cleaning products brake lines leaf springs master steering wheels cylinders accessories quarter panels or rocker panels classic or modern flywheels wheels replacebrake those battered corroded kits conversion we have the styles you wantreplacement engines moulding check out our wide selection of parts on pages 46­49 see pages 51­52 for a variety of wheels center caps lug nuts and other wheel accessories door panels water pumpscontrolarms sunvisors hardware quarterpanels harmonic balancers weatherstrip kits seat foam brake