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123 cougar assembly manuals continued amk products guide to ford fasteners 1955 ­ 73 this book represents four years of research and composition included are the majority of 1955­ 73 ford car and truck threaded fasteners as well as hose clamps and many other common nonthreaded fasteners the book s primary purpose is to assist the ford restorer in identifying original equipment fasteners found on their vehicles contents include 10,000 items history finishes measuring grades and refinishing sftbd 274 pgs ea 32.95 9657662 books videos am0080 chassis 67 68 69 70 am0157 am0070 ea 19.95 am0075 ea 19.95 am0080 ea 19.95 am0085 ea 19.95 am0157 ea 19.95 am0159 ea 19.95 engine 67 69 high performance ford engine parts interchange by george reid this book covers 9 small-blocks and 12 big-blocks 221 through 460 cid including cleveland and windsor ids casting numbers on svo components cylinder heads blocks cranks rods and cams carburetor ids and much much more this extensively-researched book also includes critical information and great detail on the highly desirable highperformance hardware throughout the 60s 70s and 80s by following its advice and combining some of the best parts from various years some great performance potential can be unlocked in ways ford never offered to the general public revised and updated softbound mp64 mp65 mp66 mp261 160 pgs ea 24.95 b127910 wiring diagrams reprints of the ford motor company ® factory wiring diagrams 67 68 69 70 mp64 ea 7.95 mp65 ea 7.95 mp66 ea 7.95 mp261 ea 7.95 1963­74 ford products interchange manual lists identically used parts on all ford products every commonly needed parts headings axle bearing brake clutch cooling electrical engine fuel suspension transmission wheel body and glass invaluable for the owner and restorer 280 pgs ea 37.95 b102194 mp153 vacuum schematics 69 70 71 72 73 mp155 mp13 mp120 mp152 ea 6.50 mp153 ea 6.50 mp154 ea 6.50 mp155 ea 6.50 mp156 ea 6.50 off highway parts reprint of an early 70s ford performance book covers selection of engines modifications and parts for track drag strip and hi-po applications 68 illustrations 108 pgs ea 13.95 mp13 ford high performance parts identifier by robert m winkelman authenticate any highperformance engine this pocket-sized book lists casting numbers on engines engine components transmission and differential an invaluable reference 88 pgs book10 ea 8.95 complete book of ford off highway operation parts newsletters this supplement manual to off highway parts is a compilation of newsletters from the early 70s covering high-performance equipment built after the original off highway parts manual was printed mp120 ea 10.95 1962­76 ford component build date manual includes identification codes and date stamp locations for engines automatic transmissions electrical components heating and air conditioning chassis power steering steering suspension axle brakes shocks and body includes line drawings and tables sftbd 12 pgs mp377 ea 7.95 38 pgs hi-per parts if you are collecting literature on high-performance ford s this is for you a reprint of the original autolite ford catalog of bolt-on performance parts for bigblocks covers everything to modify your 390 406 427 428 and cobra jet for street and strip carbs manifolds valves flywheels cams and much more 68 illustrations sftbd mp42 ea 17.95