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weatherstrip 2 we sell the highest quality weatherstrip available at competitive prices from such leading manufacturers as dennis carpenter® and drake automotive® typical hood-to-cowl seal note some small seals are foreign made if you have any questions about the country of origin please call c4dz-16a238 hood-to-cowl seals clips are included unless otherwise noted c6oz-16a238a radiator support-to-hood seals ’60 – ’63 ’64 – ’65 ’66 – ’67 ’60 – ’62 all ’63 6-cylinder without a/c c0db-16238a ea 12.95 ’64 all ’65 6-cylinder c4dz-16a238 ea 8.95 c6oz-16a238a ea 12.95 f131 f132 f141 ’60 – ’61 ’62 – ’63 ’64 – ’65 ’66 – ’70 ’701⁄2 clips not included f110 ea 14.95 f111 ea 14.95 f112 ea 14.95 c6oz-16740 ea 18.95 d0oz-16740a ea 19.95 cowl weatherstrip bracket and screw

weatherstrip 10 c0db-15510a typical ’60 – ’63 falcon back-up lamp assembly 64hp door handle pads ’60 – ’65 ’66 – ’70 back-up lamp lens gaskets ’60 – ’63 ’60 – ’62 falcon all ’63 falcon wagon and sedan delivery ’63 comet 2 or 4-door sedan and convertible except s-22 ’63 ranchero ’66 ’67 ’68 – ’70 c0db-15510a set 1.95 except station wagon and ranchero set of 4 2 back-up lens gaskets and 2 taillight lens gaskets f169 set 6.95 except station wagon set of 4 2 back-up lens gaskets and 2 taillight lens gaskets f172 set 5.95 except station wagon set of 6 4 back-up lens gaskets and 2 taillight lens gaskets f175 set 6.95 64hp set 4.95 6671hp set 9.95 outside door handles are on page 61 c2dz6443625a trunk lock cylinder pads trunk lock-related parts are on page 56 c0db5955147c c7az13568a license plate lamp lens

17 retro-style retractable seat belts push-button buckle continued meets or exceeds federal motor vehicle safety standards for mounting hardware see part number sb716ch page 18 or ak199 next column “aviation-style” lift-handle buckle chrome lift-up handle and chrome-plated floor anchors 259-tan webbing 17⁄8 wide buckle 21⁄8 × 21⁄2 inertial locking retractor 3 × 2 lap belts only belt 70 43 on retractor side 27 on buckle side note these are lap belts only does not include shoulder strap and will not work with shoulder strap black 259-blk ea 47.95 bright red 259-brd ea 47.95 tan 259-tan ea 47.95 lap and shoulder belts retractor holds 96 of webbing with 39 of webbing outside totaling over 11 of belt webbing buckle side is fully adjustable for maximum installation flexibility this system uses an advanced inertial retractor that locks to support the upper and lower parts of the body in a sudden stop retractor may be mounted in either

interior 24 typical mat default logo default logo 251⁄2 149 129 137 133 262 161⁄2 111 148 136 207 floor mats – rubber protect your car s carpet with this set of front and rear rubber floor mats the fronts have both the falcon bird and falcon script embossed logo all four are ribbed vertically for better foot traction black in color officially licensed by ford motor co falcon c4dz-6513086-01 set 79.95 floor mats – carpeted loop pile carpeted mats with vinyl binding 80 rayon 20 nylon blend most original colors available emblems are printed on front mat only rear mats are plain no emblems typical molded floor covering typical sewn floor covering floor mat colors black ford blue br red maroon dk blue lt saddle saddle cut pile dk brown ivy gold dk green moss gr aqua ember loop pile floor covering – carpet made from top-quality original-type materials and features a heavy 36 oz jute backing formed to the floor contours for easy installation cutand-sewn

interior 32 glove box parts continued c6dz6206072b c0dz6207079a door latch sun802r60 fz88r sst802r 33⁄8 retro tachometers all-metal tachometers with black faces and 0 to 8,000 rpm range retro styling with modern electronics inside features internal settings for 1 2 4 6 8 and 10-cylinder engines all-metal housing with removable chrome cup brackets for mounting either to steering column or dash vibration-proof air core meter design also features 360º lighting for better night visibility great item to finish your restoration project non-locking ’66 – ’70 falcon sedan and station wagon ’66 ranchero c6dz-6206072b ea 17.95 door catch plastic c0dz-6207079a ea 6.95 ’60 – ’63 ’60s style fz88r ea 159.95 ’70s style sst802r ea 159.95 wiring harness for retro tachometers includes terminal ends sun802r60 ea 24.95 ak250 380369s dash ash tray bumpers ’62 – ’66 ’68 – ’70

39 interior parking brake handle note not all models had the same hole location on the shaft to accommodate this handle it may be necessary to drill a new hole in the shaft in order to mount this handle ’60 – ’65 c0dz-2760b ea 9.95 .97 25 mm 1.5 38 mm windshield washer pedal pad ’60 – ’67 3.5 all and ’65 comet c7zz-17664 ea 2.50 90 mm 31 mm “hermosa” radio dimensions radios and related “hermosa” am fm radio “monterey” am fm radio mo-bk-0485 audio streaming features features hc-122-0474 made for ipod® iphone® and has built-in bluetooth® connectivity for hands-free phone calls and wireless • rear-mounted auxiliary inputs for portable devices • white or green illumination that lets you customize it to your vehicle’s interior • 2 usb ports for ipod® iphone® or mp3 wma music files plus 2 standard auxiliary inputs are included • built-in 25 watts

interior 46 window regulator handle screw cover ’68 – ’70 c8az-6223362a ea 1.50 c8oz-5422917pr c6oz-6322916-7a vent window handles continued window regulator handle screws phillips head set of 4 ’68 – ’70 ak466 set 1.25 door handle window regulator handle spring ’66 – ’67 ’68 – ’70 front door vent window pivot spring ’60 – ’65 falcon and ’65 comet b7a-7022624a ea 1.25 b7ac8azc5az7023370b 6223370a 6223370a window regulator handle back-up plates escutcheons goes on back side top of vent window frame where window rolls up b7a-7023370b ea 3.50 ’60 – ’63 c3az-6223370a ea 1.50 ’64 – ’65 ’66 – ’67 c5az-6223370a ea 1.00 ’68 – ’701⁄2 semi-transparent white plastic c8az-6223370a ea 1.50 c3oz-6222620-01 red dk brown green aqua beige ivy gold c3dz6322620c door handle back-up

trunk 54 72x48 tm60fapls tm64fapls 72x48bf heat shield and sound deadener this quality heat shield insulation gives owners the opportunity to use space-age technology in keeping heat and noise out of their driving and listening environment consists of one sheet of 99.5 pure industrial grade aluminum laminated to 3⁄8 padding achieving the highest reflection of heat and sound deadening-capabilities when placed with the aluminum side toward the heat and or noise source cross-section of 72x48 tm64csps tm66fapls plaid trunk mat material speckle trunk mat material trunk mats note when test-fitting mats please use a sheet or some other barrier between the mat and the trunk floor mats with soiled backing cannot be returned 72 × 48 sheet 72x48 ea 59.95 insulator and sound deadener with bubble film this reflective foil insulation consists of two layers of polyethylene bubble film sandwiched between two layers of 99.9 pure aluminum foil making it 5⁄16 thick temperature

61 ’66 – ’70 c5az-6222023a ea 2.00 parking lamp related c0dz-6522404-pr c4dz-6222404-5p c6oz6222405ax c1df13208c c0df-13208a outside door handles ’60 – ’63 ’64 – ’65 ’66 – ’70 falcon except 2-door hardtop and convertible pads and buttons not included made in usa c0dz-6522404-pr pr 129.95 front handles with pads and buttons concours quality also includes pivot mechanisms rod clips and hardware finest handles on the market c4dz-6222404-5p pr 57.50 import handles and buttons only 6522404 pr 34.95 includes pads and buttons lh c6oz-6222405ax ea 69.95 rh c6oz-6222404ax ea 69.95 c2db-13208b lenses ’60 ’61 ’62 – ’65 ’63 – ’65 ’64 – ’65 c3dz-13208a c3az-13208b falcon clear c0df-13208a ea 8.95 falcon ranchero clear c1df-13208c ea 28.95 clear c2db-13208b ea 6.95 amber c3dz-13208a ea 6.95 comet clear c3az-13208b

exterior 68 bumpers bumper brackets continued before after bumper rechroming please call our rebuild department to place an order or ask any questions regarding this process good quality us-production triple-nickel and triple-chrome plating for your bumper limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to the original purchaser this warranty covers the plating under normal circumstances as long as the item plated is properly maintained you must retain your invoice for verification of purchase rear c4dz17788c/96a c4dz17787c/95a inner and outer rear bumper arms tack welded together falcon except station wagon sedan delivery and ranchero ’64 – ’65 lh c4dz-17788c/96a set 59.95 rh c4dz-17787c/95a set 59.95 please allow 12 to 14 weeks plus shipping for this process falcon ’60 – ’70 front or rear ea 480.00 comet ’60 – ’65 front or rear ea 510.00 ranchero ’60 – ’66 front ea 480.00 rear ea 460.00

c3oz1130 wheel cover spinners ’63 – ’65 ’65 – ’66 fits 13 and 14 wire wheel covers exact reproduction chrome die-cast c3oz-1130 ea 39.95 3-bar spinner with blue center used with wire hub cap c5az-sp ea 39.95 baby moon hub caps – chrome add a touch of class to your stock wheels these hub caps are made of strong steel to resist denting and are chrome-plated for lasting beauty fits most gm and ford 14 or 15 stock wheels 101⁄8 inside diameter box of 4 4580 set 79.95 a 1⁄2 – 20 c .618 .628 b 1.615 1.635 d .440 .460 av14231 acdb dw635grns windshield glass note these items ship via truck freight please contact us for a shipping quote before ordering ’60 – ’65 ’63 – ’65 ’66 – ’70 falcon 2 or 4-door sedan 2 or 4-door station wagon ’61 ’65 ranchero green tint with blue shading across top dw584grns ea 175.00 2-door