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2 weatherstrip we sell the highest quality weatherstrip available at competitive prices from such leading manufacturers as dennis carpenter® and scott drake® most weatherstripping carries a 1-year warranty you must retain your invoice to file a warranty claim no invoice no claim note some small seals are foreign made if you have any questions about the country of origin please call windshield weatherstrip continued 77 79 f-series 78 79 bronco with groove for narrow flexible plastic chrome chrome not included d7tz-1003110b ea 99.95 e f h front fender splash shield 76 79 h f g c typical 73 79 door area weatherstrip typical 80 86 door area weatherstrip note there is a $10.00 boxing fee for this item f-series 78 79 bronco rh d6tz-16102a ea 132.95 c d3tz16b126a beltline weatherstrip kits c does inner and outer for 1 pair of doors set of 4 d3tz-6246f front fender apron seals 73 77 74 76 74 76 fender-to-front body pillar seals includes clips and

8 interior steering wheels and related ca308 ca302 d4tz3600a e6tz-9a820a speedometer cables continued 86 f-series 4wd and bronco n.o.s e6tz-9a820c ea 21.95 f-series 2wd a/t except e4od without speed control approximately 80 long 400270 ea 27.95 f-150 2wd 4-speed or a/t with speed control f-250 2wd 3 or 4-speed or a/t with speed control f-350 2wd 4-speed or a/t with speed control 71 long ca3018 ea 21.95 f-150 2wd 4-speed without speed control f-250 2wd 4 or 5-speed or a/t without speed control f-350 2wd 4-speed or a/t without speed control 63 long ca3021 ea 24.95 f-series 2wd a/t with speed control n.o.s e6tz-9a820a ea 35.95 e7tz3600b steering wheels black horn pads sold separately 73 77 75 77 87 91 f-series without speed control d4tz-3600a ea 249.95 f-series with speed control d5tz-3600b ea 299.95 does not include horn bar cover e7tz-3600b ea 249.95 87 90 87 90 d3tz-3a805a 87 90 88 91 d9tz-3a805a d8tz-3a805c e7tz-13a805b

34 exterior headlamp doors d8tz-13064a 574-95r 78 headlamp doors continued d8tz-13064b 574-95l 578-95br 578-95bl round type argent made in the usa lh d8tz-13064b ea 41.95 rh d8tz-13064a ea 41.95 import lh 574-95l ea 22.95 rh 574-95r ea 22.95 578-95ar 92 96 578-95al 578-95r 578-95l d8tz-13064c d8tz-13064d 574-95al 574-95ar 78 79 d8tz-13064e d8tz-13064f 574-95bl 574-95br 78 79 rectangular type argent made in the usa lh d8tz-13064d ea 41.95 rh d8tz-13064c ea 41.95 import lh 574-95al ea 22.95 rh 574-95ar ea 22.95 rectangular type made in the usa chrome-plated plastic lh d8tz-13064f ea 41.95 rh d8tz-13064e ea 41.95 import chrome finish lh 574-95bl ea 22.95 rh 574-95br ea 22.95 black lh 578-95bl ea 19.95 rh 578-95br ea 19.95 chrome lh 578-95al ea 22.95 rh 578-95ar ea 22.95 gray lh 578-95l ea 19.95 rh 578-95r ea 19.95 577-150r 577-150l 577-151r 577-151l 578-150r 87 91 578-150l headlamp assemblies

50 exterior moulding clips retainers continued cc bb cc 80 86 f-series upper tailgate moulding wheelhouse moulding screws phillips head 8 screws per kit requires 4 kits per vehicle 73 96 with wheel opening moulding ak588 kit 1.75 80 86 tailgate moulding included with corresponding mouldings except wheel opening mouldings these retainers clips are sold as replacements for broken or lost ones upper moulding 80 86 80 84 f-series without vinyl moulding insert 80 86 bronco without vinyl moulding insert ends requires 2 per tailgate cc e0tz-9942533a ea 1.95 80 84 f-series bronco without vinyl moulding insert center requires 7 per tailgate bb d0sz-6521066b ea 1.95 moulding release tool removes trim moulding around cemented windshields and rear windows quickly and easily one-piece metal construction 15k128 ea 6.95 emblems d3tb-16850n hood ornaments universal rocker panel moulding clip 3 /4 73 96 × washer 33 /16 plate stud butterfly style includes

66 exterior c7tz1141h center caps 73 77 typical torq-thrust d wheel c6az1141a 64000 73 77 american racing wheel and lug nuts torq-thrust d wheel made of one-piece alloy center is painted magnesium gray machined lip includes center cap lug nuts are sold separately see part #64000 note this wheel may not work on vehicles with oversized calipers 80 83 f-100 2wd 5 × 41/2 bolt circle and 3.62 back spacing 15 × 6 ar1055665 ea 179.95 f-100 f-150 4wd front with 15 hubcap red c7tz-1141h ea 34.95 f-100 f-150 4wd rear only 75 f-100 f-150 2wd front and rear 77 f-150 2wd front and rear with 15 hubcap red c6az-1141a ea 34.95 hub cap center emblem red 82 89 f-100 f-150 2wd with styled steel wheels ­ front and rear f-100 f-150 4wd bronco with styled steel wheels ­ rear only e2tz-1137a ea 15.95 torq-thrust tough nuts lug nuts regular cone seat set of 4 80 83 64000 set 6.95 d5tz1130p wheel covers 73 76 center section plastic note this part is

82 engine fuel m6588 universal throttle spring bracket triple chrome plated designed for multiple mounting points and easy to install for springs see part #4700 on previous page 4708 ea 6.95 m6984 m6878 sp24283 sp2418 universal throttle cable brackets easy to install features adjusting screw to maintain proper alignment of throttle cable chrome finish 73 87 all 2/b and 4/b without a/t kick-down cable bracket sp2418 ea 14.95 with a/t kick-down cable bracket sp24283 ea 21.95 m6882 fuel pumps m6978 77 79 77 f-100 300 light duty 78 f-series 300 all d7tz-9350d ea 24.95 carter 73 74 tcht tcu 73 76 74 77 78 universal throttle cables ­ 24 these are not a direct factory replacement may require modification braided cable tcht ea 49.95 stock cable tcu ea 49.95 78 79 f-100 302 all and 74 302 without in-cab tank m6588 ea 39.95 73 74 f-100 f-250 360 390 2wd 75 76 f-100 360 390 without in-cab tank 75 76 f-150 f-250 360 390

98 engine wiring electrical dh6 40501 40511 ignition coils flame thrower i 73 74 fits 6-cylinder except v6 3.0 ohm use with ignitor ignition system #1261 and #91261 chrome 40501 ea 39.95 black 40511 ea 34.95 fits 6 and 8-cylinder vehicles 1.5 ohms resistance oil filled use with ignitor ignition system #1281 and #91281 chrome 40001 ea 39.95 black 40011 ea 34.95 replaces most canister type coils in 6 and 8-cylinder distributor type induction systems 0.6 ohms resistance chrome 45001 ea 44.95 black 45011 ea 39.95 75 77 dh353 dh354 dh367 45001 45011 distributor caps conventional with points 73 77 v8 plain black like original fomoco with aluminum contacts dh6 ea 4.95 6-cylinder dh353 ea 6.95 v8 plain black like original fomoco with aluminum contacts dh6 ea 6.95 v8 dh354 ea 8.95 6-cylinder dh353 ea 6.95 6-cylinder dh367 ea 4.95 460 dh354 ea 8.95 6-cylinder dh367 ea 4.95 460 and distributor #d9te-12127fa dh354

114 suspension steering steering stabilizers continued 73 96 73 79 f-100 f-150 4wd except super cab 80 93 f-100 f-150 2wd 80 95 f-350 4wd with open channel or boxed frame 80 96 f-150 4wd with twin traction beam front axle 80 96 f-250 2wd without oe steering stabilizer 80 96 f-250 4wd with open channel or boxed frame 80 96 f-350 2wd with open channel or boxed frame all without oe steering stabilizer 93 98 f-350 4wd with oe steering stabilizer 78 79 bronco 90 96 bronco with open channel or boxed frame 16227 set 40.95 cv405 garrison-type bendix-type cv405 cv8506 front stabilizer bar 75 79 f-series 2wd lh or rh requires 2 per vehicle d5tz-5k483a ea 14.95 call our rebuild department to place an order or for any questions regarding rebuilds note customer must supply a core or check with our rebuild department to see if a core is available 73 75 73 75 f-100 f-150 with 4wd 73 74 f-250 4wd to serial #t80,000 round garrison type

130 hardware 73 79 moulding clips retainers continued av10823 body bolt 1/4 av10050 ­ 20 × 1/4 used with u-nuts #av10050 and #av10051 av10823 ea .50 73 79 d2oz-71425a94a cab corner moulding upper moulding 73 79 f-series styleside standard cab requires 2 one of each side d2oz-71425a94a ea 2.00 race track-style lower moulding 77 79 f-series regular cab and super cab f-250 f-350 crew cab 78 79 bronco d2sz-6520818a ea 2.00 u-nuts used with bolt #av10823 73 79 17/32 center of hole to edge av10050 ea .50 25/32 center of hole to edge av10051 ea .60 381955s d3tz-1020880c d3tz-16a076a d3tz-9929316a bed side quarter moulding standard upper moulding 73 79 f-series styleside 78 79 bronco front end and center f-series 6 bed side requires 14 7 per side f-series 8 bed side requires 18 9 for each side bronco quarter requires 16 8 per side d3tz-1020880c ea 1.50 73 79 f-series styleside 78 79 bronco center requires 2 1 for each side

146 accessories brush-on bed liner kit by herculiner® this do-it-yourself kit includes 1 gallon of herculiner protective coating 1 brush 2 rollers 1 roller handle an hcl1b8 hcl1b7 abrasive pad and detailed instructions 1 gallon of coating is sufficient to cover one 6 truck bed for an 8 bed an additional quart is required see part #hcl1b7 for 1 quart of coating herculiner® polyurethane protective coating is easy to apply and dries fast to an attractive black textured coating that helps prevent rust corrosion this tough polyurethane and rubber formula won t chip flake or peel great for trailers too can be applied to metal concrete wood fiberglass most plastics and rubber note you must wipe down your truck bed with a cleaning solvent such as xylene acetone or mek which is not included in this kit hcl1b8 kit 89.95 60011 hitch covers 60021 blue ford logo 60011 ea 59.95 blue ford logo with racing in red 60021 ea 59.95 this new hitch step is a must for all truck suv and

po box 1100 new market va 22844-1100 prsrt std us postage paid permit no 317 fond du lac wi water pumps control arms sunvisors hardware quarter panels harmonic balancers weatherstrip kits seat foam brake line engine assemblies from mild to wild don t overhaul or fuel lines transmissions cleaning shop manuals clothing rebuild that old engine ­ replace it with the best product emblems upholstery wheels models windshield wiper arms steering wheels leaf springs master cylinders flywheels accessories marshall longblock brake conversion kits moulding replacement engine marshall blueprint door panels shop manuals warranty up to 36 months or 100,000 miles whichever comes first auto krafters is proud to offer replacement engines from marshall engines for over two decades marshall engines has built superior quality replacement engines for cars and light trucks they have demonstrated market leadership with the introduction of the world s first