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auto door glass run channel liner trunk rear seat divider board front seat adjust handle knob turn signal cam repair kits column shift to floor shift center of hole to edge 60 70 full size mercury auto krafters galaxie and full size ford galaxie 500 4 door hardtop 63 galaxie 500 4 door hardtop convertible top weatherstrip kit 64 ford galaxie 500 xl 2 door interior rear view mirrors 60 x 60 auto body to frame mounts convertible top hydraulic hoses hood to cowl seals door lock striker plate hood to cowl seal ford brake pedal pad trim horn ring pressure pad rear quarter trim panels windshield wiper pivot shaft upper steering column bearings steering column tube bearing oval head tapping screws lower steering column bearing ford 3 speed manual transmission ford 4 speed manual transmission 95 convertible top boot rear view mirror mounting bracket wire spoke hub cap door glass run channel inside door handle clip removal tool steering wheel and horn ring turn signal lever knob air inlet duct heater rear view mirror adhesive front door glass lower channel 72 ford 4 speed manual transmission brake pedal arm bumper radiator support to hood seal spare tire hold down 12 volt negative ground red white and blue emblem back up lamp switch wheel cylinder rebuild kit for a ford back up light switch assembly 67 72 back up light switch back up light switch center caps red white and blue red white and blue ford crest body to frame mounts wheel cylinder made in the usa auto krafters inc

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weatherstrip 2 we sell the highest quality weatherstrip available at competitive prices from such leading manufacturers as dennis carpenter® and scott drake® all weatherstripping carries a 1-year warranty you must retain your invoice to file a warranty claim no invoice – no claim note some small seals are foreign made if you have any questions about the country of origin please call a b c7az-8326 detail top of radiator support-to-radiator seals a ’64 233⁄4 long c4az-8397 ea 8.95 ’67 24 long c7az-8326 ea 9.95 ’69 – ’70 2313⁄16 long c9az-8326 ea 9.95 top of radiator support-to-hood air deflector seals b ’60 – ’63 ’61 – ’63 ’64 ’65 – ’66 ’67 ’68 ’69 – ’70 v8 with a/c complete with retainers c0ab-16a238a ea 13.95 ’61 – ’62 all without a/c ’63 6-cylinder without a/c ’61 –

weatherstrip 10 complete weatherstrip kits continued ’64 convertible kit includes the following • hood-to-cowl seal • windshield weatherstrip • 9-piece convertible top weatherstrip kit • lh and rh pillar post weatherstrips • both vent window and back edge of vent window seals • both door front at belt inner seals • both upper door glass bumpers • 8-piece beltline weatherstrip kit • lh and rh door glass run weatherstrips • lh and rh door weatherstrips • both quarter panel drain plugs • both quarter window vertical seals • both quarter pillar seals • lh and rh folding top rear rail water deflector seals • trunk weatherstrip wskitga64cv kit 932.52 ’65 fastback kit includes the following • hood-to-cowl seal • both cowl side panel-to-fender seals • lh and rh roof rail weatherstrips • lh and rh vent window seals • 8-piece beltline weatherstrip kit •

17 sierra grain vinyl colors ’65 – ’67 black dk blue ’67 lt blue dark red palomino maroon ivy gold parchment aqua c4az6264824a c3az6264824a c2az6264824a c6az6364824a c5az6264824a seat emblems ’62 – ’63 ’63 ’64 ’65 ’66 nugget gold ’67 xl front bucket available in black 01 2-tone blue 02/08 2-tone red 03/04 parchment 06 saddle 09 2-tone aqua 16/18 galaxie 500 with front bench 2-door hardtop up67ga65 frbn set 556.95 convertible up67ga76 frbn set 556.95 xl with front buckets 2-door hardtop up67ga65 frbk set 598.95 convertible up67ga76 frbk set 629.95 galaxie with bucket seats stainless steel c2az-6264824a ea 9.95 galaxie with bench seats chrome plated c3az-6264824a ea 9.95 galaxie with bucket seats chrome plated c4az-6264824a ea 19.95 galaxie with bucket seats chrome plated c5az-6264824a ea 9.95 galaxie with bucket seats chrome plated c6az-6364824a ea 10.95 c2az6360050 sf64ga

25 crest detail black c0ab-6213086-03s bright red maroon white lt blue dk blue dk brown floor mats – rubber these high quality floor mats are black rubber featuring the white ford crest the dense pliable rubber compound allows these mats to lay evenly on the floor without unsightly humps or bulges officially licensed by ford available in black 01 or red 03 please add color code to the end of the part number when ordering ’60 – ’70 correct for ’60 – ’64 but will fit ’60 – ’70 set of 2 front mats c0ab-6213086 pr 129.95 set of 2 front mats and 2 rear mats c0ab-6213086 s set 169.95 ’64 galaxie headliner ford star material mooncrater material quality sewn headliners made from original patterns perforated material available by special order ford star material available in white 05 only including ’631⁄2 fastback ea 219.95 bright red maroon white parchment lt blue dk blue dk green med blue

interior 32 b6c-15055 c0az-15052b cigarette lighter related c1ab7630714a cigarette lighter knob black ’60 – ’62 c0az-15052b ea 6.95 cigarette lighter element and well assembly 12 volt ’60 – ’70 b6c-15055 ea 12.95 c5az7630702a convertible quarter trim panel ash tray sliding lid ’61 – ’63 c8az6262876 ford after 5/1/61 and mercury c1ab-7630714a ea 22.95 convertible quarter trim panel ash tray receptacle ’65 – ’68 c5az-7630702a ea 18.95 rear ash tray c2az-7606010 c5az-6206010a console glove box liners and console lid cover liners ’65 – ’66 interior measures approximately 131⁄2 × 51⁄2 excellent reproduction c2az-7606010 ea 49.95 galaxie 500xl reproduction with textured grain exactly as original perfect fit more durable than the original c5az-6206010a ea 49.95 cover only does not include lid black plastic glues over original cover dt464-01 ea 34.95

39 clutch pedal pads ’60 – ’64 ’60 – ’67 ’69 – ’70 ford with manual brakes except xl ’64 mercury all b7a-2457a ea 4.95 brake pedal pad but can be used for clutch pedal pedal and pad bolts directly to arm ab-2454b ea 21.95 c9zz-7a624a ea 7.95 clutch pedal pad trim ’69 – ’70 “hermosa” am fm radio c9zz7b544a c9zz-7b544a ea 14.95 for other clutch-related parts see pages 113–115 windshield washer pedal pad ’60 – ’67 c7zz-17664 ea 2.50 for other windshield washer parts see pages 82–83 b9a2454a c8sz2454b c8sz2a798a features • am fm tuner • rear-mounted usb port allowing you to play mp3 wma music files through your system using up to a 32gb flash drive which is enough space for as many as 7,000 songs • rear-mounted auxiliary inputs for portable devices • white or green illumination that lets you customize it

47 377971s c2oz-6222008b c5az-6222008a ba-3685anv ba-3685a c0az6222008a ak560 c3sz-6322015a c3sz-6322014a door lock striker plate assembly parts c7az-6222053a key blanks ’60 – ’64 ’65 – ’70 ba-3685b c7az-6343562a ignition door ba-3685a ea 2.95 ignition only anniversary key blank features ford crest gold-toned finish and red white and blue detailing ba-3685anv ea 10.95 trunk glove box ba-3685b ea 2.95 ignition door c7az-6222053a ea 2.50 trunk glove box c7az-6343562a ea 2.50 striker plates d see diagram on previous page ’60 – ’62 ’63 – ’64 ’65 – ’70 lh c0az-6222009a ea 21.95 rh c0az-6222008a ea 21.95 lh or rh includes shim c2oz-6222008b ea 14.95 lh or rh c5az-6222008a ea 14.95 sw422 sw814 lck2 striker plate screws e see diagram on previous page ’60 – ’65 ’65 – ’70 5⁄16 –24 fine threads set of two

trunk exterior 54 convertible tops continued c3az-6543625 ’65 – ’66 ’67 – ’68 ’69 – ’70 c7az-6243625 trunk lock cylinder pads continued ’63 ’67 – ’70 d0oz-6343283b trunk lock rod goes from the lever to the latch c4az-6243226a ea 6.95 trunk lock extension rod wl2014 convertible top well liners black ’65 – ’66 ’67 – ’68 ’69 – ’70 d0oz-6343283b ea 3.95 keeps tension on the convertible top latches which allow them to lock into place 3 long ’65 – ’70 c4az6243603 c3az6243603a trunk lock bezels ’63 ’64 wl2014 ea 99.95 wl2015 ea 109.95 wl2016 ea 89.95 well liner springs universal single prong cut to fit ’68 – ’70 p ea 274.95 g ea 384.95 p ea 299.95 g ea 396.95 p ea 269.95 g ea 356.95 c3az-6543625 ea 3.95 c7az-6243625 ea 1.50 c4az-6243226a ’64 plastic

exterior 62 371347s ’64 rocker panel moulding av4258 license plate bumpers ’61 – ’68 ’65 – ’66 ’61 rear and ’61 – ’68 front rubber 371347s ea 1.50 rear requires 1 per vehicle av4258 ea 1.25 rocker panel moulding kits quality reproductions of the originals each kit includes instructions and attaching hardware made in the usa note there is a $10.00 boxing fee for these items ’60 – ’61 380004s 379070-s fuel filler door bumpers ’61 ’65 – ’70 380004s pr 3.95 galaxie 379070-s pr 4.95 moulding ’61 – ’62 hood moulding note there is a $15.00 per order tubing charge for this item ’61 polished aluminum includes hardware c1ab-16856a ea 199.95 ’63 ’64 d3az6503243a one-piece stainless steel like the originals includes template these kits are for cars that did not come with rocker panel mouldings originally or the holes

’63 rear bumper bumper rechroming good quality u.s production triple-nickel and triple-chrome plating for your bumper you must supply a core for rechroming limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to the original purchaser you must retain your invoice for verification of date this warranty covers the plating under normal circumstances as long as the item plated is properly maintained note please allow 8 to 10 weeks plus shipping time for this process sheet metal due to ups size restrictions some items must be shipped via commercial truck lines with the shipping prepaid to auto krafters call before ordering for shipping charges minimum truck shipment charges start at $60.00 please provide a business delivery address when ordering note a $10.00 boxing fee will be added per order for all sheet metal floor pans precision machine fabricated from of 18 gauge steel made in the usa note there is a $10.00 per order boxing fee for these items front floor – with firewall

exterior 76 c0az-1012a lug nuts dw633clr s2ms-1012a 91187xb standard c0az-1012a ea .55 magnum 11⁄16 long s2ms-1012a ea 1.50 ’66 7 litre chrome plated 1⁄2 – 20 rh threads with long body 11⁄2 so lug nuts will extend through wheel cover package of 4 91187xlb pkg 8.95 mcgard wheel locks for 4-lug wheels with 1⁄2 lug nuts includes 4 lock lug nuts and 1 socket 20 thread count 24130 kit 21.95 windshield glass continued ’63 – ’64 2 or 4-door hardtop fastback and convertible clear dw633clr ea 369.95 green tinted with blue shade across top dw633grns ea 325.00 windshield removal tool features a steel cable pull handle it cuts the butyl adhesive caulking around windows with specially-designed tempered steel blade wsr92065 ea 24.95 windshield removal wire kit chrome baby moon hub caps add a touch of class to your stock wheels these hub caps are made of strong steel to resist denting and are chrome-plated for lasting