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52 transmission clutch recommended for use in truck motor home rv and automotive front or rear differentials manual transmissions and lower gear units of marine engines that specify use of an api gl-5 or gl-4 fluid this ultra-tough high performance gl-5 automotive gear oil is designed to provide maximum protection to heavily-loaded gears while maximizing 01300 01303 power output throughout the drivetrain it out-performs other gl-5 gear oils because it combines the highest quality synthetic oils with royal purple s proprietary synslide® additive technology this product makes gears run smoother quieter cooler and longer without overhauls all viscosities of this product are formulated with hypoid friction modifiers necessary for use in clutch or cone type differentials no additional additives are necessary 1 qt 75w90 01300 ea 18.95 85w140 01303 ea 16.95 royal purple max-gear® oil c0az7526b c5az7543c idler lever bushing e 3/8 c1dd7a629a c1dd-7543a c5az-7b545a clutch equalizer

57 suspension steering rp258881 75 77 75 77 rp25914 center links continued m/s no core required rp25881 ea 139.95 p/s rp25914 ea 106.95 core fee rp90003 ea 110.00 cv8535 cv8536 control valve rebuilds cv8535 port detail cv8536 port detail if your control valve needs the ball stud or end cap replaced you will be notified additional cost for the ball stud is $18.00 additional cost for the end cap is $20.00 70 76 76 77 before 4/5/76 flared fitting cv8535 ea 139.95 core for above 200.00 after 4/5/76 o-ring fitting cv8536 ea 139.95 core for above 150.00 k8150 k8245 k8103 idler arm assemblies hh see diagram on previous page made in the usa 70 74 75 77 maverick 71 74 comet k8150 ea 89.95 k8245 ea 59.95 power cylinder rebuilds when necessary shafts are replaced at no extra charge rebuild includes boot insulator kit #c3az-3c651a below note customer must supply core to be rebuilt 70 77 pcrb ea 149.95 idler arm bushing ii see diagram on previous

62 brake brake hoses ­ rubber wc36017 wheel cylinders continued sp4959 front drum 71 73 74 75 c7oz-2078a ea 19.95 sp5290 ea 19.95 all sp4959 ea 19.95 71 72 72 73 75 wc36018 c7oz-2078a front ­ drum continued front disc 74 77 rear drum 70 71 72 d0dz-2282c ea 34.95 6-cylinder d0dz-2282c ea 34.95 c7oz-2078ass-bk front drum 71 73 74 75 d6az-2078ass-cl brake hoses ­ braided stainless steel black jacket c7oz-2078ass-bk ea 34.95 clear jacket c7oz-2078ass-cl ea 34.95 black jacket d4dz-2078ass-bk ea 34.95 clear jacket d4dz-2078ass-cl ea 34.95 black jacket d6az-2078ass-bk ea 32.95 clear jacket d6az-2078ass-cl ea 32.95 black jacket d0dz-2282css-bk ea 42.95 clear jacket d0dz-2282css-cl ea 42.95 6-cylinder black jacket d0dz-2282css-bk ea 42.95 clear jacket d0dz-2282css-cl ea 42.95 comet 250 302 11/8 bore lh wc36017 ea 29.95 rh wc36018 ea 29.95 6-cylinder except 250 11/8 bore lh wc37177 ea 29.95 rh wc37178 ea 29.95

66 hardware av14874 spin lock nuts 1 /4 av2769 c9oz-9760a accelerator pedal hardware spring 70 71 70 maverick 6-cylinder before 6/16/69 71 comet all c9oz-9760a ea 7.95 70 maverick 6-cylinder 71 comet all c8oz-9873a ea 4.95 ­ 20 c8oz-9873a standard flange 19/32 o.d av14874 ea .25 large flange 11/16 o.d av2769 ea .30 interior hardware interior screw kits kit consists of all the screws that are visible inside the passenger compartment kits usually contain screws for the following coat hooks sunvisors dash bezel dash panel radio bezel door weatherstrip quarter seals kick panels pillar moulding radio speaker quarter 270442 panels step plates seat side and steering column cover may contain more screws than needed 70 72 74 75 74 75 2-door 46 pieces fo1600 kit 15.95 2-door 42 pieces 270442 kit 15.95 4-door 63 pieces fo1786 kit 24.95 pin 70 71 firewall insulation retainer rubber 70 72 c8zz-6501691a ea 1.95 trunk exterior hardware spare tire

71 air cleaner decals df941 df608 decals 200 engine 70 70 70 71 72 73 120 horsepower df941 ea 5.50 has i.d #d0zf-9c611-d and is blue with white lettering df1297 ea 5.00 has no i.d number and is dark metallic blue with black lettering not oem df59 ea 5.00 df560 ea 5.50 ea 5.50 1/v df854 aftermarket valve cover decals ford powered by 302.df607 pr 6.00 ford powered by 302 high-performance df608 pr 6.00 ford powered by 302 windsor df614 pr 6.00 df641 emission decals continued 73 76 76 302 2/v m/t or a/t after 1/1/73 df641 ea 5.50 m/t df301 ea 6.50 ea 6.50 302 a/t df302 engine compartment decals df172 a/c charge 71 72 73 74 77 df697 df1457 250 engine 70 73 74 75 250 cubic inches df172 ea 5.50 1/v df1457 ea 5.50 ea 5.50 1/v df643 df435 ea 5.50 df551 ea 5.00 ea 5.50 df697 miscellaneous emission decals 70 california emission decal df954 ea 5.50 interior decals battery test ok 70 77 df194 ea 4.50

75 by george reid shows how to increase displacement of ford engines and get big-block power from a smallblock with the information in this book you will be able to tailor your heads cam intake manifold carburetor and exhaust system to get the most out of the extra cubes a definitive guide complete with four engine buildups ranging from 331 to 408 cubic inches 300 b&w photos sftbd 128 pgs b4089836 ea 24.95 how to build big-inch ford small-blocks how to build max performance ford v-8s on a budget by george reid this book provides the basic engine information needed to build a maximum performance v8 features engine math stroker motors windsor engines induction systems cleveland engines 402 422 and 512 hp big-blocks camshafts and valve train 10 dyno tests results and exhaust systems sftbd 128 pgs b135472 ea 19.95 books videos ford windsor small-block performance by isaac martin revised 2nd edition a comprehensive guide to the tips tricks and techniques of top ford performance

80 accessories embossed license plates lp145 embossed back lp92e1703 ford racing nascar hat dark blue hat with the ford racing logo and silver flames on the front and the nascar logo on the back s47010 ea 21.95 ford oval blue on white lp145 ea 6.95 ford racing logo red and blue on white lp92e-1703 ea 7.95 t-shirts ford racing t-shirt xx-large s8016pxxl ea 23.95 10295 chrome ford logo features a raised blue ford oval logo in the center 11930 white t-shirt with blue ford oval logo and the word racing in red letters on the front 10295 ea 39.95 white t-shirt with a front that features a small blue and white ford oval and a back that features a green and blue centennial picture with ford centennial in orange also front back features the words the road is ours people products and the place to be june 12­16 2003 x-large s210065xl ea 14.95 the road is ours ford centennial t-shirt mercury logo features the mercury logo mounted on a mirror polished plate includes

85 threadlocker 242® ­ medium strength disassembles with normal hand tools locks threaded fasteners against vibration loosening prevents rust lock and seals against leaks .20 fl oz tube 24200 ea 5.95 heavy rubber-based sealer specially designed for use on vertical seams weathers well does not crack or deteriorate in sunlight excellent adhesion to metal paint glass rubber etc resists gas and oil 5 oz tube 08531 ea 10.95 heavy drip-chek sealer ­ gray chemicals paints cleaners waxes threadlocker 271® ­ high strength heat or special tools required for disassembly locks studs bushings large fasteners and freon fittings against loosening and wear retains bearings preventing spinout strengthens slip and light press fits .20 fl oz tube 27100 ea 5.95 excellent adhesive for plastic repair and emblem application may be used for interior or exterior bonding used for bonding metal emblems rigid plastic parts taillight lenses and vinyl trim strips strong quick drying one surface

89 chemicals paints cleaners waxes nxt generation tech protectant tm 5140 powerballtm polishing tools powerballtm 05141 engineered with synthetic polymers to clean protect and condition all vinyl rubber and plastic surfaces this tech protectant helps to keep them looking new and protect them from fading it is the ultimate in all-in-one protection 24 oz spray g12924 ea 7.95 this versatile cleaning tool attaches to any multi-speed drill use it on wheels taillights headlights diamond plate and more it has professional grade closed-cell construction with reversible design easy to clean and stores in a reusable package 5140 ea 29.95 nxt generationtm tech wax gives your vehicle a darker richer deeper and clearer shine than any other wax on the market with new engineered synthetic polymers technology that bonds to your paint tougher to provide extreme protection you will be amazed at how easily it glides on and off this is a must have if you are entering car shows or just showing off

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po box 1100 new market va 22844-1100 prsrt std us postage paid permit no 317 fond du lac wi water pumpscontrolarms sunvisors hardware quarterpanels clothing strength harmonic balancers weatherstrip kits seat fuel lines cleaning products emblems upholstery wheels models windshield wiper arms leaf springs master cylinders flywheels accessories steering cruise wheels in style door panels brake conversion kits moulding replacement engines braided stainless steel brake hoses · stronger and more durable than rubber · cool custom look classic or modern wheels · offers greater control front or rear we have the styles you want to create that special look see pages 27­28 for a variety of wheels center caps lug nuts and other wheel accessories black jacket or clear shop manuals foam and beauty transmissions brake lines water pumpscontrolarms sunvisors hardware quarterpanels carpet see page 62 for our selection of stainless steel brake hoses lines harmonic balancers