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50 transmission clutch speedometer cable clip c see diagram on previous page 70 77 attaches the speedometer cable to the transmission housing b9tz-17264r ea 5.95 street smart c4 transmission similar to their street strip unit but it features a hardened input shaft power planetary and aluminum pan for firm shifts the package includes the transmission dipstick and filler tube 11 torque converter and pro fit bellhousing making for problem-free installation lifetime warranty non-transferable you pay shipping costs and performance automatic® will do all warranty work case fill pass26103 ea 1,950.00 2333 transmission mounts 6-1605bl distance between transmission-side mounting holes center-to-center 51/2 distance between crossmember-side mounting studs center-tocenter 23/4 70 77 2333 ea 14.95 street smart small-block aod transmission an excellent upgrade for your earlier-model ford this transmission has been dyno tested and features heavy duty clutches wide band diode pack street strip valve body chrome pan hd 3-4 clutch pack and a shift improvement kit package includes the aod transmission tv pressure cable 2200-2400 stall converter dipstick and filler tube rated up to 450 horsepower lifetime warranty non-transferable pass53103 ea 2,395.00 all transmissions ship truck freight and could cost between $100.00 and $200.00 depending upon destination polyurethane 70 77 black polyurethane built to control torque and eliminate breakage 6-1605bl ea 49.95 the easy way to get better performance from your automatic transmission faster shifts longer clutch and band life better fuel economy and cooler running temperatures choose between two performance types heavy duty or street strip takes just a few hand tools and a few hours to improve your transmission into the solidly-tuned unit you want kit includes a pan gasket specialty separator plates twist drill and step-by-step instructions 70 77 c4 50262 kit 49.95 shift improver kit transmission performance parts by performance automatic® you can go to and download video instructions or print instructions for many of the following parts shift linkage repair kit includes 3 each of studs nuts washers and pins 71 76 71 73 maverick with 3-speed 73 76 maverick all with m/t floor shift 71 72 comet all with m/t c5zz-7285rpk kit 22.95 70 77 8-cylinder with c4 3 or 4-speed toploader works with dual exhaust d0dz-6a023 ea 99.95 c4 street strip valve body transmission crossmember designed for everyday driving and the occasional drag strip automatic shifts in the drive position and will hold first and second gear manually direct bolt-in with no other modification required 70 77 pa26302 ea 219.00 block plate transmissions by performance automatic® since 1984 performance automatic inc the leader in ford transmissions and components has been driven to provide the ultimate in racing transmissions torque converters and related parts countless hours have been spent researching developing and testing their products performance automatic inc has been an innovator and problem solver and complete customer satisfaction is their main goal every part is backed by a staff whose knowledge and expertise are second to none the following transmissions come with detailed instructions please have year model and engine size ready when ordering has ventilation holes provided to ensure adequate air circulation made from .060 steel a removable starter spacer provides for exact starter positioning to prevent starter kick out and flywheel damage on flywheel teeth 289 302 351c m/t or a/t with c4 small bellhousing c6 or aods equipped with 157 or 164-tooth flywheel pa26445 ea 95.00 hardened input shaft made of 4340 non-twist steel withstands an extremely fast rate shear load c4 with 26 spline pa26405 ea 160.00 super streeter c4 transmissions can withstand 450 horsepower and includes heavy duty clutches pro shift servo street strip valve body kevlar® band and deep aluminum pan one-year warranty you pay shipping costs performance automatic® will do all warranty work typical c4 transmission holds more fluid for more efficient cooling the aluminum construction makes them stronger than stock steel pans and promotes faster heat dissipation for further cooling of your transmission includes pan gasket drain plug and attaching hardware 7 wide × 9 long × 4 deep with pa logo c4 case fill pa26403 ea 120.00 c4 pan fill pa26404 ea 135.00 deep transmission oil pans ­ aluminum case fill pa26101 ea 1,300.00 pan fill pa26102 ea 1,250.00 order toll free 1 800 228 7346