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85 threadlocker 242® ­ medium strength disassembles with normal hand tools locks threaded fasteners against vibration loosening prevents rust lock and seals against leaks .20 fl oz tube 24200 ea 5.95 heavy rubber-based sealer specially designed for use on vertical seams weathers well does not crack or deteriorate in sunlight excellent adhesion to metal paint glass rubber etc resists gas and oil 5 oz tube 08531 ea 10.95 heavy drip-chek sealer ­ gray chemicals paints cleaners waxes threadlocker 271® ­ high strength heat or special tools required for disassembly locks studs bushings large fasteners and freon fittings against loosening and wear retains bearings preventing spinout strengthens slip and light press fits .20 fl oz tube 27100 ea 5.95 excellent adhesive for plastic repair and emblem application may be used for interior or exterior bonding used for bonding metal emblems rigid plastic parts taillight lenses and vinyl trim strips strong quick drying one surface application 5 oz tube 08061 ea 10.95 clear plastic and emblem adhesive liquid electric tape dielectric coating seals out moisture for trouble-free electrical connections won t crack peel or harden remains flexible in extreme conditions 4 fl oz 4 fl oz black let-01 ea 7.95 clear 01 red 03 green 13 let ea 1.99 weatherstrip adhesive high-quality black adhesive strong flexible and rubbery can withstand vibration and extreme temperature variations it can be used to bond automotive weatherstripping and is a great adhesive for holding paper cork or rubber gaskets in place during installation not recommended for windshield or back glass weatherstrip 5 oz tube 3m08008 ea 6.95 vlp® ­ clear liquid vinyl leather repair repairs vinyl rips stronger than new fuses ripped vinyl back together perfect for car seats also works on dishwasher racks recliners air mattresses and more clear liquid blends with all colors simply squeeze it from the tube onto rips tears and cuts air dries no heat or messy patch needed 1 fl oz tube vlp ea 3.95 heads uptm ultragriptm super duty interior adhesive designed for a variety of interior applications transparent and low odor this spray adhesive is very effective when bonding to such surfaces as carpet side panels and speaker boxes also bonds well to wood fabric paper and plastic not designed for high temperature applications not recommended for headliner installation or repair contains no chlorinated solvents 16.5 oz aerosol hu98090 ea 9.95 quiksteel® steel reinforced epoxy putty a 2-part epoxy putty in one stick simply twist off the amount wanted and hand-knead to produce a repair material that s pliable yet hardens in minutes for fast permanent repairs bonds aggressively to metal and many other materials after curing quiksteel® may be drilled tapped filed or machined 2 oz ps2 ea 4.95 82019 3m08031 trim adhesive recommended for installation of carpet headliners upper quarter trim panels hood insulation trunk mats etc also recommended for repair of sunvisors or anywhere you need a good adhesive available in either aerosol or by the tube 16 oz aerosol 82019 ea 9.95 fast tack 5 oz tube 3m08031 ea 12.95 seam sealer premium quality fast setting seam sealer with superior adhesion for interior and exterior applications except windshields excellent sealer for quarter panel seams trunk seams wheelhouse seams floor seams cowl seams and door skins use with a cartridge applicator gun caulking gun 11 oz cartridge av1002 ea 10.95 3mtm auto bedding glazing compound ­ black use for sealing auto body seams between windshield rubber and the car body and to attach door water shields remains permanently soft and pliable to absorb movement in the auto body non-hardening water-resistant medium bodied product cleans up with a dry cloth use with a cartridge applicator gun 10 oz cartridge 3m08509 ea 15.95 soft non-hardening caulking material in onefoot lengths for use in all types of seams joints and openings easily thumbed into place and smoothed with finger may be painted immediately has non-sag consistency for vertical and overhead applications no shrinkage adheres to metal paint glass and rubber completely waterproof will not crack or dry out box of 60 one-foot lengths 08578 ea 19.95 black strip-calk paints and related markal® paintstik® markers exact ones used by ford to mark radiator support fender aprons rear end housing transmission case sheet metal glass and many other parts box of 12 contains 2 white 2 yellow 1 black 1 orange 1 pink 1 fuchsia 1 brown 1 violet 1 blue and 1 aqua box of 12 paintstick box 24.95 windo-weldtm super fast urethane ­ black this is a one-part moisture-curing adhesive that bonds replacement auto glass to car bodies please read all label directions before using use with a cartridge applicator gun caulking gun 10.5 oz cartridge 3m08609 ea 24.95 note aerosol products cannot be shipped via air