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89 chemicals paints cleaners waxes nxt generation tech protectant tm 5140 powerballtm polishing tools powerballtm 05141 engineered with synthetic polymers to clean protect and condition all vinyl rubber and plastic surfaces this tech protectant helps to keep them looking new and protect them from fading it is the ultimate in all-in-one protection 24 oz spray g12924 ea 7.95 this versatile cleaning tool attaches to any multi-speed drill use it on wheels taillights headlights diamond plate and more it has professional grade closed-cell construction with reversible design easy to clean and stores in a reusable package 5140 ea 29.95 nxt generationtm tech wax gives your vehicle a darker richer deeper and clearer shine than any other wax on the market with new engineered synthetic polymers technology that bonds to your paint tougher to provide extreme protection you will be amazed at how easily it glides on and off this is a must have if you are entering car shows or just showing off 18 oz bottle g12718 ea 17.95 mini powerball tm for quick and easy pinpoint accuracy comes with an extension for maximum reach 05141 ea 29.95 eagle one® nevr-dull® wadding polish for cleaning and polishing all metals including silver gold brass copper pewter glass steel aluminum and chromium removes rust and corrosion instantly nevr-dull® removes rust and tar from automobile and motorcycle chrome leaves no deposit in the crevices of metal work excellent for mag and chrome wheels boat fittings workshop tools fishing gear sinks showers and campers 5 oz 1035605 ea 6.95 nxt generationtm spray wax the fastest way to re-energize your protection and gloss it is a wax that builds on the results you have acquired by using nxt generationtm tech wax g12718 above from meguiar s® this booster wax adds protection while restoring your dark deep wet-look shine use it dry for quick touchups or you can use it wet after washing your vehicle 24 oz spray g12824 ea 6.95 gold class wax this clear coat paste has incredible reflective qualities regardless of what paint you have this formula will dramatically deepen the color bring out the full richness of the paint and g7014 g7016 create clear sharp reflections unlike anything you have ever experienced it glides on and off easily cleans the surface removes swirl marks adds polishing oils reduces uv ray damage and adds tough long-lasting polymer protection includes applicator 11 oz paste g7014 ea 16.95 16 fl oz bottle g7016 ea 16.95 lustertm seal polish and sealant this product is specially designed for preserving protecting and cleaning clear coat chrome fiberglass bare metal or painted surfaces it contains no abrasives 8 fl oz ls70308 ea 6.95 lustertm microfiber cloth this cloth from luster lacetm is wonderful for detailing your car or truck it is made for fine surfaces removing swirls and lifting dirt lint-free lm20223 ea 4.95 scratchxtm the most effective way to remove fine scratches and swirls from your paint by hand safely removes light scratches and swirls oxidation and blemishes unlike many of today s scratch removing formulas meguiar s® scratchxtm will not leave more scratches than it takes out use for quick touchups on one section or revive your car s look with an application to the entire vehicle clear coat safe 7 oz tube g10307 ea 9.95 4 oz jar billet metal polish this could possibly be the best metal polish you will ever use cleans billet forged or finely cast aluminum brass gold and any other polishable metal not recommended for gold plating chrome anodized painted or coated metal 05106 ea 15.95 colorx the proven one-step system for restoring color and gloss to your contaminated paint finish this polish wax combination will revive brilliant color and add protection it removes light scratches swirls and oxidation that dull paint finish it is a fast fix or and entire car polish safe on all paints 16 oz spray g11816 ea 9.95 powermetal polish made to be used with the powerballtm polishing tool see previous column but can also be applied by hand powermetal liquid metal polish works great for any polishable metal surface including aluminum stainless steel and brass 8 oz bottle 05148 ea 9.95 chrome polish mothers® chrome polish cleans brightens and protects chrome bumpers wheels trim and accessories also glass and mirrors safe for black chrome and show chrome plating will not streak scratch or smear 8 oz bottle 05208 ea 4.95 mirror glaze show car glaze ® a pure polish that nourishes the paint for a dazzling wetlook show car shine safe and effective on all paint surfaces including clear coats does not build up with repeated use 16 oz m0716 ea 8.95