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weatherstrip 2 we sell the highest quality weatherstrip available at competitive prices all of our weatherstrip carries a 1-year warranty must retain your invoice to file a warranty claim no invoice – no claim door glass run f black mohair lining material with black rubberized backing 11⁄4 wide one piece does one front or back door fits in window channel 10 long ’70 – ’77 d1dz-5421596 ea 19.95 radiator support-to-hood seal 28 × 23⁄4 includes clips ’70 – ’77 maverick 250 302 a/t ’71 – ’77 comet 250 302 a/t d1dz-8326a ea 24.95 g quarter window seals g a lh and rh includes black windlace made in the usa ’70 – ’77 ’73 – ’77 2-door sedan d0dz-6230248pr pr 99.95 back glass weatherstrip h hood-to-cowl seals a ’70 – ’72 detail maverick ’71 – ’72 comet d0dz-16740a ea 17.50 d3dz-16740 ea 17.50 h c b

13 by sunpro® 2 mechanical-type gauge with 12 volt internal lighting features a black face and ranges from 1–100 psi includes the gauge tubing adapters and mounting hardware cp7982 kit 22.95 universal mechanical oil water temperature gauge by sunpro® 2 mechanical-type gauge with 12 volt internal lighting features a black face and ranges from 100–280º fahrenheit includes gauge 72 capillary with 1⁄2 ntp thread and mounting hardware cp7983 kit 22.95 oil water gauges by auto meter universal 21⁄16 oil pressure and temperature gauges with white faces oil ranges from 0–100 psi and water ranges from 130º–280º f illuminated by incandescent bulb and around-the-dial lighting includes custom red and green bulb covers 6 tubing 10 nylon tubing with 1⁄8 npt fittings and 1⁄4 3⁄8 and 1⁄2 npt adapter fittings fz88r sst802r 33⁄8 retro tachometers sun802r60 these tachometers with black faces

23 c2az-6223030a door bumpers ’70 – ’72 ’70 – ’77 c7az-54265a28 upper requires 2 per vehicle c2az-6223030a ea 1.00 requires 4 c7az-54265a28 ea 1.00 c9az6221813a hinge pin ’70 – ’77 requires 1 per hinge must trim to fit av14559 ea 1.95 bushing ’70 – ’77 requires 2 per hinge av14550 ea 1.25 c9az6221812a door latches has a 11⁄4 long lock rod shaft with 2 holes in it ’70 – ’72 lh c9az-6221813a ea 74.95 rh c9az-6221812a ea 69.95 power door lock kit with alarm converts your 2-door manual lock system to a power lock system includes actuators all wiring mounting hardware remotes alarm detailed wiring diagram and instructions on how to install parts and how-to program the long-range remote ca2000 kit 249.95 c5az6221952a ak400 door latch screws 6722008r set of 3 screws ’70 – ’72 ak400 set 2.50 c7az-6222053a key blanks ’70 –

sheet metal exterior 34 miscellaneous exterior decals continued “u.s.a.” quarter panel shield ’72 maverick sprint requires 2 per vehicle df391 ea 12.50 fo193 bumper bolt kits each kit does both front and rear bumpers bumper rechroming call our rebuild department to place an order or ask any questions regarding this process good quality u.s production triple-nickel and triple-chrome plating for your bumper you must supply a core for rechroming limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to the original purchaser you must retain your invoice for verification of purchase this warranty covers the plating under normal circumstances as long as the item is properly maintained note please allow 8 to 10 weeks plus shipping for this process ’70 – ’72 ’74 – ’77 20 pieces fo193 kit 22.95 40 pieces fo196 kit 32.95 sheet metal note due to ups size restrictions some items must be shipped via commercial truck lines with the

solenoid battery voltage regulator engine 44 starter solenoids note electrical parts are non-returnable once installed we will replace defective units only 6008blk black body stamped with autolite and repco logos ’70 – ’72 830 cranking amps at 32º f 750 cold-cranking amps at 0º f length 12 width 63⁄4 height from the top of the post 9 s27f ea 325.00 6007blk reproductions ’70 – ’74 batteries – sealed maintenance-free continued stamped c4af-11450-a 6008blk ea 39.95 stamped c7af-11450-a2 6007blk ea 39.95 sw3-ar sw1507b autolite battery cover ’70 – ’72 24fcover ea 39.95 negative battery cable switch keeps battery charged without having clocks and accessories drain battery while vehicle is parked for extended periods ’70 – ’77 negsw ea 9.95 battery trays and related replacement ’70 – ’74 ’70 – ’74 maverick ’71 –

air cleaner valve cover engine 54 air cleaner wing nuts and thumbscrew steel valve covers continued chrome aftermarket chrome with baffles oem height hardware and gaskets not included 4210 358871-s8 wing nuts 4209 m9697a 260 289 302 351w 9804 pr 49.95 aluminum valve covers reproduction has the same locking notch as oem show-car quality ’70 – ’77 fits almost everything except some 6-cylinders engines 358871-s8 ea 2.25 will fit any 1⁄4 – 20 thread studs this triple-chrome plated tri-corner design wing nut features a black wrinkle finish in the center 4210 ea 4.95 4209 ea 6.95 small large ford oval chrome oval with dark blue center will fit any 1⁄4 – 20 thread studs m9697a ea 15.95 thumbscrew ’70 – ’77 6-cylinder ak241 ea 2.50 6840g a71122 aftermarket – spectre polished aluminum 33⁄4 tall has a plain smooth top 2 oil fill pcv knock-outs in each cover and 1 screw-on baffle for each

on previous page ’70 – ’77 ’70 – ’77 maverick 6 or 8-cylinder ’71 – ’72 comet 6 or 8-cylinder ’73 – ’77 comet 8-cylinder c6oz-7a533c ea 10.95 typical ’71 – ’72 302 clutch equalizer d1dz7528ab d ’70 – ’77 ’70 – ’77 maverick 6-cylinder ’71 comet 250 302 c1dd-7543kit kit 14.95 clutch release lever rod i includes rod 2 nuts and tip adjustable replacement ’71 – ’74 ’71 – ’72 302 ’73 – ’74 6-cylinder with 3-speed m/t d3tz-7521a ea 12.95 clutch equalizer bar-to-clutch release lever rod lower adjustment swivel i clutch equalizer parts c0az7526b c1dd7a629a clutch release equalizer bar d 15⁄8 long 3⁄8 hole not threaded ’70 – ’75 2 piece as original ’70 – ’77 includes 2 felt washers 2 nylon ball bushings 2 clevis

75 ’70 – ’73 with drum brakes oa-2180 ea 6.95 2502499 d0az-2365a 600706 brake booster check valves and grommet master cylinder push rod bushing ’71 – ’73 c9az-2474a ea 5.95 check valves ’70 – ’77 ’75 – ’77 2 prong 2502499 ea 12.95 bendix booster d0az-2365a ea 8.95 grommet ’70 – ’77 600706 ea 4.50 brake booster push rod-to-firewall boot mc36440 mc39495 ’70 – ’71 rp32aa ea 9.95 d6fz-2140c master cylinders – new ’70 – ’73 vl3350kf proportioning valve kits vl3359kn features a fluid metering pressure failure indicator as well as a pressure proportioning function kits include valve bracket lines and fittings these are universal kits that can be used as replacements ’70 – ’77 with disc drum brakes vl3350kf kit 159.95 with disc disc brakes vl3359kn kit 159.95 ’74 – ’77

hardware 86 transmission clutch hardware oil pan bolt kit zinc-plated grade 5 hex flange-head bolts kit includes 6 5⁄16 –18 × 3⁄4 and 18 1⁄4 – 20 × 1⁄2 bolts ’71 – ’77 302 6087 kit 16.95 shift linkage repair kit kit includes 3 each of the following studs nuts washers and pins ’71 – ’76 ak1029 ’71 – ’73 maverick 3 speed ’73 – ’76 maverick m/t with floor shift and ’71 – ’72 comet m/t c5zz-7285rpk kit 22.95 ak1039 valve cover mount kits dress up your engine with this stainless steel valve cover mounting kit each kit contains 12 stainless steel 3⁄8 hex washer head bolts and 12 1⁄4 internal tooth stainless steel lock washers note steel kits are for use with steel valve covers only and aluminum kit are for use with aluminum valve covers only fits all small-block windsor v8s with steel valve covers contains 1⁄4

chemicals accessories 96 maxout 1 lb dry chemical fire extinguishers can be used on the types of fires common to automotive environments ul rated 2b:c and tested to ansi/ul711 and ansi/ul299 the dry mx100b mx100c mx100r chemical is proven protection against flammable liquid fires and will not conduct electricity back to the operator the steel-constructed cylinder has an easy-to-operate trigger handle with locking pin features an easy-to-read gauge metal-constructed valve and a steel mounting bracket measures approximately 111⁄2 × 4 × 4 rechargeable and non-toxic 6-year limited manufacturer’s warranty made in the usa weatherstrip adhesive high-quality black adhesive strong flexible and rubbery can withstand vibration and extreme temperature variations it can be used to bond automotive weatherstripping and is a great adhesive for holding paper cork or rubber gaskets in place during installation not recommended for windshield or back glass weatherstrip 5 oz tube