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50 transmission clutch transmissions by performance automatic® all transmissions ship truck freight and could cost between $100.00 and $200.00 depending upon destination transmission performance parts by performance automatic® transbrake valve body competition c4 transmission this competition transmission by performance automatic® can withstand 750 horsepower and includes alto red clutches pro shift servo reverse manual valve body kevlar® band and deep aluminum pan one year warranty you pay shipping costs and performance automatic® will do all warranty work case fill pa26103 ea 1,295.00 pan fill pa26104 ea 1,295.00 for shift pattern p-r-n-1-2-3 will bring your torque converter up to maximum stall speed without the worry of creeping through lights it has great reaction time and is complete and ready to install pa26306 ea 565.00 redesigned to incorporate six pinion gears compared to the stock three pinions this increases the load handling by 100 the planet carrier

61 suspension steering shock tower notching kit comes with do-it-yourself instruction book cutting templates and formed steel replacement panels only for use with rrs suspension kits on previous page 70 77 st70 kit 195.00 rb82 rear spring bushings front of spring 70 77 hb1059 rear suspension components h c e requires 2 d rb82 ea 15.95 requires 8 e hb1059 ea 2.50 rear of spring 70 77 a g f d b typical leaf springs rear leaf spring band clamp set f this set includes 2 short bands 2 medium bands 2 long bands and 6 rubber insulators used with 21/2 wide spring with 4 leaves 71 comet c4dz-5724a ea 24.95 c9zz-5705a rear leaf springs a made in the usa 70 77 specify year and engine size pr 269.95 rear spring u-bolts g includes nuts requires 4 per vehicle 70 74 70 74 maverick 71 72 comet must reuse old nuts and washers reproduction c9zz-5705a set 7.50 8 × 31/2 includes 2 nuts and 2 washers d5dz-5705a set 7.95 75 77 front of rear

71 df941 engine compartment decals continued decals df584 battery test ok 70 77 df194 ea 3.50 df224 ea 4.50 motorcraft® df715 ea 4.50 yellow df348 ea 4.50 df714 ea 4.50 df816 stallion fender decals 76 77 df815 air cleaner decals 200 engine 70 70 120 horsepower df941 ea 4.50 has i.d #d0zf-9c611-d and is blue with white lettering df1297 ea 4.00 has no i.d number and is dark metallic blue with black lettering not oem df59 ea 4.00 df560 ea 4.50 1/v df854 ea 4.50 df172 ea 4.50 1/v df643 ea 4.50 2/v regular fuel df182 ea 4.50 4/v premium fuel df183 ea 4.50 2/v regular fuel df584 ea 4.50 2/v regular fuel df253 ea 4.50 4/v regular fuel df254 ea 4.50 2/v regular fuel df480 ea 4.50 2/v unleaded fuel df716 ea 4.50 coil 70 72 72 77 lh df816 ea 13.45 rh df815 ea 13.45 voltage regulator 70 72 72 77 m340 sprint u.s.a quarter panel shields 72 gold red white and blue applied to rear quarter panel m340 pr

82 accessories t-shirts hh032bbl ford oval flame hats hh032rbl oval flame t-shirts this black t-shirt features the ford oval surrounded by flames made from 100 pre-shrunk cotton large s300144l ea 26.95 black with blue flames black and white ford oval hh032bbl ea 16.95 red with black flames black and white ford oval hh032rbl ea 16.95 the road is ours ford centennial t-shirt white t-shirt with a front that features a small blue and white ford oval and a back that features a green and blue centennial picture with ford centennial in orange also features the words the road is ours people products and the place to be june 12 16 2003 hh046ylw hh046red ford inferno hats hh046blu x-large s210065xl ea 14.95 black hat with black and white ford oval and yellow flames on brim hh046ylw ea 16.95 black hat with black and white ford oval and red flames on brim hh046red ea 16.95 black hat with black and white ford oval and blue flames on brim hh046blu ea 16.95

92 chemicals paints cleaners waxes oem detail chassis paint this black oem detail chassis paint has a semi-gloss finish and has a high pigment content for superior coverage 12 oz aerosol rp103 ea 10.95 sp205 215 plasti-kote® engine paint for use on valve covers and air cleaners this enamel is highly resistant to oil and gasoline fast dries to a protective film that actually improves with age when properly applied will not crack peel or flake off aerosol ford blue 16 oz sp205 ea 5.95 low-gloss black 11 oz 215 ea 5.95 miracle paint a moisture-cured non-porous paint-like product that bonds to rusted and corroded metals like no other coating it is rock hard and will not crack chip or peel impervious to gasoline lacquer thinner salt and most acids can be painted directly over rusted surfaces is strengthened by exposure to moisture will seal concrete grout and porous tile like no other product can be sprayed rolled or brushed comes with disposable gloves and valuable

auto krafters is your source for classic ford parts and accessories since 1978 we have helped ford enthusiasts across the world maintain their vehicles ­ from show cars to favorite drivers we are proud to offer you the opportunity to become a member of the auto krafters gold card club ­ an exclusive club that offers the privileges you deserve for only $49.95 per year 79.95 for two years you will receive such benefits as · free shipping on all orders a $9.95 order processing fee per order will be added some exceptions apply see note 1 · priority order handling shipped the same day on in-stock items for orders placed before 1 p.m et · 10 discount on internet orders over $100 excluding shipping special shipping rates may apply see note 1 · 10 discount and free shipping on any order over $2500 includes truck freight items except bronco fiberglass see note 2 · liberal return policy on items in sellable condition see note 3 · price match guarantee on any currently advertised

6 interior typical floor mat sunvisor black tier material 251/2 8 70 77 2-door sv70mv62-01 ea 69.95 c4sz-6304114a 149 161/2 d3az-6504114b 207 floor mats tm carpet mats with vinyl binding please specify color of carpet by adding color code to the end of the part number when ordering send color samples if in doubt carpet colors black 01 blue 02 red 03 maroon 04 dark blue 08 light saddle 09 light saddle 10 dark brown 11 dark green 13 ginger 20 charcoal gray 24 light gray 32 gold 35 logos available ford oval 111 maverick 118 comet 149 and ford racing 207 maverick and comet logo colors available in black b white w red r silver s ford oval is available only in blue and silver ford racing logo is available only in blue silver and red logos are available on front mats only rear mats are plain please specify desired logo by adding the logo number to the end of the part number after the color code note these mats are universal dimensions shown above and are

16 interior package trays continued fm115 sw1054 fm116 mesh covered available in black 01 bright red 03 maroon 04 tan 06 light blue 07 dark blue 08 dark brown 11 dark green 13 or gold 35 please add color number to the end of the part number when ordering 70 77 2-door without speakers fm115 ea 49.95 2-door with speakers fm116 ea 49.95 4-door without speakers fam114 ea 49.95 4-door with speakers fam115 ea 49.95 sw992a sw1054wh ignition switches 70 71 77 without locking column switch only sw1054 ea 19.95 pigtail only sw1054wh ea 19.95 sw992a ea 29.95 70 77 ignition switch bezel screw-on type 70 early 70 6-cylinder without locking column c9zz-11584 ea 18.95 for ignition locks and related see page 14 15 waterproof pressed board available in black only can be painted if needed 70 77 2-door d0dz-6246506a ea 29.95 package tray insulation jute insulation 70 77 2-door fam2drmv ea 12.95 4-door fam2drmv ea 12.95

27 radiator caps continued engine radiator replacement 13 lbs 70 77 rr-29 ea 7.95 brass copper radiators note there is a $10.00 boxing fee for all radiators radiator support-to-hood bumpers rounded 70 77 c5zz-16763b pr 5.95 329 2 row 70 73 425 423 74 77 74 77 maverick 170 200 with or without a/c 71 72 comet 170 without a/c 71 73 comet 200 all measures 163/8 × 201/4 × 11/4 329 ea 199.95 74 maverick 302 without a/c 74 77 maverick 200 without a/c measures 163/8 × 171/4 × 11/4 425 ea 239.95 maverick 250 all measures 163/8 × 201/4 × 11/4 423 ea 239.95 brass freeze plug kit contains 15 pieces including 6 brass rings 70 77 302 6483 ea 21.95 lower radiator hose molded 353 3 row 70 73 71 77 70 73 302 without a/c 71 73 250 with or without a/c measures 161/2 × 201/4 × 2 3339 ea 199.95 71 77 maverick comet 302 with a/c 72 73 maverick 250 with a/c measures 151/2 × 201/4 × 2 353 ea

37 engine fuel d1az-9a011a fuel sender filters genuine ford d1fz-9a011a chrome-plated fuel pump ­ replacement recommended for stock and street performance new not rebuilt features 8 psi shutoff pressure with delivery up to 80 gph gallons per hour free flow 1/4 npt inlet outlet ports complete with 3/8 diameter fuel hose fittings for use on engines up to 400 hp its rugged construction and premium quality components assures long term reliability 70 77 302 7705fp ea 99.95 use with 3/8 tube d1az-9a011a ea 9.95 use with 5/16 tube d1fz-9a011a ea 9.95 15309 brass 70 77 c0af-9276a c0az-9a307b fuel sender float holley® fuel pump has a 71/2 psi pre-set shut-off 80 gph gallons per hour capacity and its solid construction is great for continuous high rpm operation can be rotated for various plumbing designs includes gasket and 6 fittings note this product is not legal for sale or use in california except on pre 66 model vehicles 70 77 302 12833 ea 89.95