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198 books videos mustang four decades of muscle car power by david newhardt and lou dzierzak this book chronicles the evolution of the mustang from 1964 to the present it gives information on mustangs like the shelbys mach 1 cobra and cobra king this book has many photos of these mustangs as well as interesting information about these awesome cars hdbd muscle cars the 500 series by ben klemenzson this book has over 500 photographs of muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s ranging from chrysler dodge plymouth buick chevrolet oldsmobile pontiac ford mercury and independents it also gives pieces of information on many of the cars pictured sftbd 400 pgs b135353 ea 9.95 192 pgs b136360 ea 14.95 shelby mustang racer for the street by randy leffingwell and photography by david newhardt this is a great volume for mustang enthusiasts as well as racing fans in general the text covers shelbys from their early years 19601964 until today 2005 with many beautiful color photos hrdbd 135 pgs b139364 ea 34.95 trans-am the pony car wars 1966-1972 by dave friedman officially known as the trans-american sedan series it was the manufacturer s championship from 66 72 mustangs camaros cougars cudas and javelins shared the grid with porsches alfa romeos datsuns and bmws this book is your ticket to every race from the first green at sebring in 66 to the last checkered flag of the manufacturer s championship at riverside in 72 lots of great pictures hdbd 252 pgs b131567 ea 39.95 by michael parris the foreword is written by edsel b ford ii parris continues to give us the inside stories of ford during the performance sixties this decade brought us the falcon the mustang and shelby cobra s and motorsports wins from indy and nascar to trans-am and le mans when the horsepower challenge came from gm ford was ready fairlane and mustang gt models came charging off the assembly line by the thousands and they all had thunder under their hoods this book is full of beautiful pictures and stories from the men that brought ford its design and performance success throughout the decade sftbd 192 pgs b136338 ea 19.95 fords of the sixties river rouge ford s industrial colossus by joseph p cabadas this book chronicles the most famous automobile making plant in history in 1914 henry ford built the river rouge complex at the rouge in detroit michigan eventually this plant grew into the 1,100 acre factory that by 1929 employed over 128,000 employees this book takes you from the beginning of the plant to the present showing how care techniques have evolved in the past 90 years it also looks at bill ford iii s plans to reinvent the factory as the car factory of the next century 100 color and 150 b&w photos hdbd 192 pgs b138618 ea 34.95 by john smith this revised book is the inside story of the most powerful ford s ever built in this book smith covers the entire ford performance story in the 1960s and not just mustangs and cobras but galaxies torinos falcons fairlanes shelbys mavericks thunderbirds and every other car that got extra horsepower stuffed under its hood in the 60s models are covered from year to year from the supercharged thunderbirds of 1957 to the last 1973 muscle cars includes information on deciphering vin numbers and parts codes sftbd 160 pgs b4089690 ea 24.95 super 60s fords the ford century by russ banham the foreword is written by paul newman this beautiful coffee table type book celebrates ford s 100 years lots and lots of beautiful photographs this is a compelling and comprehensive book about henry ford and the ford legacy hdbd 272 pgs b136048 ea 19.95 by bill holder and phil kunz the foreword is written by ohio george montgomery associated with ford performance since the 50s this book is full of color and b&w photos from mustang and cougar muscle to the thunderbolt to monster trucks to the lightning f-series this book covers dirt tracks ovals drag strips and much more sftbd 160 pgs b498357 ea 24.95 ford muscle street stock and strip ford racing century by larry edsall and mike teske this book begins in 1901 with the race in which henry ford defeated alexander winton in a 10 lap race on a one mile oval at the detroit driving club and covers racing through today it features nascar racing trans-am ford drag racing history the gt40 the shelby and even a section on sport compact drag racing today containing 150 color photos and 250 b&w photos hdbd 304 pgs b136328 ea 29.95 by tom cotter and al pearce in this book the spirit of john holman and ralph moody and their successes are captured tom dug deep into racing archives family albums and collectors pictures to assemble the photography for this book covered in this book are key drivers such as fred lorenzen and david pearson hdbd 240 pgs b135138 ea 39.95 holman-moody the legendary race team auto krafters catalogs are now available online in pdf format just visit our website at order toll free 1 800 228 7346