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doll s houses lundby point-of-sale options considerations display stand this stand is available with a security deposit for initial orders over $1,500 quadruple stand pictured display houses the display house is an integral part of the success of selling the lundby doll s house range stockholm display house in perspex order no 60.9881 småland display house in perspex order no 60.9836 gotland display house in perspex order no 60.9849 point-of-sale collateral consumer brochure this brochure is a combination of a lifestyle magazine featuring the lundby range and includes a product glossary at the end by range order no 60.9847 brochure holder order no 60.9806.10 stockholm 2010 loop video dvd order no 96.0005 stockholm 2011 loop video dvd order no småland 96.0008 light box perspex signs various order no size 60.9880 90 cm x 46 cm axis toys ­ 02 9986 3456 ­ page

boys play tool belt complete with small hammer pencil sandpaper screwdriver and wooden measure in a handy hang sell pack age 5 order no size 10.8164 6 pieces garage this wooden garage is a great size for portability and easy storage it comes with sliding doors and wonderful detail for long play age 3 order no size 10.2141 35 x 18 x 12 cm handyman gloves great for any handiwork order no 10.8165 size:5 wooden tool set all you need for the little `experienced handyman hammer phillips head perfect for putting the tool box together wooden measure set square sandpaper pencil hacksaw and pliers age 8 order no size 10.8163 10 pieces 33 x 13.5 x 15.5 cm finished size farm with floor mat this wooden farm comes with a mat and includes a silo barn with winch shed tree fencing and flag pole numerous stickers allow for that personal touch comes with hay bales cars and figurines not included age 3 order no size 10.2056 mat 75 x 75 cm axis toys ­ 02 9986 3456 ­ page

peelable fruit vegetables 9 pieces of peel and play velcro fruit and vegetables offer a healthy choice of play comes in clam shell see-through packaging age 3 order no size 22241 34 pieces cut play sandwich set 12 pieces of cut and play velcro sandwich and filling pieces including play knife comes in clam shell see-through packaging age 3 order no size 23839 12 pieces cut play ice cream set this wonderful peel and play ice cream set includes 7 ice creams 2 ice cream tubs 3 cones a sundae cup scoop and spoon as well as pineapple pieces and bananas great for yummy play age 3 order no size 22306 19 pieces check out the new play food from miniland this comprehensive range is real size and comes in jars with education guides or hang sell miniland catalogue available axis toys ­ 02 9986 3456 ­ page

doll s wooden nursery furniture prams dolls wooden high chair white includes cushion in pink gingham trimmed with lace order no size 10.2059 52 cm adjustable wooden cot white comes with adjustable base bedding not included order no size 10.2034 49 x 29 x 43 cm bedding set pink gingham pink gingham bed linen with lace trim includes pillow quilt and mattress order no size 10.2040 47 x 26 cm bedding set crowns fresh white bed linen featuring pastel coloured crowns includes pillow quilt and mattress order no size 10.2101 47 x 26 cm large wooden doll s pram red made in sweden great for the growing child nice and sturdy and the perfect size for either bedding set 10.2040 and 10.2101 order no size 10.2118 50 x 30 x 58 cm axis toys ­ 02 9986 3456 ­ page

heart soul dolls new kidz n cats new this stunning range of collectable vinyl dolls by sonja hartmann are 46 cm tall and feature 9 to 11 joints they are made for play and thanks to their jointed bodies they are highly posable and can be made to stand sit climb kneel and take on a variety of other poses new grace grace has brown eyes and comes in a frilly pinafore dress flowered top lilac leggings and underwear grace sports light pink bow-tied ballerina shoes and a bow in her hair grace is accompanied by a kidz n cats cat in a matching outfit order no size h&sgr 46 cm the dolls are en71 compliant and all materials have been tested in international laboratories and are free of phthalates and azo-dyes the doll wigs are made from kanekalon and should be brushed regularly to keep them smooth and manageable their eyes are made from unbreakable acrylic glass the outfits have been specially designed to suit these trendy dolls the garments can be swapped around and because the dolls are

learning for life wooden cat stacking rings develops the fine motor skills through stacking the rings on each other on this curved base the central rod is tensioned so bends when pushed to complete the exercise put the soft cat head on top or use it as a finger puppet the plush is washable suitable for 10 months order no diameter 10.2130 10 x 10 x 16 cm wooden stacking boxes allow a child to develop their fine motor skills by building a tower learn the name of the animals and their foot prints and let the animals play peekaboo through the holes six pieces suitable for 10 months order no diameter 10.2124 12 x 12 x 48 cm babies love bright colours cute faces and toys that stimulate their curiosity parents love gorgeous design educational value and toys that last the range of toddler toys from micki leksaker bridges the generation gap perfectly providing colourful beautiful toys that combine timber textiles and fun ­ suitable for 10 months plus animals take centre stage across this

beach outdoor play rakes spades scoops funnels and more watering can a colourful way to encourage little ones outside into the garden available in red and yellow order no size plasto2225 19.5 cm made in finland with their chunky tactile shapes and deeply saturated colours plasto toys are irresistible to kids and unbreakable as they are flexible trucks and dozers boats and buckets water games and watering cans are all perfect for sandpit and outdoor play created in finland to the highest european standards plasto toys are aimed at children aged one to six years providing them countless hours of pleasure and learning through play plasto prides itself on the durability of its toys which are manufactured with kids in mind ­ think few moving parts thick resins which are approved for food industry use no sharp edges and colour-fastness to ensure their joy doesn t fade parents can breathe easy when their children play with plasto toys resins are stringently tested and ce approved colours

buckets and sieves bucket with spout order no size order no size plasto2260edu 16.5 cm high 16 cm diameter plasto2297 13.5 cm high 13.5 cm diameter made in finland sieve suitable for bucket 2260 order no size plasto2253 18 cm diameter small transparent bucket great for magnifying what you find at the beach order no size plasto2280tra 13.5 cm high 15 cm diameter large transparent bucket perfect for carrying the fish you ve caught order no size plasto2240tra 17.5 cm high 19 cm diameter soft bucket multi-purpose bucket order no size plasto2280edu 13.5 cm high 15 cm diameter a soft and flexible bucket made of polyethen so unbreakable order no size plasto1866 16.5 cm high 19.5 cm diameter square bucket order no size plasto2296 16.5 cm high 1.65 litres square sieve suitable for bucket 2296 order no size plasto2254 25 x 11 x 11 cm basic bucket set with sieves and scoops 12 pieces per set 4 buckets 4 sieves and 4 of the 15 cm scoops order no size plasto7016edu bucket 11 cm high 16 cm

vehicles made in finland new cars new car carrier truck comes with 4 small cars order no size plasto1643 cm n47 ew new new these are high quality tractors with loads of features this sent includes a tractor with trencher and shovel a tractor with trailer a tractor with shovel and trailer and a tractor with adjustable plough boxes available order no size tractors n eto w 43 54 cm new tug boat comes in four primary colours new order no size plasto2265 27 cm plasto1613 assorted boats small cute and colourful boats for the tub and the beach order no size order no size plasto2264 dis 11 cm plasto2264edu 14 unit refill new assorted passenger cars in a bucket 25 pieces of four styles of passenger car all stored conveniently in a bucket order no size plasto2113 9 cm long axis toys ­ 02 9986 3456 ­ page

pearl ironing bead activity kits bottles patterns as the original creators of the ironing bead craft munkplast playbox has created a great range of figure and xl bead activity kits which have proved to be popular from not only a design perspective but also from its great price point made in sweden age 3 note specific boards available by indent order zoo order no size pb6102 6500 beads 4 boards and 8 patterns fantasy order no size pb6103 6500 beads 4 boards and 8 patterns horse/butterfly order no pb6100 size 2000 beads 2 boards and 4 patterns dog/car/fish flower order no pb6101 size 2000 beads 4 boards and 8 patterns dinosaur bear/cat order no pb6186 size 2000 beads 3 boards and 6 patterns patterns order no size pb5990 108 motifs new glow in the dark mobile activity kit new this is a great project using the ironing beads for 4 mobiles the kit includes a pinboard patterns chenilles eyes elastic cord and a detailed colour instructions guide pearl bottles order no size pb6162 3 bottles

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