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osaka japan the art of rakugo storytelling get swept up in the enchantment of rakugo japan’s traditional art of storytelling invented by buddhist monks seeking an audience for their sermons this vibrant art form is performed by one highly skilled storyteller the rakugoka staying seated the rakugoka plays multiple characters using only a small cloth paper fan and a broad range of voices to illuminate comically complicated tales watch one of japan’s most renowned storytellers embody national archetypes from samurai to geisha in a noh theatre this traditional stage is built after the kagura style a shinto construction method using japanese cypress during intermissions wander the theatre and indulge in up to two cocktails before returning for another round of raucous storytelling when the performance concludes the rakugoka shares conversation and invites questions enjoy this playful encounter with authentic ancient culture living still today return to nights and cool places tours to experience our destinations visit 82