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prices validities for interrail global pass prices in euro 2nd class 1st class create your own story youth adult senior youth adult senior 5 days within 15 days 7 days within 1 month 10 days within 1 month 15 days within 1 month 15 days continuous 22 days continuous 1 month continuous 200 246 292 361 338 374 479 264 315 374 463 414 484 626 238 284 338 417 373 437 564 331 393 471 579 520 608 787 413 491 588 723 650 760 983 372 442 529 651 586 685 886 life-changing experience “it‘s the coolest way to travel it changed my life.” youth 12-25 years adult 26-59 years senior 60 years children up to 11 years of age travel for free europe by interrail check for one country pass prices pass benefits whilst interrail is predominantly associated with rail travel there are a diverse range of interrail benefit partners offering discounted and in some cases free services such as shipping lines city tours and hotels to pass holders please check the rail planner

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