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inspiration for your interrail trip le grand tour the grand tour takes travellers on a journey through five european metropolises that each fascinate in their own unique and vibrant way discover all of four steps to choosing the right interrail pass europe by train do you want to discover europe with interrail just follow these four steps in order to choose the perfect interrail pass for you itinerary paris brussels amsterdam frankfurt vienna la dolce vita la dolce vita travellers will surely get to know „the sweet life“ on this trip which leads them to some of europe’s most exciting cities in italy and switzerland 1 select the countries you would like to visit in europe and decide whether you want to travel with a global or one country pass itinerary bern milan florence pisa rome lugano the new europe on this trip travellers will discover eastern europe and become familiar with some of the most recent members of the european union the enthralling authentic atmosphere and the positive attitude of the people inspire travellers to want to continue to explore 2 3 greek island hopping itinerary piraeus syros naxos santorini piraeus only for greek island pass holders how many days would you like to travel select the pass validity that best suits your needs e.g 5 travel days within a period of 15 days flexi pass or 1 month continuous validity itinerary berlin warsaw ostrava prague budapest ljubljana with the greek island pass interrailers can discover some of the most beautiful islands of greece like santorini mykonos or rhodes travellers can hop from one greek island to the next taste traditional dishes and spend magical days on sandy beaches where in europe would you like to travel in which class would you like to travel decide whether you would like to travel in 1st or 2nd class where to buy buy your interrail pass at or at the nearest train station for more information please visit or call 070/79 79 70 0,30€/min 4 when would you like to travel decide when you would like to travel and buy your pass if trains require a reservation please book them in advance.