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4 track digital audio recorder mini to mini audio cables 35 mini to 35 mini audio cables 4 pin xlr mini female to 3 pin xlr male 4 pin mini xlr male to 4 pin mini xlr female 4 pin mini xlr female to 3 pin mini xlr male mini 4 pin xlr male to mini 4 pin xlr male 4 pin xlr mini male to 3 pin xlr male fr 16 00 00 universal pistol grip for shotgun audio high pass filter audio high pass filter settings high pass filter for microphone audio 6 pin to 7 pin adapter 8 pin to 4 pin s video adapter 15 pin to 25 pin video adapter sd micro memory card uhf omni high gain antenna sd micro memory card songs low noise preamp foam hand grips uhf high gain antenna hand held mics pistol grip handle balancing lithium ion batteries 4 pin xlr male to rca 48v dc power supply 6 pin hirose connector 4 pin hirose connector 3 pin xlr male to rca female 4 pin xlr male to usb right angle usb cable high speed usb high pass filter rf strength meter sound activated transmitter and receiver digital voice recorder no wire no batteries solid state recorder usb a female to mini b male high gain antennas high gain antenna 160 meter high pass filter 2 pin dc power supply connectors dual output dc power supply impedance matching transformer impedance matching transformers impedance matching transforme power distribution box 5v 12v power supply 24 48 dc power supply 12 v 25 amp power supply 6 pin connector for video camera power supply audio technica uhf video audio transmitter audio mixers

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344 audio for video lavalier mics for eng/efp at803b at831 cardioid lavalier mic wide 40hz to 20khz frequency response enables signal to be reproduced with accurate detail and minimal noise at low frequencies the miniature capsule enables the mic to be hidden underneath clothing included windscreen protects against noise caused by plosive signals and wind #at831b aa battery or phantom power #auat831b 179.99 #at831r phantom power only #auat831r 179.95 at898 cardioid lavalier mic mounted on or hidden underneath clothing the at898 s slim low-profile design is ideal for broadcast and theatrical applications tailored frequency response accentuates vocals while minimizing low frequency noise a low-frequency roll-off switch further minimizes noise runs on aa battery or included at8537 phantom power supply module #auat898 195.97 omnidirectional lavalier mic miniature condenser mic worn on the clothing of performers for excellent yet unobtrusive sound pickup ensures clean

audio for video 800-947-1186|212-444-6686 lavalier mic clips akg h401 tie clip for lavalier mics akh401 19.00 dpa miniature mic clip dpdmm0004b 19.00 dpa lapel mic clip with dual locks dpdmm0008b 20.00 lectrosonics lavalier mic clip for m119 lec119 for m140 lec140 for m150/152 lec150 5.60 psc micbra microphone strap 3-pack psmb3 21.95 audio-technica at8420 metal lavalier tie clothing clip tram vampire style lavalier clip lectrosonics rk150 mini windscreen sennheiser mzw-2ew steel mesh windscreen rycote universal furry lavalier windjammer lavalier mics for eng/efp 345 audio-technica at8411 lavalier tie clothing clip auat8411 8.80 at8417 wire lavalier tie clothing clip auat8417 12.26 at8419 lavalier tie clothing clip 45° angle auat8419 11.90 at8420 metal lavalier tie clothing clip auat8420 6.47 at8434 lavalier mic clip auat8434 6.37 at8435 alligator-style lavalier mic clip auat8435 7.00 at8439 clothing clip for cable auat8439 5.17 at8442 lavalier mic clip auat8442 7.74 at8461

346 audio for video wireless microphone systems pro-88 vhf wireless mic system reliable camera mountable system the pro-88 bridges the gap between quality and affordability by incorporating high quality rugged components for optimum results feature high-band vhf operation two switchable frequencies and operating range of up to 300 under optimum conditions durable flexible antenna can be positioned for best reception real-time monitoring capability with included earphone receiver and transmitter are each powered by a single 9v battery with pro-88 transmitter pro-88 receiver and atr35 omni mic aupro88wr35 log-on with pro-88 transmitter pro-88 receiver and at829mw cardioid lavalier mic in channel t13 aup88w82913 channel t24 aup88w82924 channel t57 aup88w82957 channel t68 aup88w82968 or channel tvhf aup88w829tvh149.99 with pro-88 transmitter pro-88 receiver and mt830mw omnidirectional lavalier mic in channel t13 aup88w83013 channel t24 aup88w83024 channel t57

audio for video 800-947-1186|212-444-6686 wireless microphone systems um1/77 micro uhf micro true diversity wireless system the camera-mountable um1 receiver includes a pair of tuned antennas and provides both balanced and unbalanced outputs with three-position output level switch and a headphone monitor output with continuously adjustable level control it also features an audio peak led dual receiver indicators and an rf strength meter built-in companding noise reduction in all components ensures crystal-clear sound with minimized background noise and hiss active range is up to 300 347 ucr401a digital hybrid wirelesstm compact receiver for eng and film production in frequency block 19 leucr40119 21 leucr40121 22 leucr40122 24 leucr40124 25 leucr40125 or 26 leucr40126 1260.00 ucr401a ucr411a digital hybrid wirelesstm compact ucr411a receiver for field and location production in frequency block 19 leucr411a19 ucr100 20 leucr411a20 21 leucr411a21 22 leucr411a22 23 leucr411a23

348 audio for video shotgun microphones at875r at897 10.98 shotgun mic · unobtrusive length ensures mic is out of the frame when mounted on small cameras · low-cut frequency switch · runs on single 1.5v aa battery or 11v 52v phantom power #auat897 216.00 at8035 14.5 shotgun mic · line gradient polar pattern provides the narrow acceptance angle desirable for long distance sound pickup ·s witchable low-frequency roll-off · operates on battery or phantom power #auat8035 234.75 7 short shotgun mic · ideal choice for use with small video cameras · excellent off-axis audio rejection captures nuances and detail · powered with 11 to 52v phantom power camera noise mechanical noise and handling · noise is controlled for better sound quality #auat875r 160.50 sgm-pdii on-camera short shotgun microphone · supercardioid condenser mic · fits into 21mm clamp mount fixtures rings are included for a snug fit in any clamp mount · includes shock mount holder with extrta

audio for video 800-947-1186|212-444-6686 multimount 5d at8415 shock mount · lightweight low-profile design · deluxe version features suspenders instead of rubber bands · will fit 19-25mm diameter mics #auat8415 49.95 at8415rb replacement bands 4-pk auat8415rbs 5.63 at8410a shock mount spring loaded auat8410a 45.49 camera shoe mount adapter auat8469 8.99 shotgun microphones 349 windscreens for shotgun mics shoe bracket accessory rugged polycarbonate construction with metal shoe inserts lets you mount several devices onto your camcorder or hdslr 4 horizontal shoes and one vertical shoe provide a number of mounting options each shoe has a threaded 1/4 20 hole for additional flexibility bemm5d 45.00 azden sws-200 softie windscreen azsws200 69.00 audio technica at8132 auat8132 14.50 audio technica at8134 auat8134 15.07 audio technica at8135 auat8135 13.90 k-tek fur windsock for 8 shotgun ktkrme200 49.00 k-tek fur windsock for rode video mic ktkr50180 35.10 ws6 ws7 deluxe windshields

350 audio for video stereo handheld microphones nt4 stereo condenser mic softie windshields · softie windshield and shock mount offers wind attenuation comparable to a standard rycote windshield · shock mount has its own bracket and can be used as a pistol grip or boom-mounted available in 5 10 12 14 18 24 29 and 32cm lengths with · three diameters to fit most popular mics 5cm 1.96 standard hole rys5m large hole rys5l 99.00 10cm 3.93 long 19-22mm standard hole rys10m 110.00 12cm 4.7 long 19-22mm standard hole rys12m 110.00 14cm 5.5 long 19-22mm standard hole rys14m 110.00 18cm 7 long 19-22mm standard hole rys18m 110.00 18cm 7 long large hole softie rys18l 110.00 21cm 8.26 long 19-22mm standard hole rys21m 120.00 24cm 9.4 long standard rys24m large hole rys24l 120.00 29cm 11.4 long standard rys29m large hole rys29l 120.00 32cm 12.6 long 19-22mm standard hole rys32m 120.00 20mm diameter baby ball gag windshield rybbg20 135.00 21mm diameter baby ball gag

audio for video 800-947-1186|212-444-6686 boompoles aluminum poles are lightweight strong and offer a great value for their price poles made of carbon fiber cf offer a high strength to weight ratio and therefore represent the ultimate in smooth superlight handling performance boompoles intercoms accessories 351 simultalk 24g full-duplex wireless intercom with slimline headsets ideal for production work or houses of worship the simultalk 24g is a wireless intercom system that enables two people to communicate freely in real-time without having to push a button to talk and without having to wait for the other person to stop talking before they respond supplied singlesided slimline headsets are preferred by video camera operators dual-sided headsets tend to get in the way when the video camera is mounted on the operator s shoulder more people can be added to the simultalk 24g system with the purchase of additional belt-packs and eartec headsets #easlt24g2ss 368.95 cabled collar side

352 audio for video portable field mixers ad 071 camera mixer single input fmx-32a 3-channel mic field mixers · 3 xlr mic inputs each with 2 input settings · phantom power and limiters on each input · 3 input level controls · master level control · channel-addressable l-c-r stereo xlr and mini outputs #azfmx32a 449.00 fmx-22 portable field mixer azfmx22 309.00 · four xlr mic inputs dual balanced xlr line · or mic level switchable outputs · 2 channel addressable outputs · switchable limiters on both inputs #azfmx42 519.00 #azfmx42a adds 10-pin camera return for video 599.00 fmx-42 4-channel mic field mixer ideal solution for field mixing boom pole operation and camera mounted applications its portable yet rugged chassis features a single balanced line and mi level switchable xlr connector ·4 8v phantom power high-pass filter gain control and mic or line input selection 1khz tone injected into outputs #auad0711x1233.00 dv promix 3 3-channel field production and

audio for video 800-947-1186|212-444-6686 accessories for field mixers azden carrying case for fmx-32 azfmx32c 26.95 carrying case for fmx-42/fmx-42a azfmx42c 29.00 portable field recorders r-44 4-channel portable recorder · record 4 channels of 24-bit 192khz to sd/sdhc card ·4 xlr/trs combo inputs phantom power for mics · 4 rca outputs headphone output ·b uilt-in stereo mics and speaker · built-in effects · usb 2.0 #edr44 1095.00 #edssbr44 case for r-44 99.00 353 fr-2le compact flash field recorder · 2-channel recorder ·r ecords bwf or mp3 files to cf or microdrive cards at up to 24-bit/96khz resolution · time stamps .wav or .mp3 files ·p re-record buffer and raw read after write confidence monitoring #fofr2le with wired remote control 599.00 #poarfr2le portabrace audio case for fr-2le 172.73 canare 15 breakaway cable for portable mixers cabacx15 189.95 25 breakaway cable for portable mixers cabacx25 199.95 petrol ps601 deca eargonizer bag small peps601 199.95 ps605 deca

354 audio for video portable field recorders nagra-sd ls-14 linear pcm recorder has built-in stereo directional mics as well as an omni pattern center microphone this three mic array is designed to capture lower bass ranges and deliver high fidelity recordings records 24-bit 96 khz pcm wav as well as mp3 file there s also a built-in metronome and tuner as well as overdubbing and a pre-recording function has a micro sd slot and 4gb of memory #olls14 199.99 ls-10s stereo handheld audio recorder olls10s 179.99 ls-100m multi-track pcm recorder · records pcm mp3 up to 96khz/24-bit · two 90° stereo condenser microphones · left right xlr phone combo inputs · multi-track recording up to 999 tracks · simultaneously edit up to 8 tracks · voice sync play sync overdubbing · 4gb internal memory and sd card slot #olls100 399.99 digital audio recorder · records linear pcm mp2 and mp3 up to 24-bit/96khz to sd card · interchangeable clip-on mics available · 3.5mm mic and

audio for video 800-947-1186|212-444-6686 dr-680 8-track portable recorder · records 8 tracks at up to 24-bit/96khz to sd/sdhc cards ·r ecord a stereo track at up to 24-bit/192khz as well as up to 4 channels of mp3 audio · 4 xlr/trs mic/line combo inputs and two 1/4 mic line inputs with phantom power 60db of gain low cut filter and limiter · 6 rca unbalanced outputs digital s/pdif i/o onboard mixing #tadr680 699.00 #tacsdr680 cs-dr680 carrying case for dr-680 64.97 portable field recorders hs-p82 8-channel field audio recorder has 8 xlr mic inputs each with phantom power and analog limiting in addition to the 8 individual tracks a stereo mixdown can also be recorded for instant use during editing captures audio at up to 24-bit/192khz onto compactflash cards has a set of aes/ebu connectors smpte timecode i/os video and word sync connectors #tahsp82 3599.99 355 accessories for recorders k-tek topper windscreen for dr-40 ktktdr40 zoom h1n ktkth1 zoom 3hd ktktq3hd tascam im2 in

356 audio for video communication equipment communications &ifb that-2 telephone handset audio tap ifb cueing hardware comtek m-216 wireless transmitter option p7 com216op7 569.60 pr-216 beltpack ifb receiver 216-217 mhz copr216 361.60 audio-technica bphs1 beyerdynamic dt108 headsets and accessories connecting between the telephone receiver and base the that-2 is designed to capture audio to record and play sound bytes or to send ifb dialog over phone lines features balanced and unbalanced xlr and rca i/o connectors to send line level signal down phone lines or capturing a mix of send and receive audio a 3-position switch enables that-2 to be used with either a carbon dynamic or electret style receiver level adjust dials provide control over send and receive levels #jkt2 213.75 jk audio remoteamp headphone/earpiece amp jkramp 204.25 lectrosonics ifb-r1a uhf belt-pack receiver in frequency 21 leifbr1a21 22 leifbr1a22 24 leifbr1a24 25 leifbr1a25 or 26 leifbr1a26 554.00