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zoom zoom 4 track digital audio recorder audio interface m audio 8 pin to 4 pin s video cable 8 pin to 8 pin s video cable 5mm stereo mini jack to a 30 pin connector 8 pin mic to 8 pin mic universal pistol grip for shotgun audio high pass filter audio high pass filter settings 6 s video inputs and 2 outputs high pass filter for microphone 35 mini to 35 mini audio cables 8 pin to 4 pin s video adapter battery cover for headphones 14 pin to 9 pin video adapter 25 pin to 9 pin video adapter manual for a 30 30 uhf omni high gain antenna sd micro memory card low noise preamp sd card slot sd micro memory card songs foam hand grips uhf high gain antenna headphone extension cable 48v dc power supply balancing lithium ion batteries sd memory card connector right angle usb cable double sided tape foam tape 6 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr 6 pin xlr to 6 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 4 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr 5 pin to 3 pin xlr condenser mic built in portable music player 4 pin to 8 pin mic adapter computer speaker wired remote control xlr f to xlr f 8 pin to 4 pin mic adapter 5 pin to 8 pin mic adapter right angle 8 pin connectors 4 pin xlr female to 4 pin xlr female 4 pin xlr female to 3 pin xlr female right angle 3 pin connector right angle 4 pin connectors 4 pin xlr female to 5 pin xlr female right angle 4 pin connector right angle 5 pin connectors high pass filter 4 pin xlr female to 4 pin xlr female adapter mini 4 pin xlr male to mini 4 pin xlr male 4 pin xlr mini male to 3 pin xlr male

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370 audio for video lavalier mics for eng/efp at803b at898 at831 omnidirectional lavalier mic cardioid lavalier mic cardioid lavalier mic miniature condenser mic worn on the clothing of performers for excellent yet unobtrusive sound pickup ensures clean accurate reproduction with high intelligibility for lecturers singers stage and tv performers runs on battery or phantom power 6’ cable is permanently attached between mic and power module #auat803 133.00 wide 40hz to 20khz frequency response enables signal to be reproduced with accurate detail and minimal noise at low frequencies the miniature capsule enables the mic to be hidden underneath clothing included windscreen protects against noise caused by plosive signals and wind mounted on or hidden underneath clothing the at898’s slim low-profile design is ideal for broadcast and theatrical applications tailored frequency response accentuates vocals while minimizing low frequency noise a low-frequency

audio for video lavalier mics for eng/efp 800-947-1175 212-444-6675 371 lavalier windscreens covers rycote audio-technica at8420 metal lavalier tie clothing clip lectrosonics rk150 mini windscreen azden foam windscreen for 503 azex503ws 4.99 lectrosonics mini windscreen for m150 lerk150 3.50 telex foam windscreen for headset mic tews3 8.20 tram windscreen f/tr50 in black trbws gray trgws 14.99 windtech 1400 series repl windscreen wi1400b 4.80 audio-technica at8116 mini windscreen auat8116 9.67 at8129 mini foam windscreen auat8129 11.99 at8131 mini foam windscreen auat8131 4.70 at8151 mini foam windscreen 3 pack auat8151 12.99 at8157 windscreen f/at892 headworn mic auat8157th 14.99 auray foam windscreen for 1/8” diam mics 3 pack auwlf0183 8.95 foam windscreen for 1/4” diam mics 3 pack auwlf0143 8.95 foam windscreen for 1/2” diam mics auwlf012 3.99 foam windscreen for 3/8” diam mics 3 pack auwlf0383 8.95 foam windscreen for 15⁄8”

372 audio for video wireless microphone systems 105 series pro-88 vhf wireless mic system uhf camera-mount wireless mic system reliable camera mountable system the pro-88 bridges the gap between quality and affordability by incorporating high quality rugged components for optimum results feature high-band vhf operation two switchable frequencies and operating range of up to 300’ under optimum conditions durable flexible antenna can be positioned for best reception real-time monitoring capability with included earphone receiver and transmitter are each powered by a single 9v battery the 105 series offers 92 user-selectable channels with diversity performance camera mountable 105upr receiver features pivoting high-gain antenna built-in shoe mount 3.5 mm minijack output with 46” cable or optional balanced 26” mini-to-xlr cable receiving signal led and headphone output with volume control transmitter and receiver run on two aa batteries for 8-10 hours

audio for video 800-947-1175 212-444-6675 wireless microphone systems 373 um1/77 micro uhf micro true diversity wireless system ucr411a digital hybrid wireless compact receiver ucr411a for field and location production in frequency block 19 leucr411a19 20 leucr411a20 ucr100 21 leucr411a21 22 leucr411a22 23 leucr411a23 24 leucr411a24 25 leucr411a25 26 leucr411a26 1705.00 â„¢ ucr100 uhf belt-pack receiver in frequency block 21 leucr10021 22 leucr10022 23 leucr10023 24 leucr10024 25 leucr10025 or 26 leucr10026 556.00 hm digital hybrid wireless uhf plug-on transmitter in frequency block 20 lehm20q 21 lehm21q 22 lehm22q 23 lehm23q 24 lehm24q 25 lehm25q or 26 lehm26q 1075.00 smv super-miniature digital hybrid uhf belt pack transmitter in frequency block 21 lesmv21q 22 lesmv22q 23 lesmv23q 24 lesmv24q 25 lesmv25q or 26 lesmv26q 1324.00 smqv variable power super-miniature digital hybrid uhf belt pack transmitter in frequency block 19 lesmqv19q 21 lesmqv21q 22

374 audio for video shotgun microphones at8035 at897 at875r 10.98” shotgun mic 7” short shotgun mic 14.5” shotgun mic • ideal choice for use with small video cameras • excellent off-axis audio rejection captures nuances and detail • powered with 11 to 52v phantom power • camera noise mechanical noise and handling noise is controlled for better sound quality • unobtrusive length ensures mic is out of the frame when mounted on small cameras • runs on single 1.5v aa battery or 11v 52v phantom power • line gradient polar pattern provides the narrow acceptance angle desirable for long distance sound pickup • switchable low-frequency roll-off • operates on battery or phantom power #auat875r 163.95 #auat897 209.95 #auat8035 239.00 • low-cut frequency switch sgm-1x sgm-pdii on-camera short shotgun microphone • supercardioid condenser mic • fits into 21mm clamp mount fixtures rings are

audio for video shotgun microphones 800-947-1175 212-444-6675 kamkit at8415 shock mount • lightweight low-profile design • deluxe version features suspenders instead of rubber bands • will fit 19-25mm diameter mics #auat8415 49.00 at8415rb replacement bands 4 pack auat8415rbs 6.26 at8410a shock mount spring loaded auat8410a 44.49 camera shoe mount adapter auat8469 9.88 dusm-1 suspension shock mount • soft silicone suspenders and quick-release tilt mechanism it is 3/8”-16 threaded for use with a boompole and includes a camera hot shoe adapter • 4-way rubber suspension system • rubberized locking adjustment knob #audusm1 49.95 universal microphone hand grip augrip 34.95 4-point mic suspenders for the dusm-1 au4psss 18.00 sm3 on-camera shock mount universal shock mount for shotgun mics featuring a 4-way rubber suspension system with a quick-release tilt mechanism enabling simplified directional angling and minimal visual intrusion rosm3

376 audio for video stereo handheld microphones nt4 stereo condenser mic sgm foam • ideal for protecting shotgun mics from the elements especially wind noise • up to 20db of wind noise attenuation • uv and moisture resistant 10cm standard hole rysgm10ij01 19.99 12cm standard hole rysgm12sh01 19.99 18cm standard hole rysgm18sh01 24.99 softie windshields • softie windshield and shock mount offers wind attenuation comparable to a standard rycote windshield • shock mount has its own bracket and can be used as a pistol grip or boom-mounted • available in 5 10 12 14 18 24 29 and 32cm lengths with three diameters to fit most popular mics 5cm 1.96” standard hole rys5m large hole rys5l 95.00 10cm 3.93” long 19-22mm standard hole rys10m 95.00 12cm 4.7” long 19-22mm standard hole rys12m 95.00 14cm 5.5” long 19-22mm standard hole rys14m 95.00 18cm 7” long 19-22mm standard hole rys18m 95.00 18cm 7” long

audio for video boompoles 800-947-1175 212-444-6675 boompoles aluminum poles are lightweight strong and offer a great value for their price poles made of carbon fiber cf offer a high strength to weight ratio and therefore represent the ultimate in smooth superlight handling performance cabled collar side exit sections bottom exit rycote a5 aluminum ext to 98” rylwa5n 179.00 on-stage mbp7000 mic boom pole onmbp7000 39.95 polsen sbp-10 5-sec 10’ aluminum posbp10 139.95 cavision sgp315 mixed fiber ext to 58” casgp315 69.95 spg525f mixed fiber ext to 98” casgp525f 134.95 sgp535f mixed fiber ext to 11.48’ casgp535f 234.95 sgp535r mixed fiber ext to 11.48’ casgp535r 199.95 gitzo gb0530 cf extends to 84”gigb0530 log-on gb1540 cf extends to 109” gigb1540 log-on gb-320 aluminum ext to 30” gigb320 log-on gb-3360 alum ext to 12’ gigb3360 log-on gb-3560 cf extends to 155” gigb3560 log-on gb0330 alum ext to 78”

378 audio for video portable field mixers ad 071 fmx-42 fmx-32a camera mixer single input ideal solution for field mixing boom pole operation and camera mounted applications its portable yet rugged chassis features a single balanced line and mi level switchable xlr connector • 48v phantom power high-pass filter gain control and mic or line input selection 1khz tone injected into outputs #auad0711x call or log-on dv promix 3 3-channel mic field mixers • 3 xlr mic inputs each with 2 input settings • phantom power and limiters on each input • 3 input level controls • master level control • channel-addressable l-c-r stereo xlr and mini outputs #azfmx32a 449.00 fmx-22 portable field mixer azfmx22 309.00 mx124 4-channel mic field mixer • four xlr mic inputs • dual balanced xlr line or mic level switchable outputs • 2 channel addressable outputs • switchable limiters on both inputs #azfmx42 519.00 #azfmx42a adds

audio for video accessories for field mixers azden carrying case for fmx-42/fmx-42a azfmx42c 29.00 denecke belt clip debeltclip 5.95 psc repl power supply for the m3 mixer pspsm3 75.05 shure ps-21 in-line power supply shps21us 7.49 strut sound assist sa-4n26 case stsa4n26 110.00 versa-flex bhs-2 cool mesh audio harness vebhs2 132.00 canare 15’ breakaway cable for portable mixers cabacx15 139.95 25’ breakaway cable for portable mixers cabacx25 189.95 petrol 379 portable field recorders 800-947-1175 212-444-6675 r-44 fr-2le 4-channel portable recorder compact flash field recorder • record 4 channels of 24-bit 192khz to sd/sdhc card • 4 xlr/trs combo inputs phantom power for mics • 4 rca outputs headphone output • built-in stereo mics and speaker • built-in effects • usb 2.0 #edr44 895.00 #edssbr44 case for r-44 99.00 • 2-channel recorder • records bwf or mp3 files to cf or microdrive cards at up to 24-bit/96khz

380 audio for video portable field recorders ls-100m r-05 r-26 multi-track pcm recorder portable 24-bit digital audio recorder 6-channel digital audio recorder • records pcm mp3 up to 96khz/24-bit • wav or mp3 recording up to 24-bit/96khz • built-in stereo mic • usb 2.0 port • 3.5mm mic and line inputs • built-in reverb • onboard editing functions • loop playback and speed adjustment • 2-sec pre-record function • automatic record song split and level adjust • wav/bwf mp3 recording up to 24-bit/96khz #ror05 199.00 r-88 8-channel recorder and mixer ror88 1995.00 • two 90° stereo condenser microphones • left right xlr phone combo inputs • multi-track recording up to 999 tracks • simultaneously edit up to 8 tracks • voice sync play sync overdubbing • 4gb internal memory and sd card slot #olls100 329.99 702 ◆ 702t 722 • omni and directional stereo mics

audio for video portable field recorders 800-947-1175 212-444-6675 little darling distributed audio recorder • belt pack form factor • 3.5mm locking connector for lavalier • audio bracketing 16 db secondary track • records to microsd card • agc manual and limiter modes • includes a locking 3.5mm through connector so the buffered stereo direct through signal can be routed to a wiresless beltpack transmitter #judar122 call or log-on h2n h1 ultra-portable digital audio recorder • x/y stereo mic • usb 2.0 connectivity • records wav and mp3 up to 24-bit/96khz • records to microsd/sdhc cards • 3.5mm mic/line input headphone/line output • built-in speaker backlit lcd display • records 10 hours on one aa battery #zoh1 99.99 #zoaph1 aph-1 accessory package for h1 24.99 h4n portable digital audio recorder portable 4-track recorder • records wav or mp3 up to 24-bit/96z to sd/sdhc cards • dual function

382 audio for video communication equipment communications ifb that-2 telephone handset audio tap connecting between the telephone receiver and base the that-2 is designed to capture audio to record and play sound bytes or to send ifb dialog over phone lines features balanced and unbalanced xlr and rca i/o connectors to send line level signal down phone lines or capturing a mix of send and receive audio a 3-position switch enables that-2 to be used with either a carbon dynamic or electret style receiver level adjust dials provide control over send and receive levels #jkt2 213.75 quicktap telephone handset audio interface simple passive telephone tap designed for capturing telephone conversations the quicktap features a mono 1/8” mini output which can be used to send a mix of both sides of the conversation to recording devices amplifiers etc lightweight and portable the quicktap connects between the telephone handset and telephone base and requires no external