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professional video 800-947-1186|212-444-6686 stl-3000 professional on-camera video light rl48-b led ringlight stealth edition · 80w equivalent for camcorders dslrs · 4 hour run-time with 3x aa batteries · 6 oz and weather resistant · slides onto shotgun mic 48 ultra-bright grade-a leds,dimmable · over 1.5 stops #rorl48bs with comprehensive filter kit 129.99 creative color kit v2 includes rotolight rl48-b rotolight stand color fx filter kit and pouch rocckv2 199.99 rotolight stand rorl48stand 58.99 add-on color filter pack 10 filters rorl48cfp log-on male 1/4 to 1/4 adapter stud rorl1414 12.50 male 1/4 to 3/8 adapter stud rorl1438 7.50 female 3/8 to male 1/4 adapter stud rorl3814 7.50 rl48-360 ball swivel to 1/4 20 adapter rorl48360 21.99 superclamp rorlsc 34.99 video accessory pouch rorl48abp log-on puts out 900 lumens of bright led light from the top of your camera the included l bracket mounts to a camera s cold shoe and the angle of the bracket is adjustable this combined with the dimmer makes it uitable for a variety of shooting situations stl3000 199.99 stl-varicolor 320 on-camera led light stlvaric320 249.00 power lighting 313 sl-50 7.2v 7000mah lithium-ion battery power a 7.2v camcorder for up to 50 longer features 4-stage led readout with temperature and fuse protection optional plates allow use on different cameras sesl50 78.00 adapter plates for sony ses7shd 29.95 bcl-1 quick charger for sl-50 batteries sebcl1 118.95 ex-l96 96wh 14.4v lithium-ion battery 50 longer runtimes for the pmw-ex1 and pmw-ex3 features 4-led remaining power gauge and on-board powertap for powering 12v accessories such as lights or monitors #seexl96 call xp-l90 90wh 14.4v lithium-ion batteries features 2-pin output connectors power gauge and information storage #swxpl90s sony v-mount 417.50 #swxpl90a anton bauer mount 417.50 #swxpl130s xp-l130s 130wh battery 349.95 xp-l95red v-mount battery f/red one swxpl95red 377.95 v-mount plate for sony f3 swgps2ptx 199.95 v-mount plate for epic scarlet swgpsepic10 299.95 np-50 13.2v 50wh nimh np-1 style battery swnp50 129.95 np-l60 np-1 style li-ion battery swnpl60 166.95 lithium-ion &nimh batteries andcharger s8056n np-1 style 56wh lithium-ion battery with 4-level led power indicator intelligent control circuit for temperature current and voltage protection vas8056n 159.95 reporter led h on-camera light compact energy efficient and highly robust dimmable tungsten-balanced led light with its tough waterproof housing and single led module that can be swapped out for either daylight or tungsten the led h allows an input voltage of 6 to 24v dc making it a great match for everything from a small 7.2v hdv camcorder to a large studio or eng broadcast camera includes 4-leaf barndoors and a removable reflector that further focuses the light sarleddt 298.50 tl-bt200 torchled bolt 200w on-camera dimmable led light 16-led light is powerful enough to use as a fill light outdoors features a brightness and throw 40-50 that put it in the range of halogen lights two knobs for controlling the 5-100 dimming of 3000k light and 6000k light #swtlbt200 379.95 bolt battery kit swtlbtk 79.95 tl-50 torchled 30w led light swtl50 149.95 battery pack for tl-50 swtlb11 60.00 sc-302 multi-chemistry dual-bay sequential charger for np-1 style nicad nimh and lithium-ion batteries #vasc302 164.95 s-8080a 14.4 vdc lithium ion battery 88wh v-mount on camera battery with 4-level digital led readout #vas8080a 198.50 4-pin xlr to d-tap adapter cable vas7101 28.49 s7000s camcorder battery plate vas7000s 66.49 l2s5k on-camera led light delivers dependable on-camera lighting in a lightweight package attached using the included mini ballhead and 1/4 screw mount this daylight-balanced 5600k light has a built-in dimmer that can vary the light output from 0 to 100 in 30 steps and a built-in fan that can be controlled with 5-step manual control light module is interchangeable with optional 3200k module for easy switching between daylight and tungsten light seludmbc 399.00 with tungsten daylight light modules selutdmbc 570.00 gp-h56 dv/hdv on-camera led light draws only 16w while producing the equivalent of 100w of daylight-balanced light frosted and cto pop-in gels and a focusing lens to convert the beam from 115° to 45° are built in to the light #swgph56s uses sony l series batteries 248.95 #swgph56p uses panasonic cgr series batteries 219.00 z-96k video and photo led light with 96 high intensity leds the light can offer bright illumination by producing a powerful light beam using the adjustable stepless dimmer you can control the brightness in the range of 0-100 you can select different color temperatures 5600-4200k-3200k using filters magnetic mounting system allows quick and secure filter/diffuser usage iterlocking housing design supports creation of stackable multi-unit led array viz96k 164.52 varicolor led light package 8 pack viled144 149.00 varicolor led light package 9 pack viled312 199.00 k-120 on-camera led video light kit vik120 119.99 z-96k4 professional led light kit viz96k4 579.00 ac adapter for z-96 led light kit viz96ac 19.95 power supplies and power cables sv-840k on-camera ac/dc light kit · tilt function for ceiling bounce · comes standard with 4 leaf barn door 5600k dichroic filter and 100w 12v dc lamp · includes universal shoe,12v dc battery and charger 4-pin xlr cable and xlr plug to ac cord #smsv840k 179.00 cool-lux lc-7150 500 watt ac photo dimmer colc7150 21.95 md-5150 scissor-clamp t-bar light mount comd5150 15.95 md-5250 original spring clamp light mount comd5250 19.95 md-5300 light and umbrella mount comd5300 22.95 xtender csr-10 shoe receiver xtcsr10 38.95 sfrc-10-1 single rod clamp xtsfrc101 68.95 20 powertap cable for canon swxpdvc20 109.95 20 powertap cable for c300 swxpdvc30020 119.74 20 adapter cable for sony swxpdvs20 112.95 24 p-tap cable for marshall lcd50 swxpmar8 119.95 28 powertap to open-end cable swptcable 23.50 28 powertap to 4-pin xlr cable swptxlr 34.95 36 powertap extensino cable swptmptfcabl 41.95 48 power cable for canon dslrs swxpdvch 150.00 powertap blackmagic 24 converter cable swxpmagic12 149.00 dual p-tap v-mount plate for cinema swgpsbmcc 182.50 powertap male to female and 4-pin xlr-f swptxf3 39.00 v-mount hot swap adapter swgpts 159.95 v-mount plate with powertap port swgps 79.95 spu-4 compact power supply swspu4 90.00 gp-2laj 2-position charger for a/b swgp2laj 375.00 gp-2lsj 2-position charger for v-mount swgp2lsj 375.00 powerbase 70 battery pack only swpb70b 245.95 powerbase 70 for panasonic ag-af100 swpb70vbg 299.00 pb70c powerbase charger swpb70c 44.95 powerbase-70 for blackmagic cinema swpb70bmcc 299.95 powerbase-70 contact block for cinema swgpdvbmcc 89.95 no para exportación z90 led eng kit the z90 head packs 230 hi-leds into a square inch panel which produces a remarkably soft 60° beam instantly change between fully calibrated tungsten and daylight white light with the push of a button gel mode gives you over 400 industry-standard theatrical gel numbers #zyz90engk 1149.95 z90 d-tap battery cable zycz90 61.90