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316 professional video on-camera monitors · camera accessories www.bandh.com on camera lcd monitor mounts mounting arms vx9e 8.9 hd-sdi lcd monitor equipped with monochrome color peaking for sharp lines and stark contrasts the vx9e 1024 x 768 gives you optimal focus control with the false color feature the vx9e offers a full spectrum of assigned color indicators to ensure flawless shot exposure hd-sdi which also converts the signal to analog component · out hdmi hd/sd component s-video and composite inputs · adjustable under/over exposure and over exposed warning · underscan h/v delay blue gun ­ monochrome · aspect ratio full 16:9 4:3 · side-by-side freeze frame with canon 900 ikvx9ec e6 ikvx9ee6 panasonic ikvx9ep sony bp-u ikvx9esu or sony battery plate ikvx9es 809.00 vx9e deluxe kit with sony l series battery ikvx9esdk 949.95 noga dg1108ca cine arm with 1/4 20 screw nodg1108ca 129.95 mg6145ca cine arm nomg6145ca 140.00 dg6145ca cine arm nodg6145ca 119.95 dg14ca-sa cine arm with hot shoe nodg14casa 169.00 nf cine arm 3/8 and cine lock kit 1 nonf38cacl1 174.95 nf1108ca cine arm nonf1108ca 126.00 nf6145ca cine arm nonf6145ca 109.95 dg14ca-cl1 hold-it cine arm kit nodg14cacl1 169.00 cine arm cine lock kit 2 nonf14cacl2 239.95 nf14ca-sa cine arm slide shoe kit nonf14casa 174.95 zacuto zamerican articulating arm v3 noga nf cine arm 3/8 and cine lock kit 1 zacuto zamerican articulating arm v3 small zazarms3 185.25 zamerican articulating arm v3 medium zazarmm3 194.75 zamerican articulating arm v3 large zazarml3 204.25 hotshoe ball mount zazhsbm 45.60 16x9 inc cine lock qr mounting bracket 16cl01 81.00 cpm camera 4 articulated arm with rod mount cpaa4 49.95 cpm camera 8 articulated arm with rod mount cpaa8 69.95 delvcam delv-flex arm super clamp deflexpro56 71.40 digital juice articulating arm diaasma 46.95 md series 5.6 7 and 9 monitors with modular i/o feature a wide variety of formats and markers 4 user-configurable front panel function buttons rgb gain and bias control backlight control and rgb check field field detect also offer icon driven menu system waveform display with dual audio bars headphone output and variable pixel-to-pixel function 5.6 base unit only no module mavlcd56md 799.00 5.6 with 3g/hd/sd-sdi input module mavlcd56md3g 999.00 5.6 with 3g/hd/sd-sdi output module mavlcd56md3o 999.00 7 base unit only no module mavlcd70md 790.00 7 with 3g/hd/sd-sdi input module mavlcd70md3g 999.00 9 base unit only no module mavlcd90md 1399.00 9 with 3g/hd/sd-sdi input module mavlcd90md3g 1599.00 sun hood for v-lcd56md 5.6 monitor mavh56md 18.99 sun hood for v-lcd70md 7 monitor mavh70md 18.99 sun hood for v-lcd90md 9 monitor mavh90md 18.99 flolight 11 articulated mounting arm flarm11 55.00 manfrotto video monitor tray ma311 50.38 manfrotto 3/8 mounting plate w lock screws ma208 log-on manfrotto 3/8 mounting plate w hex stud ma208hex log-on marshall tripod mount brackets 3 mavlcd70tmb0 22.94 matthews mount for baby 5/8 spigot mammls 184.75 pearstone 4.2 articulating israeli arm peaa42 34.95 pearstone 8.3 articulating israeli arm peaa83 39.95 redrock micro 1.5 micro arm short re20540004 49.00 redrock micro 4 micro arm long re20540002 64.50 rotolight 6 articulated magic arm rorlarm6 log-on rotolight 6 articulated arm kit rorlarm6k 99.99 rotolight 10 articulated magic arm rorlarm10 99.99 rotolight 10 arm clamp kit rorlarm10kit 129.99 lcd hoods contoured wrap-around viewfinder hood hoodman h series provides glare-free viewing of your lcd screen even in bright outdoor light made of plastic inserts wrapped in water resistant nylon elastic straps are used to mount hoods to cameras hoods fold for quick and easy storage for 3 screens hohd300v call or log-on for 3.5 screens hoh400 call or log-on hi-def 16 x 9 lcd camcorder hood hohd350 24.99 for 4 screens hohd450 24.99 7 monitor hood for red cameras hohr7 59.99 for 6 lcd monitors hoh600 39.95 short hood for 8.4 lcd monitors hoh900s 84.95 long hood for 8.4 lcd monitors hoh900 call or log-on mark vb director s viewfinder smooth 12x zoom ring.focal lengths viewed in windowson viewfinder barrel adjustable aspect ratio ring 1.33:1 16x9 1.85:1 2:40:1 anamorphic 6 glass elements for sharpest possible image color coded film sizes and video formats adjustable focus ring and rubber eyecup #aldvfm5b 659.95 #aldvfm mini director s viewfinder142.95#alremv replacement eyecup for mark vb 5.50 #alwaa wide angle attachment for mark vb 124.95 power accessories for marshall lcd monitors battery plate for canon bp-970g mabpbp970g panasonic cga-d54 mabpcgad54 sony np-f970 mabpnpf970 or sony bp-u60 mabpbpu60 22.94 4-pin xlr power to a/b power tap mavpacdxlr 40.25 vbp-12lcd battery with charger mavbp12lcd 56.35 v-mount to a/b battery adapter mavaba01 171.35 12v ac 500ma power supply mavps12500 11.39 12v dc 1 amp regulated power mavps121000 16.09 v-br5-lpe6 battery adapter mavbr5lpe6 29.95 v-br5-sl battery adapter mavbr5sl 29.95 m-sc7 case for 7 monitors mamsc7 48.00 ab battery mount ma00321302a 79.99 battery plate mabpvwvbg6 22.94 v-pa5v-2.0-us power supply mavpa5v20us 17.25 idx v-mount battery adapter plate ma00321301a 79.99 battery plate for canon lp-e6-type batteries madslrcl 23.99 blue ring gaffer s glass pocket-sized lens gives you a clearer picture as to where light will be thrown can also reveal the location of the sun behind clouds albrgg 49.95 birns sawyer director s micro viewfinder bimvfq 194.95 delta 1 director s hi-chair dehcd 211.95 mini hood two-piece monitor hood reduces glare especially in bright sunlight made of lightweight padded fabric with rigid internal panels mini hoods can be positioned 90° or 180° on the monitor for camcorders with 2.5 diameter lcd pepa1007 21.06 for camcorders with 3.5 diameter lcd pepa1009 21.06 vfm-11x micro director s viewfinders covers focal lengths from 8mm to 80mm for 1 and 2/3 chip sd and hd cameras 16mm focal lengths of 8.5mm to 94mm and 35mm focal lengths of 18mm to 200mm aspect ratios are 1.33 tv 1.66 1.78 hdtv 1.85 and 2.35 #cadvfmzq 169.95 raider i-cuffs viewfinder hoods attach securely to your viewfinder via a touch fastener for positioning and fit ultrasuede chamois fabric is waterproof and is crafted to the highest standards of durability and comfort will still look new after 100,000 rubs #raicuffdv fits viewfinders up to 5.5 39.95 #raicuff fits viewfinders up to 9.5 44.95 #raicuffhd fits viewfinders up to 10.5 49.95 garfield hush heels noise-suppressing foam heelpads for footwear gahh 26.55 no para exportación vello rigvision 9 hd camera monitor · 1024 x 600 backlit tft display · s-video component hdmi av vga and vga audio inputs · dedicated shutter release · includes remote battery shade cable releases and ac adapter/charger vecm9hd 599.95 vdl-11x 11x large rotating viewfinder professional yet affordable director s viewfinder that covers just about any film and tv format full range of focal length and aspect ratio adjustments #cavdl11x 378.95 #cavdm11x 11x micro director s viewfinder 228.95