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352 audio for video portable field mixers ad 071 camera mixer single input www.bandh.com fmx-32a 3-channel mic field mixers · 3 xlr mic inputs each with 2 input settings · phantom power and limiters on each input · 3 input level controls · master level control channel-addressable l-c-r stereo xlr and mini outputs · #azfmx32a 449.00 fmx-22 portable field mixer azfmx22 309.00 · four xlr mic inputs dual balanced xlr line · or mic level switchable outputs · 2 channel addressable outputs · switchable limiters on both inputs #azfmx42 519.00 #azfmx42a adds 10-pin camera return for video 599.00 fmx-42 4-channel mic field mixer ideal solution for field mixing boom pole operation and camera mounted applications its portable yet rugged chassis features a single balanced line and mi level switchable xlr connector 48v phantom power high-pass filter gain control and mic or · line input selection 1khz tone injected into outputs #auad0711x1233.00 dv promix 3 3-channel field production and eng mixer · 3 mic/line switchable xlr balanced inputs with switchable +48v phantom power low cut filters and l/r center position switches on every input · · tape direct input monitoring from video cameras #psdvpm3 470.25 power supply for the dv promix 3 pspsdvpm3 23.75 mx124 portable 4 channel stereo mixer · individual phantom power · balanced xlr connectors · individual level control · low cut filter · headphones or alternate stereo outputs · runs on two 9v batteries #romx124 137.95 mx410 4-channel mic mixer · 4 balanced xlr inputs each with switchable phantom power and level control · 2 transformer-balanced mic/line switchable xlr outputs · 3.5mm headphone jack with level control · powered by two 9v batteries or included power supply · includes rugged canvas case and shoulder strap #romx410 269.95 mx422 4-channel professional field audio mixer · 4 servo-balanced xlr inputs 2 transformer-balanced xlr outputs switchable 48v · phantom power switchable 100hz · low cut filters on each input · built-in limiter calibrated vu meters · includes rugged canvas case and shoulder strap #romx422 405.00 · stereo xlr outputs · 3.5mm monitor input and tape output jacks · mix bus output fp33 3-channel stereo mixer · three switchable balanced xlr mic/line inputs · transformer balanced xlr mic input and line level output · 66db of gain in 11 steps · peak limiter · low-cut filter · just 3 wide and 5 deep runs on 2-aa batteries for 24 hours mp-1 single channel portable mic preamp · built-in tone oscillator 4 headphone monitor modes #shfp33 1274.00 120v in-line power supply for the fp33 shps21us 8.99 psc25 xlr betacam breakaway cable psfpsc1091f 232.75 #somp1 399.00 sound devices accessories mm-1 single channel portable mic preamp · 120db dynamic range and 10hz to 50khz bandwidth · balanced xlr mic input with switchable +48v 12v and 12v-t phantom power · balanced monitor input · 1/4 trs headphone output · 3-position low cut filter switch #somm1 499.00 mixpre-d compact digital field mixer · mic/line xlr inputs with peak limiters high-pass filters phantom power · inputs can be linked in standard or m-s stereo matrix mode · 24-bit usb streaming output · slate mic and tone oscillator · mic/line/aes selectable digital outputs · 16-segment gan led output meter #somixpred 899.00 302 3-channel mixer · 3 swtichable transformer balanced xlr mic/line level inputs · headphone monitor out with varying impedance · input and output limiting · channels 1 2 are stereo linkable · +48v +12v and +12v-t phantom power #so302 1595.00 · 5 xlr inputs · analog and digital outputs · flexible metering 552 portable 5-channel mixer and recorder cs-3 production case for 302 or mixpre socs3 160.00 cs-man utility case for 302 or mixpre socsman 14.40 xl-10 breakout/extension cable for 442/552 soxl10 258.00 xl-1b 12 ta3-to-ta3 female cable soxl1b 32.40 xl-2 15 ta3-f to xlr pair cable for 442 soxl2 72.00 xl-2f 15 ta3-f to xlr cable for 744 soxl2f 72.00 xl-3 12 mini male to ta3-f connector cable soxl3 48.00 xl-4 package of 4 ta3-female connectors soxl4 30.00 xl-h 4-pin hr10-7p-4p power connector soxlh 21.60 xl-nph np-1 power adapter with 12 cable soxlnph 86.40 xl-wp3 universal power supply for mm-1 soxlwp3 86.40 xl-wph3 45w dc power supply for mixers soxlwph3 98.40 xl-b2 spare lithium-ion battery soxlb2 78.00 xl-cam camera mount bracket for mixpre-d soxlcam 96.00 field audio press boxes pressmite active press box whpm 815.00 presspower2 active press box whpp2 1550.95 psc press train press box psptz 495.00 · built-in stereo recorder records to sd/sdhc cards · time code input to time-stamp files #so552 3295.00 664 six-channel portable production mixer so664 4595.00 no para exportación whirlwind pb06 1 line in to 6 mic out passive press box whpb06 289.95 pb12 1 line in to 12 mic out passive box whpb12 405.00