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audio for video 800-947-1186|212-444-6686 accessories for field mixers azden carrying case for fmx-32 azfmx32c 26.95 carrying case for fmx-42/fmx-42a azfmx42c 29.00 portable field recorders r-44 4-channel portable recorder · record 4 channels of 24-bit 192khz to sd/sdhc card 4 xlr/trs combo inputs · phantom power for mics · 4 rca outputs headphone output · built-in stereo mics and speaker · built-in effects · usb 2.0 #edr44 1095.00 #edssbr44 case for r-44 99.00 353 fr-2le compact flash field recorder · 2-channel recorder · records bwf or mp3 files to cf or microdrive cards at up to 24-bit/96khz resolution · time stamps .wav or .mp3 files · pre-record buffer and raw read after write confidence monitoring #fofr2le with wired remote control 599.00 #poarfr2le portabrace audio case for fr-2le 172.73 canare 15 breakaway cable for portable mixers cabacx15 189.95 25 breakaway cable for portable mixers cabacx25 199.95 petrol ps601 deca eargonizer bag small peps601 199.95 ps605 deca heavy duty harness peps605 114.66 ps614 deca lightweight audio bag peps614 241.80 deca sound man rain poncho black peps606 128.70 porta brace mx-24 mini audio mixer case pomx24mini 138.00 mx-24 case for shure fp-24 pomx24 164.05 mxc-302 case for sound devices 302 pomxc302 198.77 mxc-302 mini case for 302 pomx302mini 149.00 mxc-33 case for shure fp-33 pomxc33 198.77 mxc-42a mixer case with rm-multi case pomx42a 120.65 mx-42ab audio case for azden fmx-42 pomx42ab 120.65 mx-fmx42 mixer case in blue pomxc42a 181.41 mixer case for azden fmx42 in black pomxc42ab 181.41 mxc-552 audio combination case pomxc552 207.45 mxc-552r1 audio combination case pomxc552r1 224.81 ao-4 audio organizer case poao4 259.53 ao-flex2 audio organizer case blue poaoflex2 227.98 ao-flex2 audio organizer case black poaoflex2b 268.21 ao-flex2ex audio organizer case blue poaoflex2ex 257.49 ao-flex2ex audio organizer black poaoflex2exb 302.93 ao-flex4 audio organizer case blue poaoflex4 302.93 ao-flex4 audio organizer case black poaoflex4b 302.93 dc-r302 3-channel mixer and recorder · 3 xlr inputs with 48v phantom power · 24-bit/96khz recording · mic and line outputs 3-channel mixer with · hp filter and limiter · tripod mountable with dslr mount remote start · sync headphone monitoring · ac or battery-operated #fodcr302 999.99 m3 portable digital audio recorder · records .wav and mp3 files to sd/sdhc cards · 3.5mm mic and line inputs · 3.5mm headphone/line output · usb 2.0 interface · 3-level input gain switch and an adjustable record level with a digital input vu meter · can be tripod mounted #ikm3p 51.00 mr-2 1-bit hand-held digital audio recorder · ultra high-quality 1-bit recording · records to sd/sdhc cards · rotating x/y stereo condenser mic · bass eq limiter and low-cut filter · usb 2.0 connector · includes audiogate conversion software #komr2 499.00 pmd620 digital field recorder · record wav or mp3 files to sd/sdhc cards · built-in mic capsules for stereo recording · mic and line level mini inputs mini line out · built-in speaker and headphone output · on board editing and usb connection includes strap and tripod/belt clip adapter · mkii remote audio stereo 1/8 mini cable with -50db mic pad recafptpad 34.99 y output cable with ta3-f to 2 xlr-m connectors for 20 betacam cable for fp33 fp32a recabcfp33 239.99 eng breakaway cable for sound devices recabsd552 269.99 18 xlr-f to 1/4 trs phone cable recaxf14j18 23.99 18 xlr-f to ta5-f mic level cable recalecxl35m 35.99 18 xlr to xlr right angle jumper cable recaxj18rt 30.99 xlr-female to rca phono male cable recaxfrca 22.99 sound devices 442 y output cable recasd442toy 44.99 unbalanced line stereo ta3-f to stereo 3.5mm recasdt 23.99 xlr-m to 1/8 mini for zaxcom sta100 recax3m18ms 24.99 dual 3-pin xlr-f to 5-pin angled xlr-m recaxstex5mr 63.99 np-1 cup adapter with 4-pin hirose renpadcsqn 69.99 #mapmd620mkii 429.00 #maprc620 nylon case for pmd620 45.00 #mada620pmd ac adapter for pmd620 call or log-on pmd661 compact sd/sdhc digital recorder mkii pmd671 compact flash field recorder · 24-bit/96 khz recording of mp3 mp2 wav and bwf file formats · usb 2.0 and spdif digital i/o · 48v phantom power multiple selectable sample rates · and over 40 assignable quality settings · edl marking for on-the-fly file creation and management #mapmd671 1059.00 #mada670pmd ac adapter for pmd671 call or log-on #macdr310 2-channel portable mp3/cd recorder 1119.00 sescom mini-link line to mic level interface sedslrml 86.95 ses-mkp-29 single-channel xlr volume sesmkp29 35.95 impedance matching transformer cable seshzlz14xm 19.95 field audio battery power psc np-1 battery cup for power star mini psnp1 47.45 que audio qba2 battery for qmsg1 10 quqba2 15.99 cable techniques 2 hirose 4 battery bud cable cabbsdmx12 66.00 15 np-1 cap to hirose 4 battery bud cable cabbnp 68.00 hirose to dual right-angle dc cable cabbbag242 52.00 battery bud ii dc power distribution box cabb002 199.00 ct-cam-8/9 right angle dc to hirose 4-pin cactcam89 52.00 ta3f to ta3f emergency mix bus cable cactmb324 18.00 · wav or mp3 recording up to 24-bit/96khz resolution built-in mics and dual mic/line xlr · inputs with +48v phantom power · s/pdif and 3.5mm mini line inputs · stereo rca line outputs · built-in speakers headphone jack · usb 2.0 and on-board editing #mapmd661mkii 659.00 #maprc661 case for the pmd66169.00 rycote mini windjammer for the pmd661 rymwm661 58.00 porta brace field case for the pmd661 poarpmd661 172.73 pico 4gb handheld pcm/mp3 recorder solid-state recorder designed to capture pcm wav files as well as mp3 files features 4gb of internal storage stereo pair of built-in high-sensitivity cardioid mics and over 40 hours of operation on two aa batteries pico offers extra options like automatic gain control a low cut filter and vor sound-activated recording it is also fitted with several pre-programmed equalizer settings to enhance playback #napico 299.00 no para exportación lino handheld pcm/mp3 recorder portable sd card recorder can store 16.5 hours of 24-bit/96khz wav audio on a 32gb card it can also record and playback mp3 files allowing it to be used as a portable music player as well the dual high-sensitivity mics enable quality audio capture with high dynamic range record 10 hours on two aa batteries features vor voice operated recording and switchable automatic gain control #nalino 499.00 remote audio bdsv4 battery distribution system rebdsv4 189.99 bdsv4u battery distribution system rebdsv4u 239.99 cl33y bds y style power output cable rebdscl33y 43.99 18 bds power input cable from np-1 rebdsnpadw 47.99 cl33 bds power output cable rebdscl33 24.99 csqn bds power output cable rebdscsqn 43.99 24 bds power output cable for usb devices rebdsusb 35.99