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374 pro audio microphone accessories podium flange mounts www.bandh.com audio technica at8438 astatic flange mount for gooseneck mics asfm2a 16.00 astatic lectern/podium shock isolation mount asgsm1 51.36 audio-technica at8438 surface mount adap auat8438 17.76 windtech podium mounting flange wi8040b 6.75 atlas sound ad-11b surface mount mic stand flange atad11b 7.85 ad-11be desk top mounting flange atad11be 8.77 ad-12b desk top mounting flange atad12b 8.95 ad-12be desk top mounting flange atad12be 7.79 audio technica at8469 atlas sound ad-11b hosa mhd 4 windtech podium mounting flange shure a12 on-stage tm02c podium flange mount ontm02c 4.95 tm08b deluxe podium flange mount ontm08b 5.95 tm02b podium flange mount ontm02b 4.95 in-line accessories audio-technica at8202 in-line attenuator auat8202 39.99 portable phantom power supplies art phantomiii phantom power supply arpps 55.00 phantomii battery operated phantom power aradpp 70.00 shure a12 mounting flange sha12 8.55 a12 mounting flange sha12b 9.98 recessed shock mount for gooseneck mics sha400sm 21.50 combination kit for gooseneck mics sha400smxlr 35.89 hosa technology xlr-f to xlr-m polarity cross phase rev hopcrpxmxf 5.99 in-line attenuator hoatt448 11.60 in-line xlr barrel mic on/off switch homoos 11.19 xlr-f to female xlr-f adapter hoaxfxf 4.99 xlr-m to xlr-m adapter hoaxmxm 3.39 xlr-m to xlr-f hum stopper hoaxmxf 4.99 audio-technica at8801 single phantom power supply auat8801 52.79 behringer ps400 phantom power supply beps400 19.99 adapters fittings audio-technica camera shoe mount auat8469 8.99 hosa mic reducer bushing 5/8 3/8 hoa58m38f 2.55 hosa mhd 4 thread adapter homhd4 1.99 manfrotto 148kn reducing bushing set ma148kn 11.06 manfrotto female 3/8 to 5/8 male mamiba 4.95 mighty wondercam screwit mic mount adapter misq 11.95 sennheiser mza-216 thread adapter semza216 3.95 denecke portable single channel 48v phantom power deps1a 114.75 portable dual 48v phantom power supply deps2 127.50 mxl micmate usb adapter for dynamic mics mxdmm 57.50 micmate usb adapter for line level signal mxmmll 84.95 rolls pb224 2-channel portable power supply ropb224 74.84 pb223 dual 48v phantom power supply ropb223 57.50 pb23 single channel phantom power supply ropb23 35.47 neutrik xlr male to xlr male adapter nena3mm 8.41 akg 3/8 female to 5/8 male thread adapter akkm217 6.00 3/8 male to 5/8 female thread adapter akkm216 6.00 3/8 male to 5/8 female thread adapter akkm216b 6.00 pro co sound itx isolation tranformer for 600 ohm loads pritxmxf 44.99 glx in-line barrel ground lift prglx 18.35 max20 in-line pad prmax20 24.50 modular microphone accessories akg ck93 hypercardioid mic capsule akck93 199.00 se-300b power supply akse300b 279.00 atlas sound ad-8b long microphone tube atad8b 5.95 ad-7b long microphone tube atad7b 6.95 ad-5b coupling 5/8 f to 5/8 f atad5b 4.95 ad-4b 3/4 long 5/8 27 coupling adapter atad4b 4.95 ad-15b microphone tube atad15b 12.29 ms2xta top adapter chrome atms2xta 28.96 psc 48v to 12t in-line barrel adapter psa4812 37.05 line to mic level in-line barrel adapter psalmp 28.98 sennheiser k6p powering module phantom power only sek6pq 249.95 k6 powering module battery or phantom sek6q 249.95 me62 omni mic capsule seme62 159.95 me64 cardioid mic capsule seme64 169.95 me66 short shotgun mic capsule seme66 209.95 me67 supercardioid spot shotgun mic capsule seme67 299.95 mzf 8000 filter module for mkh 8000 semzf8000 479.95 sennheiser 48v phantom to 12t adapter se12tp48 59.95 sescom line out to camera mic in headphone sel2mzh4n25d 35.95 stereo mini i/o hum eliminator seil19mini 49.95 beyerdynamic nr 215 3/8 a-5/8 benr216 4.50 nr 217 5/8 a-3/8 benr217625 4.50 shure a15rf in-line xlr rf attenuator sha15rf 49.00 a15as in-line attenuator sha15as 47.00 x2u xlr to usb mic signal adapter shx2uxlrusb 99.00 shure r184b repl.supercardioid cartridge shr184b 61.85 r183b replacement cartridge shr183b 38.28 k&m 3/8 male and 5/8 female connection km216 3.99 3/8 female and 5/8 male connection km217 1.99 reducer bushing 1/2 and 3/8 f to 5/8 2 km215 2.99 whirlwind in-line xlr barrel 40 db pad whimpad40 13.94 in-line xlr barrel 20 db pad whimpad20 17.49 in-line xlr barrel ground lifter whl 11.49 in-line xlr barrel 30 db attenuator whimpad30 13.94 line level summing balancer for ipod whisopod 52.50 pads &annenuators pro co sound short stop passive momentary switch prcdssm 64.95 on-stage ma-125 mic screw adapter onma125 1.95 3/8 male to 5/8 female screw adapter onma100 1.95 3/8 female to 5/8 male screw adapter onma200 1.95 3/8 female to 5/8 male with knurled outer flange 2 pack onma300 2.95 camera and recorder mic stand adapter oncm01 9.95 rolls micmute in-line momentary mic mute switch romm11 41.50 mic switch latching or momentary mic roms111 45.50 rycote mic stand adapter ry47302 9.95 hot shoe 1/4 adapter ryhsa.25brs 16.95 hot shoe 3/8 adapter ryhsa 16.95 hot shoe extension/extender 20 cm ryhsel 39.95 hot shoe extension ryhse 19.95 audio technica at8202 mxl micmate behringer ps400 windtech u.s to european stud adapter chrome wim1c 2.70 5/8 replacement mic stand nut chrome wim2c 2.70 m5 stand top lock nut black wim5q 2.99 hot shoe adapter brass wicm57 16.50 m4 stand top lock nut chrome wim4q 2.70 m-6 large knurled edge 1/4 20 locknut wim6l 6.95 m-7 thread adapter wim7ta 6.95 sennheiser k6p shure x2u psc a4812 whirlwind impad40 rolls micmute no para exportación